Saturday, November 22, 2014

Not Big Enough to Fight God

Not Big Enough to Fight God

The great religious teachers
Profess God's people to lead
To the Gates of Paradise
Problem is Perdition's the steed!

Each of these great teachers
Has a pulpit upon which s/he stands
The Word of God to deliver
Problem is it is all a great sham!

One teacher teaches self-actualization
One teacher teaches God's a man
One teacher teaches God is a woman
Problem is they don't teach God's plan!

Another teacher teaches prosperity gospel
Yet another teaches feel-good theology
Then a third teaches spiritualism
Problem is none of it is found in the Word!

Yet again, another teacher wants your scarce dollars
Yet again, another teaches planting seeds
Yet again, another teaches that you're a god, too
Problem is they're taking us all for fools!

These teachers think they have God on the defensive
These teachers even believe their words are holy writ
These teachers believe their dainties protect them
Problem is His vengeance is at the gate!

God is not a man – He can't be mocked!
God is not a tool – He can't be fooled!
Don't be foolish, teachers – He's the creator!
You're a creature – Get wise! You can't win!
Don't be foolish! Hear now! He can't lose!

You were made! He's the Maker!
You were made for His pleasure! He's in charge!
He sees all! He knows all! He's ever-present!
Give up the fight! Accept Him! He IS the Lord!

God's people, please listen, I beseech you
To the messages the Three Angels bring
Don't be deceived, or led astray: get the Book now!
No problem: heed the messages, and leave false teachers, please vow!