Monday, September 22, 2014

The Baby Picture

The Baby Picture

Today I saw a photo of a Baby
His brains - like cottage cheese - were falling out
He was surely worse for wear
Since his mama pushed him out

This baby's crime it was confessed
Was that he was the child of a Christian
His killing was a message sent
To those upon whom their blade could be bent!

I ask you fair, I tell you proud
The message was received e'er loud
The only purpose it served you see
Was to harden my resolve to with King Jesus be!

What purpose have I to live?
What reason have I to love
When those who would dictate my pace
Want my soul to be their slave?

Listen well, I tell you true
I'll only be a slave to the One who
Gave His life to ransom mine
That's JESUS CHRIST, the Lord Divine!!

So If your Soul IS enslaved to Satan
You chose your lot – I have chosen mine!
My Lord and my Almighty God
Is coming very soon, triumphantly
His ransomed children to take take home
Forever safe, no more to roam!
We'll live in mansions bright and fair
Wearing the bright crowns that Jesus promised
On heads immortal, ever young, ever strong
Singing Redemption's Song in the Gathered throng!

So do your worse for that's your best
You cannot a saint's soul distress
You may our bodies burn, oh yes
But victory is the crown we've earned I must stress!

Oh Calvary, Mount Zion strong
Sing out loud our battle song
Saints dead long, saints alive and strong
Praise our God
We're to Glory bound!