Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trust Thou in God

When enemies, crass, knock at your door
Don’t hold your head!
Don’t fall on the floor!
Trust in your God,
Almighty, He
For in His face
All enemies flee!

One you, plus God
Equal a majority!
So feel sorry for those
Who fall from dignity
By trying their best
To destroy a child whom
God through Jesus Christ has blessed!

You are a human -
Your God is not!
So wipe the snot from your face
And trust in God’s grace
Which flows abundantly
And free to those
Who trust the Almighty!

Listen to me well
I’ll tell you a truth
Look to Jesus who
Is always in view
You don’t need to look out
Nor over nor through
Reach out to Jesus
He’s right next to you!

Trust thou in God -
He is the Great Creator!
Trust thou in God -
He made provision for you!
Trust thou in God -
He knows you, your wants, your upsets!
Trust thou, Dear One, in God!