Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prayer: For Help to Maintain Our Allegiance To The Lamb

Father, we hear daily of fellow believers
who are paying with their lives for their faith 
and belief in the Lord, Christ.
Help us, Father, to hold to our allegiance to the Lamb
In the face of great and studied opposition and animosity.
Help us to stand against the demon-heart encased
In the flesh of a human who would kill us 
For our faith in Jesus Christ.
Help us to keep praying, and obeying
Loving and longing for that home in the realm of the blessed.
Oh Lord, please keep us in Your care, and render us
Willing and able to maintain our allegiance and
At the end, to stand up for: 
the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ;
Faithfulness to, and through, Him 
Who redeemed us for His own;
Liberty of conscience;
The truth that is the Living Word; and
Our living hope of  Eternal Glory.