Friday, January 23, 2015

Victory IS Mine!

Lord, purge me with hyssop
That I may be clean
I don’t need their sys-op
For those people are real mean!

Their plans are inhuman
I trust God to relieve
Me of their experiments
To make me immortal
When God said: “Not these!"

God’s Word is immutable
His commandment will stand
“Get behind me!” Old Satan
Our God ain’t a man
To play with His creatures
As cats play with mice
You are the great liar!
You've filled men with vice!

I trust God to deliver me!
I trust God to care
For me in this battle
Which vile men declare 
Is their’s for their number is numerous
Our numbers are few
BUT we have King Jesus
So there is nothing to lose!

Victory is mine
For when this life is lost
The King of Creation
Will wake me at the last
Trumpet of Awakening -
New life will be mine!
New Life in Eternity!
New Day with the Divine
Lord of the Kingdom!
Hello!?! Victory IS mine!