Sunday, November 9, 2014

Balaam's Ass Required


I wish I could be a Balaam's Ass
To some of these modern-day preachers
Who seem activated by a Balak spirit
Seeking to make God's people act like they're illiterate

By clothing, ritual, word and deed
These preachers seek to enrich themselves with speed
By putting great price to the teaching of the Word
Which does not edify and makes spirits curd

Plant a seed, buy an oil, purchase a miracle
Preacher man is begging, he needs a new toy
Congregations, they then come out to pray, and pay
Satan's advocates big money to be led astray

Cry shame! Oh, Lord, have mercy, come and defend
Your people who go church for a good word and to pray
To You, by the Spirit, in Jesus' name
Come, Thou, Dear Lord! Defend! Defend!

They teach for doctrine the commandments of men
They have willingly departed the faith
And sold their souls for a pot full of stew
Whilst giving up heaven's reward and refusing it to believers, too

One of these preachers I, myself, heard say
That the shepherd's prosperity has first to come into play
Since the shepherd leads the sheep, he should get his first
Because if he walked behind, all he'd get is some poo in the purse
(emphasis added!)

We warn you now, you apostate preacher
We are servants of the Galilean Teacher
Change your ways, amend, oh, root out
The behaviors that cause a dumb donkey to speak out!

Fear not, I tell you, believer in the Lord
Our God, the Almighty, He will supply a sword
To the angel who will cut them off if they don't turn back
And return to teaching, and preaching, the Lean Word – not fat!

First they took our money, then they stepped on the truth
Followed by our souls they seriously imperiled to boot
But, thankfully, some of us knew the dear Creator's voice
And that was enough to make our hearts rejoice

Our Lord had no mansions, no diamond cellular phones
No bodyguards, no choppers and definitely no cars
He preached the Message – it was UNDILUTED!
No color, no spin, and certainly it was not trimmed convoluted!

Sola Scriptura. The Word! The Word!
A “Doth saith the Lord!” should be heard, you cur!
Preach conscience, repentance, new birth, that sin's a stain
And only Blood can remove it, or on the soul it remains!

Oh, preacher, God forgives! So please repent!
Confess! He's faithful! Oh, won't you relent?
Confession and repentance are good for the soul
Give your burden for false riches to Jesus, He'll take it in control!

So, Dear Ones, I beseech you
Don't idly sit by
And let the preacher betray his calling
And lead you to die
Become Balaam's Ass
Open your mouth and speak
Stop swallowing the nonsense
That some of these preachers teach

Don't give up real gold
For this earth's deadly dross
That rusts, and gets stolen
Stop playing with the fluff!

Hold on to King Jesus
His Word – it will guide
To mansions on gold streets
Water of Life running by!

Read your Bible for your self
Compare text with text
Demand that your preacher
Preach in context even if he gets vexed!

Your gaining heavenly life depends
On your personal understanding
That Jesus is coming soon
He's even at the door
Prepare now – get ready!
Don't get a surprise when He shows!

Only those who are unprepared
Will be caught unawares
So put your spiritual house in order
So you won't be dismayed

My braying is over for now
I have said my piece
Until I see you next time
Go thou in peace!