Thursday, October 23, 2014

God DOESN'T Change

God DOESN'T Change

The Lord is still on His throne
And the Truth is still the Truth
Don't let the skeptics sway you now
For Jesus is soon coming down – the signs are around you!

Some people they would have you believe
That our God IS rolling with the times
Don't trust their word I pray you
For they're just trying to sway you – from the Truth!

Malachi 3 verse 6 clearly says
For I am the Lord, I change not; …”
So when someone you trust is telling you otherwise
You'll know that they're among the unwise – don't trust them!

Yesterday, today, forever and ever
Our God is always the same
No fits or starts with commands to amend
On His Sure Word you can always depend – believe it!

It's only those with personal agendas
And remits from that Dragon so foul
Who whistle in the wind, spit up in the air
And put truth-seekers on three-legged chairs – unclean spirits!

I beseech, I'll plead, I'll even beg you if I need
To make sure of what it is you believe
Take down the old Bible from off the top shelf
And read the Word's Words for yourself – they're trustworthy!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Master warned us in Matthew 24:4 to ... “Take
heed that no man deceive you.” This was/is no idle warning as,
at this time of the end, many are changing, misinterpreting,
deleting, questioning, doubting and causing others to doubt
the Inspired Word, and even trying to force others
to deny the Lord Jesus Christ on penalty of death!
I implore you to know for your own self:
(1) in whom you believe;
(2) why you believe in this being;
(3) whether you can stand up and DEFEND your belief; and
(4) if you are willing to die for said belief!
We are living in perilous times, and soon we will all
have to face the “music” if we CHOOSE (and it is a choice)
I am asking each one of us to take the time to write
a sentence or paragraph or essay outlining
WHY we have our hope in Jesus Christ.
Are you able to say why?
YOU had better be sure for yourself because
neither the Bishop, Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Guru,
Priest, Apostle, Guide, Companion,
nor the Prophet can answer for you!
Stand up for AND Hold on to King Jesus!