Friday, October 31, 2014

Sabbath Prayer and Blessing

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for another opportunity to come into Your presence on Your Holy Sabbath Day, and to be able to offer You thanks, and give You praise for keeping us through the week now past.

Thank you, Father, for the blessings you have bestowed upon us, for those seen and unseen, known and unknown and for the protection You provided against perils that we never even considered or imagined.

Father, we thank You for the Gift of Calvary which allows us to come to You personally, without fear or trembling, to present our petitions.

We ask you, Father, to help us not to be so contented with the things of this life that we forget You. Help us to not be so concerned with our trials and tribulations that we forget the bounties You bestow each and every day, and the wonders un-imagined that are in store for us when, with the aid and indwelling of Your Holy Spirit, and our hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, we ascend to heights unknown.

Father, we ask a special blessing upon Your children  around the planet whether sick, suffering, dying persecuted or prosecuted for their faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, in war zones, and in the midst of drought and famine. We ask You to provide for each according to his or her need for food, for shelter, clean water, warm and clean clothing, a kindly word, a thoughtful deed, care, comfort, help and healing.

Father, have mercy on the leaders of our nations, and the leaders of Your flock. Help these men and women not to stray from the straight and narrow path and to do right in Your sight. Help our ministers to teach and preach the undiluted Word and to seek You Face in all their works and deeds.

Father, we invite You to come and abide with us during these Sabbath hours as we take our rest in You.

Oh, Lord, bless, and pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us that we may bear good fruit to Your honor and glory.

We  ask these mercies in the name of Jesus Christ the Righteous, and thank You for hearing and answering our prayer. We love You, Lord.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Revelation 3:19 Whom He Loves He Chastens

Revelation 3:19 (KJV)

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: 
be zealous therefore, and repent.

Dear Ones,

I sincerely hope that this note finds all of you in good spirits, and doing well.

I am currently doing a write-up on two of the seven church ages, and the verse above became one of my memory verses.

With this verse in mind, I am encouraged to remind us to remember that our Almighty God loves us better than any human parent can.

Jesus Christ gave His best, His life, so that we can have eternal life.

His sacrifice was not happenstance! It was a plannedstance! He created us, and put contingency plans in place for us weak creatures of the sod. He left not one thing to chance!

Jesus loves us, and because He loves us, He rebukes us AND chastises us, not in the manner to make us afraid of Him, but in a manner which clearly says:

   "Child of mine, I love you
So hearken to what I say
Walk on the straight and narrow, and
Don't let sin carry you away!

Your heart is willing to obey
But your flesh gets in the way
So when you step off the path of right
I'll call you to straighten up right away!

Please don't be dismayed when I rebuke you
Please don't think I'm casting you away
Please don't murmur about your chastisement
Please accept it, repent, and pray!

I rebuke you, My child, because I love you
I chastise you so you will know that I care
About your soul's salvation, and
Perfecting your character for the Courts Above!

I'm coming soon, so prepare me a welcome
Keep your lamp filled with oil and always prepared
Let your light be shed abroad -- be My Ambassador
Let nothing keep you from welcoming your Lord!

So, My child, keep your eyes focused on Me
Study My Word, My Love Letter to you
Keep My commandments and a song in your heart, child
Go on my errands for, indeed, My coming is very near! **BJC**

PLEASE ENJOY THIS RENDITION OF: You'll Never Walk Alone by Wintley Phipps


Monday, October 27, 2014

Choose Jesus

Choose Jesus

I decided to follow Jesus
No one made that decision for me
I understood quite well what it was that I was doing
And I look forward in faith to eternity

I knew that there would be problems
With friends, family and associates
Who wondered aloud about whatever was the big deal
About having wings and sitting all day on a cloud

They said that Christianity was just a panacea
For the old, the young, and the very strange
And asked me a question, oh quite directly
If I was sure I was getting deranged?

I tried not to be offended since
I knew they had all been misinformed
Misdirected, and even lied to
So I decided to try to repair the brand

Jesus loves all the little children
Sinners, the blind, the halt and even the deaf
He heals and comforts, and He gently restores them
And invites all to spend Eternity with Him by and by

Jesus gave each, and every body, a free will
To their own path and way to choose
Whatever decision you decide to make is yours, friend
But there is Heaven to gain should you so choose

There will be Peace in that Valley of Promise
But the Vale of Tears, thank God, will be no more
We'll meet the Righteous, and the Heroes of all the ages
And live in harmony first a millennium in the sky

Oh, how I long to talk with my Creator
And ask Him questions that only He the answers know
To rest, and to speak to all of the sages
Whose inspired wisdom He caused to overflow

I choose Jesus to love, to obey and honor
For His yoke is easy, and even His burden it is very light
Trust Him, reach out, and hold even to death on to Him
You'll see Him face to face, forever, by and by

Love Him, and keep His commandments to prove it
Endeavor to live a life of purity – He will aid
Cast aside the idols and fleshly lusts that ensnare you
He'll soon be here at the unfolding of the sky

Give Him your heart, your will and your way, friend
He died to prove that you're important to Him
Trust no one else to guide, protect and to shield you
Jesus Christ will call you His very own elect

Very soon, King Jesus and the entourage of Heaven
Will all appear in that bright eastern sky
The Dead-in-Christ will rise, and the Living Faithful will join them
Together they'll meet King Jesus, with the angels, in the sky

Won't you please join me and choose King Jesus
To love, to worship, and, yes, we must Him adore
He, alone, is faithful, He's not a man that He'd have to lie
He proved His love for you – He was scourged, He bled and then He died!

He has inscribed our names in the palms of His hands
So, please, don't fear the enemy of our souls
Christ covered us believers in His blood's sacrifice
So come plod on, the end is drawing nigh

Lord, strengthen us, for the battle that is coming
Give us Grace to stand, and comfort You our souls
We hold the Promise – Eternal Life! Yes! Forever more!
For our God sits down upon The Great White Throne!

Let's hold the fort for we know that He is coming
Let's labor on whilst it is yet the day
The night is coming where no man can labor
So let's join in prayer for God's everlasting day!

Father: We love You, we praise You, and we worship You.
Have mercy on us even as we pray. AMEN

Choosing to Follow
Comes With a Cost!

Father, Forgive Me!

Heavenly Father,
I come to You  today with a contrite heart and beseech Your forgiveness.
I ask you, Lord, to forgive me for all the times I did not trust You to make 
a way for me; for all the times I ignored Your wise counsel not to make 
a move and paid a heavy price for disobedience; for all those times that 
I have been willful, and hard-headed and chose to walk in my own wisdom; 
for all those times I chose to ignore  conscience and knowingly did what 
I knew to be  wrong in Your sight. Oh, Father, forgive me! Father, I beseech
You to forgive me for my often lack of faith in You, my Almighty God.
I beseech You, Father, to forgive me for the many times I have given
You my burdens only to take them back and made matters worse.
Father, I am sorry for being an often wayward child, and I ask You to help
me to stay on the straight and narrow path, and to always 
do right even in the face of rabid opposition.  Father, I love You, and I ask
these mercies in the name of Jesus Christ, the Righteous, and I thank You for
hearing and answering prayer. AMEN.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Because He Lives

Because He Lives

I was enjoying singing a favorite song of mine, Because He Lives, when the following thought came to me. I used the testimony of verse one, and the chorus, of Because He Lives to write my inspiration. Please take a moment to think on it! BJ

God sent His Son
He didn't have to come!
They called Him Jesus
The miracle-worker!
He came to love, heal and forgive
He did it all for love for free!
He bled and died
That was HIS decision!
To buy my pardon
I can't pay Him back!
An empty grave is there to prove
He said it couldn't hold him!
My Savior lives!
He kept His promise to rise again!

I Serve A Risen Savior, so

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Blessed Assurance, Jesus IS Mine!
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Faith, Faith Is The Victory!
Because I know who holds the future
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
My life is worth the living just because He lives!

Jesus, My Lord, Will Love Me Forever!

God DOESN'T Change

God DOESN'T Change

The Lord is still on His throne
And the Truth is still the Truth
Don't let the skeptics sway you now
For Jesus is soon coming down – the signs are around you!

Some people they would have you believe
That our God IS rolling with the times
Don't trust their word I pray you
For they're just trying to sway you – from the Truth!

Malachi 3 verse 6 clearly says
For I am the Lord, I change not; …”
So when someone you trust is telling you otherwise
You'll know that they're among the unwise – don't trust them!

Yesterday, today, forever and ever
Our God is always the same
No fits or starts with commands to amend
On His Sure Word you can always depend – believe it!

It's only those with personal agendas
And remits from that Dragon so foul
Who whistle in the wind, spit up in the air
And put truth-seekers on three-legged chairs – unclean spirits!

I beseech, I'll plead, I'll even beg you if I need
To make sure of what it is you believe
Take down the old Bible from off the top shelf
And read the Word's Words for yourself – they're trustworthy!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Master warned us in Matthew 24:4 to ... “Take
heed that no man deceive you.” This was/is no idle warning as,
at this time of the end, many are changing, misinterpreting,
deleting, questioning, doubting and causing others to doubt
the Inspired Word, and even trying to force others
to deny the Lord Jesus Christ on penalty of death!
I implore you to know for your own self:
(1) in whom you believe;
(2) why you believe in this being;
(3) whether you can stand up and DEFEND your belief; and
(4) if you are willing to die for said belief!
We are living in perilous times, and soon we will all
have to face the “music” if we CHOOSE (and it is a choice)
I am asking each one of us to take the time to write
a sentence or paragraph or essay outlining
WHY we have our hope in Jesus Christ.
Are you able to say why?
YOU had better be sure for yourself because
neither the Bishop, Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Guru,
Priest, Apostle, Guide, Companion,
nor the Prophet can answer for you!
Stand up for AND Hold on to King Jesus!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Does it Profit a Man

What Does it Profit a Man

This world has nothing to offer me
Except a lost sinner's unremarkable grave
For between life's start and the finish thereof
Is a few laughs that aren't even close to sincere

The prince of this world is a master of
Deception, wickedness and destruction
He offers toys and some so-called joys
And the assured loss of your election

What profit the world if your soul is lost
And Christ's promise of eternity forfeited
Think carefully, for the way is broad
That leads to sorrow and soul affliction

You can look forward to spills, and lots of cheap thrills
Dread disease, broken homes, and fear
Your toys then become terrors that bleach the soul
Until it's like dead bones in the valley of decision

That, my friend, is all that's left
When you seek after this world
With all its greed, and need for speed
That put you on the wrong side of heaven

Forgive me, but I will not walk with you
This world has nothing to offer me
I prefer the narrow path, hard though it be
That leads me to Christ for Eternity. **BJC**

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Do You Praise Him?

Do You Praise Him?

Don't sell your soul for earthly gain
That will not avail you much
Look to your God, Almighty He
He is The King!
Do you praise Him?

Don't sell your soul for man's applause
For laurels, medals, and honor
It's fleeting, friend
Avails you nothing, then
He IS The King!
Do you praise Him?

Jewels and crowns, suits, furs and gowns
They rust and decay
They get stolen away
What, then, will you say?
Jesus is the King!
Do you think to praise Him?

Don't let things cause you to play
To go out and stray –
You know you'll pay!
Please turn away from sin
Turn away and pray
Please come to Him today
Please don't delay
Don't be led astray
His love made the way

Come, now, and praise HIM! **BJC**

Monday, October 20, 2014

What Wondrous Love

What Wondrous Love

He loves me.
Why should I care?
I didn't ask Him!
Please go away!

He offers me gifts.
I don't want them!
I didn't ask Him!
Please go away!

He promises life –
No sorrow, no shame!
I didn't ask Him!
He wouldn't go away!

He pleaded!
He beseeched!
He loves me!
Oh, did He teach!
He was willing!
He died!
He went away!
I cried!

Three days later He arose
Defeated the foe
Went to the Father up above
Oh, how I need HIM!

Heart opened now
I am in love
He sent His Spirit
Showed more love
Bless His name
He despised the shame
He will come again –
I really need HIM!

Oh, praise our God
Jesus bore all for love
Of you and me
He'll come again
'Tis very plain
To destroy the last
Vestige of sin's stain
And at last His Beloved Bride claim –
HE's coming for ME!

Praise to our God who
Time, and again
Redeeming Love
His Heart proclaimed
I love HIM
Oh, I love HIM so
Through Grace of God
I'm not letting go –


Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Christian

Good Christian

I heard one day of Good Christian
And for a moment I couldn't understand
If over there Good Christian see
Then over yonder Bad Christian be.

Good Christian as we're sure to know
Is gentle, helpful, no worldly flow
Means then Bad Christian is likely
Suffering chronic, and putting on a hyper-show.

Good Christian is eager, approachable too
Bad Christian suffers lassitude and ingratitude, who knew?
Good Christian has fine morals he wears like a skin
Bad Christian – catch him offside – he swears at his kin!

Good Christian seeks to his wisdom share
Bad Christian shows knowledge with so great a flair
Good Christian exhibits a right kindly glow
Bad Christian never fears to tell who he knows.

I tell you all this so that you would know
Wherever the rabbit, the fox it will show!
Good Christian, Bad Christian, the wheat and the tare
Together, a-growing, same garden they share!

Our Bible tells us to watch the fruit
Because a bad tree never a good fruit seed
Bitter water cannot good water contain
And hot mout' will speak what cold heart enchain!

So when you see Christian Good and Bad
Look to Jesus, and then be glad
For Gentleness, goodness, and honesty, see right
In the mien of him who is following the Light! **BJC**


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have Faith in GOD!

Have Faith in GOD!

Have faith in God
He is your great Creator
Have faith in God
He made the earth, the seas
Have faith in God
His love for you is infinite
Have Faith, Dear Ones, in God!

Have faith in God
The Father – He is Holy!
Have faith in God
The Son – He is your Savior and Friend!
Have faith in God
The Holy Spirit – the Comforter!
Have faith, Dear Ones, in God!

Have faith in God
He made the Plan of Redemption
Have faith in God
His Son, our Sacrifice
He lived and died
And rose again to glory
Have faith in God
The King is coming soon!

Fret no yourself
O'er Satan's wily deceits, friend
Love you your Lord
His Precepts you must live
Offer your prayers and praise
Each passing day, friend
Reach out your hands
The Savior He will guide!

Give Him your burdens
You know that He can bear them
Live for His Kingdom coming very soon
To take us Home with Loved Ones gone before, friend
The battle's won!
And, yes, indeed, we know it!
Keep your faith, Dear Ones, in GOD! **BJC**


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lord, Prepare Me

Father, Have mercy on me,  a sinner.  
Father, I am digging into Your Holy Word seeking after knowledge, and I ask You to help me to see Your truth, 
and not the truth that evil men would have me 
believe for their gain as I search through the many and various study materials to aid my understanding of Your Word.  
I ask You to shield my eyes, my ears, and my heart from the personal interpretations, outright lies, and carefully 
crafted deceits of the enemy of my soul, and help me, Lord, 
to keep my eye on the prize, Home. 
Oh, how my heart longs for Home. Home with Jesus. 
You have promised in Your Holy Word that You 
will have a people prepared and ready to meet the King. 
Please, I beseech You, help me, under the agency of 
Your Holy Spirit, to be ready, possessing all 
the fruit of Your Spirit, and living as only a 
Child of the King, can. I love You, Lord. 
Please come soon. AMEN

If Only

If Only

If only are the saddest words,
Ever uttered by a man,
Because they speak of the broken dreams,
Of someone who now needs a hand!

If only is a feeling
Brought on by sad regrets
Of things we should have done differently
And now wish we could correct!

If only — broken promises,
Hopes buried, unspoken words,
All the things we never accomplished,
But, you know, there’s ever the Lord!

So don’t worry about unchangeable things
Get down on your knees and pray
To live life according to His will
And “If only” won't ever come your way! **BJC**

The Contrite Heart

The Contrite Heart

If only ...

I should have ...

I could have ...

Maybe if ...

Perhaps I ...

So Sorry for Self-inflicted Sorrow.



Unchangeable!                  It's ... Too late!


But I Can … REPENT!

Joel 2: 13 – And rend your heart, and not your garments, and

turn unto the Lord your God: for He [is] gracious and

merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth

Him of the evil.


2 Timothy 2:15 – Study to show thyself approved unto God, a

workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the

word of truth.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word IMPOSSIBLE

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word IMPOSSIBLE

Most days, minding my own business is easy for me but this particular day was not one of them. 
 I sat and openly listened to the conversation going on around me because the theme of it was how “impossible” this is to handle, how “impossible” that was to overcome, and how life was “impossible.” Everything in the conversation was impossible.

I was so intrigued by what I heard that my thoughts went off on a tangent of their own as I tried to figure out why we, humans, believe that impossible is a word worthy of use, and why we automatically default to impossibilities when faced with life’s challenges.

I started writing the various definitions for the word “Impossible” on my notepad and was astounded to notice that there was a pattern emerging:

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word IMPOSSIBLE
The Light of Life
Parts of Impossible
The Dark Side
Inc(k) - to write what you know
Congruous - things that fit
In-Us - is the answer to everything (remember that you are the temple of God, and the Holy Spirit lives in you)
1 Corinthians 3:16
Con - I fooled you
Inc(k) - to write what you know
Conceive - birth the concept
Able - you can do it
Con - I fooled you
Logic - let’s reason this out
Ill - you’re going be sick before you finish
Uni - single mindedness
Imagine - the possibilities
Able - you can do it
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Able - you can do it
Desire - you must want it
Un-Able - you can’t even see it
Able - you can do it
Suit - put on your armor to do battle
Suitable - it’s good enough for you
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Able - you can do it
Ten - they’re 10 reasons why you can do it
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Ten - they’re 10 reasons why you can’t do it
Able - you can do it
Think - that it’s possible and doable
Un-able - you can’t do it
Think - impossible
Able - it can be done
Work - put your back and mental effort into it
Un-able - it can’t be done AND
Un-able - you can’t do it
Probe - dig for deeper meaning
Probable - it’s doable
Able - you can do it
Imp - I’m going to give trouble
Bab(b)le - You’re talking nonsense
Proper - it’s all good
Prop - lean on the Father
Rope - wrap up with truth
Imp - I’m going to give trouble
Rope - I’m going to tie you in knots
I’m Able - yes, I am!
Practice - you’ve got to work at it
Practicable - it can be done
Imp - I’m going to give you trouble
Able - you can do it
Surmountable - you can overcome it
Insure - look to your faith for insurance
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Prep - you need to prepare yourself
Poster - write down what you know
peter (out) - your strength will fail before you accomplish this

The more I looked at the word “Impossible” and all the things it means, I realized that there was mischief afoot.
That’s when I saw the “Imp” who freely ran around wreaking havoc whenever we uttered the word “Impossible” which was the Pandora’s box in which he dwelt — obviously, he was not alone.
When I considered the kinds of friends someone like this would keep company with, I realized that it was time to expose him for what he is — a liar and a cheat and a perjurer and a trickster. A demon.
He was carrying his friends, Ill, Unable, Peter, Babble, Con and Rope to confuse, confound, puzzle and perplex us and cause us to throw up our hands in defeat. This is how they do it:

The imp makes us feel ill and useless and the con tricks us into feeling as though our strength has petered so that rope can tie us up in so many knots so that our thoughts defy logic rendering us unable to think of 10 things to put on a poster to give us the will to suit up and mount an attack to work toward our goals. In so doing, we will throw up our hands in disgust and cry “Impossible” and give up the fight.

          Now, since we know how they lead us to failure and disillusionment, here’s how we can fight 

Nothing is impossible with God! Acknowledge it, believe it and live 

it. We need to realize and accept that in each of us is the means to 

solving all our problems. We need to be single-minded in the pursuit 

of our goals, after saying “Thy will be done!.”

We must remember that we are indeed able and that we must suit up 

for our success – must look the part – and make preparations to 

succeed. We must acknowledge that we can’t do “it” by ourselves and 

that our back prop is the Father.

We should then write (ink) down on our poster the 10 things which we 

believe make this “thing” which we desire, possible, after we have 

ascertained that it is indeed good and proper for us to have it.

We must then probe for the truth of the thing we desire, and imagine 

that it is ours for the taking.

We are then required to put all things in perspective to make sure that 

these things match, or belong together.

We should then map out the logical steps to be taken to achieve this

goal, and then take out insurance from the Father against those 

naysayers who are purveyors of self-doubt and indecision.

Thereafter, with work, i.e., mental and physical effort, clear focus and 

faith that all things are possible, we will overcome.

Anything and Everything is now indeed possible! 


Impossible is not a word

That I care to conceive

Because it makes a liar of

The King whom I believe!

And since the King whom I believe

Has never let me down

Impossible is not a word

Around me to be found!

For me, all things are possible

Impossible holds no dread

Believe God — He will deliver

And impossible will be dead! **BJC**