Friday, January 30, 2015

Fascination with the Forbidden

What is this fascination with the forbidden
That’s front and center, and out there
Urging all to come forward
And delve into something rare?

What is our need to know who
Created God or who is His mother?
How He hides the entry portals from us
And does His eyes ever blink or flutter?

Why do we need to know if, when, how
He grants immortality?
Or why He allows evil to prosper
When we faithfully do good, am poor, and worshiping He?

Why do we need to know how 
To extend this mortal life
When He who created us promised
To grant us everlasting life?

Why do we need to “talk” to
Those beings who have not fallen from Grace
Nor have chosen to exalt self
Nor tried to take Jesus’ place?

Let me get to the point here
Ignorance itself can be a curse
And maliciousness can be even worse
But delving into what don’t concern us
Will lay us out in a black hearse!

Stop being so darned gipsy
Looking into things above your pay grade
Be thankful that the Lord is the Shepherd
And that we belong to The Heard!

Satan is a liar - and the father of lies!
His word to you is do what thou wilt
But, hey? Look at all the flies
That cover up the bloated soul/corpses 
That he's gained with his myriad lies!

Don’t you know that Christ IS the answer?
Don’t you know that Christ guides and stays?
Don’t you know that Christ gladly listens?
Don’t you know that The Christ gladly answers our prayers?

So if you want to know something - or anything
Walk the straight path into the narrow opening way
Keep your eyes fixed, your heart set, on Jesus
Believe Him for He who IS can deliver
And will answer all at the Changing 
To Everlasting Day!



Keep You Eyes Open
Keep Your Mouth Closed
Mind Your Own Business
God Is In Control!

'Nuff said.