Friday, September 26, 2014



Some people real ungrateful
They are never, ever satisfied
With what the Good Lord gave them
They always want more, besides!

They behave like God is a teller
That says “Kaching!” when ever they yell
And worse they think that He is a jeweler
To give them a lil' bit o' bling as well!

They act like He's a full-time gardener
To be always checking out the seeds
That their pastors told them to plant so
They could get a new car with some real speed!

Every week, they are faithfully planting
Their seeds and believing that those seeds will grow
Into a house, high-paying job, college tuition or
Even change them into big-time media star!

I pity those people who believe that our God is
Dr. Feel Good, Mayor Look Good – never Is Good!
I pray that they will reform, and be contented
With all the bounties they don't believe they now have!

Everyday we hear reports of people hungry,
People dying, children crying, epic floods and
We who have are never contented
All we want is some more glad rags!

We are blessed, let's be grateful, and give thanks to
Our Father, in heaven above,
He provides, justifies, and sanctifies us
For a home where contentment never ends. **BJC**