Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rambling: Because of Sin

Because of Sin

Because of sin these old bones are a-creaking
Because of sin these eyes just don’t quite see fine
Because of sin I covet, I steal, and cheat the tax collector
And pretend to all that my life here is sublime!

I need a God - the one that can hear me
I need a God that can answer my prayers
I need a God who is always at the ready
The God in whose hands I have been stained!

I’m not into divas for they are  just idols
The only goddess I recognize is potty porcelain
The only God I believe in is the Almighty
For everything else is just plainly profane!

I am sick and tired of being sick, and being tired
I am sick and tired of sin’s humongous cost to me
I am sick and tired of this old world and where it’s headed
And can’t wait for Jesus to come and rescue me!

All around me nothing is what it appears to be
All around me is death, dying and decay
All around me there seems to be no hope for
Mouth giants without substance are holding sway!

Oh Lord, You know that this heart is feeble
Oh Lord, You know that my courage is ready to fail
Oh Lord, help me to stand up on Your Word, and
Give me Your strength to help me to hold strain!

Father, I bless You and, yes, I do reverence You!
Father, I bless You for Jesus taking the blame
For, Father, without Him, without His sacrifice, His dying
I would live my life as though sinning is something really game!

But ... because Jesus Christ took on the form of a servant
But ... because Jesus Christ took off His divinity
Because His heart hurt so badly for humanity
Because He suffered, bled, died and resurrected to Glory
Father, I can come freely unto to thee!

Thank God for Jesus!

Father, please keep us faithful, and ever in an attitude of readiness, for The Day is hastening toward us! Amen.