Friday, November 7, 2014

Holy Sabbath Day Prayer and Blessing

Another six days' work is done
Another Sabbath is begun
Around our table take our seat
And to our Lord we sing a treat

Accept our sorrowing for sin
Accept our offering of  prayer
Accept our offering of praise
Accept our souls to You we raise

Again, Dear Lord, we meekly seek
Another blessing, another week
Always in worship, we with love
Before Your Throne, we here bow down

Heavenly Father, we, Your believing children, thank You for Your watch-care through the week that is now passed from time into eternity.

We thank You for our food, our shelter, our clothing, eyes that can still see The Book, ears that can still hear The Word through which our faith comes, hands, Lord, that can still do a good work for The Kingdom, and feet that are still able to go on missions of mercy.

Father, we ask You to shore up our reserves of strength for the battle still ahead. We beseech You to cement Your Holy Word deep into our hearts where only that two-edged sword wielded by Our Master can divide, and grant us Your continued Grace, and Sweet Peace.

We ask, Father, for the surrounding and protection of the Holy Angels, and the blessing of the sleep of the Just.

Hear and answer our prayer, in the matchless name of Jesus, and for His sake. Lord, we love You. AMEN.