Monday, October 27, 2014

Choose Jesus

Choose Jesus

I decided to follow Jesus
No one made that decision for me
I understood quite well what it was that I was doing
And I look forward in faith to eternity

I knew that there would be problems
With friends, family and associates
Who wondered aloud about whatever was the big deal
About having wings and sitting all day on a cloud

They said that Christianity was just a panacea
For the old, the young, and the very strange
And asked me a question, oh quite directly
If I was sure I was getting deranged?

I tried not to be offended since
I knew they had all been misinformed
Misdirected, and even lied to
So I decided to try to repair the brand

Jesus loves all the little children
Sinners, the blind, the halt and even the deaf
He heals and comforts, and He gently restores them
And invites all to spend Eternity with Him by and by

Jesus gave each, and every body, a free will
To their own path and way to choose
Whatever decision you decide to make is yours, friend
But there is Heaven to gain should you so choose

There will be Peace in that Valley of Promise
But the Vale of Tears, thank God, will be no more
We'll meet the Righteous, and the Heroes of all the ages
And live in harmony first a millennium in the sky

Oh, how I long to talk with my Creator
And ask Him questions that only He the answers know
To rest, and to speak to all of the sages
Whose inspired wisdom He caused to overflow

I choose Jesus to love, to obey and honor
For His yoke is easy, and even His burden it is very light
Trust Him, reach out, and hold even to death on to Him
You'll see Him face to face, forever, by and by

Love Him, and keep His commandments to prove it
Endeavor to live a life of purity – He will aid
Cast aside the idols and fleshly lusts that ensnare you
He'll soon be here at the unfolding of the sky

Give Him your heart, your will and your way, friend
He died to prove that you're important to Him
Trust no one else to guide, protect and to shield you
Jesus Christ will call you His very own elect

Very soon, King Jesus and the entourage of Heaven
Will all appear in that bright eastern sky
The Dead-in-Christ will rise, and the Living Faithful will join them
Together they'll meet King Jesus, with the angels, in the sky

Won't you please join me and choose King Jesus
To love, to worship, and, yes, we must Him adore
He, alone, is faithful, He's not a man that He'd have to lie
He proved His love for you – He was scourged, He bled and then He died!

He has inscribed our names in the palms of His hands
So, please, don't fear the enemy of our souls
Christ covered us believers in His blood's sacrifice
So come plod on, the end is drawing nigh

Lord, strengthen us, for the battle that is coming
Give us Grace to stand, and comfort You our souls
We hold the Promise – Eternal Life! Yes! Forever more!
For our God sits down upon The Great White Throne!

Let's hold the fort for we know that He is coming
Let's labor on whilst it is yet the day
The night is coming where no man can labor
So let's join in prayer for God's everlasting day!

Father: We love You, we praise You, and we worship You.
Have mercy on us even as we pray. AMEN

Choosing to Follow
Comes With a Cost!