Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bold Sinners

Bold Sinners

They sin by day, they sin by night
They see no reason not to fight
The Holy Spirit is calling them
To repentance – but He has no hold on them?!
Or so they say!

They please no man, they please no friend
On Jesus Christ they don't depend
They want to know what good for them God has ever done
And proudly walk away seeking more mischief to run!
Against people they believe defenseless!

And when they've filled their cups to overflowing
Almighty God checks their balances to see their owings
And when they see the price to be paid
They think that He has some great mistake made!
God doesn't use accountants! God has Recording Angels!

O fickle fate! A fateful fit
Is what they have, when they receive the initial hit
But proudest sinners that they be
See no reason to bow down to the King, whoever he!?
The King of Love!

So, then, for their pride, their intentional arrogance
The humbling hand of God upon them is felt
Until they acknowledge that God Almighty o'er all rules
The choice is theirs – bow, bend or break – they get to choose!
You love God - Bow before Him!
You know you are a sinner - Bend to His Will!
You are your own god ... Break ... Good night.

Dear Ones: 

Let us be careful how we walk about this earth. All of our decisions have consequences - not just for now, but as it pertains to New Earth. So, I beg you, please answer the Savior when He calls you, while His hand of chastening is light, and while you've got an opportunity your life to renew! We are assuredly running out of "play" time!