Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Christian

Good Christian

I heard one day of Good Christian
And for a moment I couldn't understand
If over there Good Christian see
Then over yonder Bad Christian be.

Good Christian as we're sure to know
Is gentle, helpful, no worldly flow
Means then Bad Christian is likely
Suffering chronic, and putting on a hyper-show.

Good Christian is eager, approachable too
Bad Christian suffers lassitude and ingratitude, who knew?
Good Christian has fine morals he wears like a skin
Bad Christian – catch him offside – he swears at his kin!

Good Christian seeks to his wisdom share
Bad Christian shows knowledge with so great a flair
Good Christian exhibits a right kindly glow
Bad Christian never fears to tell who he knows.

I tell you all this so that you would know
Wherever the rabbit, the fox it will show!
Good Christian, Bad Christian, the wheat and the tare
Together, a-growing, same garden they share!

Our Bible tells us to watch the fruit
Because a bad tree never a good fruit seed
Bitter water cannot good water contain
And hot mout' will speak what cold heart enchain!

So when you see Christian Good and Bad
Look to Jesus, and then be glad
For Gentleness, goodness, and honesty, see right
In the mien of him who is following the Light! **BJC**