Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prayer: Lord, Fix Me

Lord, slough off my outer skin
The one that's marked/marred by sin
And let it be revealed today
A new, clean, heart within.

Debride me, Oh, Lord,
Layer by layer
And let the light of Your Life
Germinate and flower.

Remove from me
Pride and greed
Give me a humble heart
And some good seed
Worthy to be planted
Among Your people
Uplifting, encouraging
Helpful - not boastful.

Remove from me self and gluttony
Lord, give me instead
A heart filled to overflowing with You
Willing to feed the people - the milling, the dread!

Remove from me, Lord
The chalice of malice
And give me instead a good braided lattice
Whereupon I may hang Your Word
Oft’ to be repeated
Ever to be heard.

Lord, make me anew, and
Help me to eschew
The lowered life that I led - the fainting heart that I stewed!
Pour out the Love Balm, and
Hold Thou my hand
And help me be a a worthy member of
Your Glory Band.