Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word IMPOSSIBLE

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word IMPOSSIBLE

Most days, minding my own business is easy for me but this particular day was not one of them. 
 I sat and openly listened to the conversation going on around me because the theme of it was how “impossible” this is to handle, how “impossible” that was to overcome, and how life was “impossible.” Everything in the conversation was impossible.

I was so intrigued by what I heard that my thoughts went off on a tangent of their own as I tried to figure out why we, humans, believe that impossible is a word worthy of use, and why we automatically default to impossibilities when faced with life’s challenges.

I started writing the various definitions for the word “Impossible” on my notepad and was astounded to notice that there was a pattern emerging:

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word IMPOSSIBLE
The Light of Life
Parts of Impossible
The Dark Side
Inc(k) - to write what you know
Congruous - things that fit
In-Us - is the answer to everything (remember that you are the temple of God, and the Holy Spirit lives in you)
1 Corinthians 3:16
Con - I fooled you
Inc(k) - to write what you know
Conceive - birth the concept
Able - you can do it
Con - I fooled you
Logic - let’s reason this out
Ill - you’re going be sick before you finish
Uni - single mindedness
Imagine - the possibilities
Able - you can do it
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Able - you can do it
Desire - you must want it
Un-Able - you can’t even see it
Able - you can do it
Suit - put on your armor to do battle
Suitable - it’s good enough for you
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Able - you can do it
Ten - they’re 10 reasons why you can do it
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Ten - they’re 10 reasons why you can’t do it
Able - you can do it
Think - that it’s possible and doable
Un-able - you can’t do it
Think - impossible
Able - it can be done
Work - put your back and mental effort into it
Un-able - it can’t be done AND
Un-able - you can’t do it
Probe - dig for deeper meaning
Probable - it’s doable
Able - you can do it
Imp - I’m going to give trouble
Bab(b)le - You’re talking nonsense
Proper - it’s all good
Prop - lean on the Father
Rope - wrap up with truth
Imp - I’m going to give trouble
Rope - I’m going to tie you in knots
I’m Able - yes, I am!
Practice - you’ve got to work at it
Practicable - it can be done
Imp - I’m going to give you trouble
Able - you can do it
Surmountable - you can overcome it
Insure - look to your faith for insurance
Un-Able - you can’t do it
Prep - you need to prepare yourself
Poster - write down what you know
peter (out) - your strength will fail before you accomplish this

The more I looked at the word “Impossible” and all the things it means, I realized that there was mischief afoot.
That’s when I saw the “Imp” who freely ran around wreaking havoc whenever we uttered the word “Impossible” which was the Pandora’s box in which he dwelt — obviously, he was not alone.
When I considered the kinds of friends someone like this would keep company with, I realized that it was time to expose him for what he is — a liar and a cheat and a perjurer and a trickster. A demon.
He was carrying his friends, Ill, Unable, Peter, Babble, Con and Rope to confuse, confound, puzzle and perplex us and cause us to throw up our hands in defeat. This is how they do it:

The imp makes us feel ill and useless and the con tricks us into feeling as though our strength has petered so that rope can tie us up in so many knots so that our thoughts defy logic rendering us unable to think of 10 things to put on a poster to give us the will to suit up and mount an attack to work toward our goals. In so doing, we will throw up our hands in disgust and cry “Impossible” and give up the fight.

          Now, since we know how they lead us to failure and disillusionment, here’s how we can fight 

Nothing is impossible with God! Acknowledge it, believe it and live 

it. We need to realize and accept that in each of us is the means to 

solving all our problems. We need to be single-minded in the pursuit 

of our goals, after saying “Thy will be done!.”

We must remember that we are indeed able and that we must suit up 

for our success – must look the part – and make preparations to 

succeed. We must acknowledge that we can’t do “it” by ourselves and 

that our back prop is the Father.

We should then write (ink) down on our poster the 10 things which we 

believe make this “thing” which we desire, possible, after we have 

ascertained that it is indeed good and proper for us to have it.

We must then probe for the truth of the thing we desire, and imagine 

that it is ours for the taking.

We are then required to put all things in perspective to make sure that 

these things match, or belong together.

We should then map out the logical steps to be taken to achieve this

goal, and then take out insurance from the Father against those 

naysayers who are purveyors of self-doubt and indecision.

Thereafter, with work, i.e., mental and physical effort, clear focus and 

faith that all things are possible, we will overcome.

Anything and Everything is now indeed possible! 


Impossible is not a word

That I care to conceive

Because it makes a liar of

The King whom I believe!

And since the King whom I believe

Has never let me down

Impossible is not a word

Around me to be found!

For me, all things are possible

Impossible holds no dread

Believe God — He will deliver

And impossible will be dead! **BJC**