Saturday, February 28, 2015

VESPERS at The End Of The Sabbath: You Can't Change God's Mind!

Thank You
for the Blessed Sabbath Rest!

Our Call To Remembrance:

God is The Lord and He loves us, and
You can’t change His Mind!

God sacrificed His Son to save us, and
Nothing you would do could change His Mind!

God loves to bless us, and
You can’t change His Mind!

God loves us sinners, and
You can’t change His Mind!

God is The Lord, and He hates sin, and
Changing its name won’t change His Mind!

God’s  Holy Spirit chides and comforts us, and
You can’t change His Mind!

God is coming for His Children, and
Satan can’t change His Mind!

God will punish the evil-doers, and
They can’t change His Mind!

God is kind, and makes daily provision for us, and
New World Orders can't change His Mind!

God has made a home in Pleasant Pastures for us, and
You can’t change His Mind, for
We - who love Him - are nestled in the Heart of the Divine!


please - I beseech you of the Household of Faith -

Don't let

Love, life, nor living
Loss nor cross
Situation nor circumstance
Father nor Mother
Brother nor Sister
Predator nor President
King nor culture

Close your mind off from, or cause you to forget, the fact that:

God Almighty is coming for His Children, and
Not one will be left behind, for
God is The Lord, and He loves us, and
He can't change His Mind!

Heavenly Father,
We thank You for the Sabbath
for we have been bountifully blessed,
 and gloriously refreshed! 
And now we ask You, Father, 
to bless and keep us during the coming new week 
until we come again before You 
to worship and bow down in humility and gladness. 
We thank You for Your Grace and Hand of Provision, 
and Your Mercy towards us,
 and we offer You our praise. 
We love You, Lord, 
and we look with hope and assurance 
to that Great Day 
when we shall see You, 
face to face. 

HAPPY SABBATH + Satan Can't Tell The Future

Satan can’t tell the future
Even if he had a crystal ball
'Cause it is not within his realm
Listen up! He is not the Lord!

Satan cannot create life
His reality is to destroy
He ever lives to reap a harvest of the unbelievers
Who choose to be in his employ!

Satan can deceive you
Satan can lead you astray
Satan will seek to destroy you - 
Choose Jesus, and run
Runway, far away!

Rebuke Satan!
Bless the Lord!
Stand on God’s promises!
Cover up in the Word!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talking to Jesus

Lord, I don't feel like praying
Your voice I do not hear
I have asked, and asked for a blessing
But You really don't seem to care!

My car broke down on the highway
My kitty has gone astray
My pantry is standing quite empty
And the refrigerator has nothing to share

Dear Child,
I know what you need, and provide it
That broken down car spared your life
Your kitty was carrying rabies
And you were eating away your life.

I always answer the prayers of my children
I counted the hairs on their heads
Your trials are for your perfection
And will lead you to eternal life!

Look well at all that befalls you
And know that My hand is there
What was meant to you for evil
In Me will turn out for good!

I called you for My purpose
You say you love your Lord
There is nothing that can take you from Me
For you're covered in My Blood!

Just keep praying to Me, I do hear you
I always answer for your good
Don't worry about the words - just call on Me
For I saved you by My Blood. 

Open Letter to Church Pastors Against Unbiblical Teachings


Dear Pastor Man:

I hope that this letter finds you in good spirits, and doing well.

As for me, I have known better days and, believe me, this day has proven to be amongst the worst days of my life, and all because of you!

You, Sir, today, unequivocally, proved yourself to be an infidel, an apostate, and decidedly, no "Man of God!"

How dare you, a finite being, decide that your knowledge of God - who God is, what God has and has not said, and should have said, has inspired and has not inspired - is infinite and, as such, has given you the right to determine that I shall spend Eternity without Jesus Christ?


FIRSTLY - there is nothing about your current behavior that is indicative of your having ever received a call from the Holy Spirit to be a minister of His Gospel since the stench of the world now perfumes all of your activities amongst the brethren!

SECONDLY - you are displaying to all observers that you have within yourself simony, the sin for which Paul the Apostle condemned Simon Magus. You demand preeminence in your interactions by demonstrating that you, Sir, because of your gifts and skills, are “it!”

THIRDLY - where do you get off privately interpreting the Word of God? Do you know the words of God? Do you really read, and seek to understand the words of OUR Master??

FOURTHLY - why are you pedaling all of your Satanically-inspired, new, and heretical teachings as Holy Writ?

You have crossed that dread line, and I will no longer be silent and become a party to your egregious conduct and teachings! And so,

Will you please show me - not from any corrupted, or new-age bible - but from the Living and Holy Word of God, where it says that:

1.  I need to know how to have sex with God!?!?!
     a. The Holy Spirit is like sperm?

Are you insane?

2.  I need to look into deep into the eyes of a fellow church member - male or female - and, when there is that certain “spark of sexual awareness,” that we have “connected” to the Holy Spirit, and we should let the Spirit have His way!?

Do you really believe that the Holy Spirit is a drunken frat boy?

3. Walking around a demonically-inspired labyrinth, connecting to all my senses, and praying is efficacious as I will feel as though I am a pilgrim from a bygone era?

Do you remember this verse:

Philippians 3:3 For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.


John 4:24  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

4. I need to leave my unmentionables off when I come to church so that the Holy Spirit may gain entry? Entry to what? Why? To what end?

Have you been drinking that with which you should have anointed yourself?

5. I should empty my mind and wait for the impartation from the spirit?

Don’t you know that an “empty” house is a perfect place for demons to inhabit? Don’t you know that the Bible expressly speaks against this very practice?

Since I am converted, and have communion with the Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, what would I be doing by "emptying myself" but making way for the original denizens of my heart to return and take residence, and return me to the path of evil! Matthew 12:43-45; Luke 11:24-26

6. I should repeat the same word, or phrase, over and over until I enter a trance-like state and wait for revelation? Why?

Is our God a god of chaos and confusion?

7. I should always do what feels good?! That God wants me to be always happy in this world!?

Don’t you know that without a cross there is no crown? Have you ever read Psalm 50:5, you know, the one that talks about the covenant of SACRIFICE!

8. I should allow some jack-leg excuse for a prophet/pastor to lay his/her hands on me so that I may receive the Kundalini Spirit.

Sir, the only spirit I acknowledge and would wish to have within my being is the ONE AND ONLY spirit known as the Holy Spirit of God? Furthermore, my Almighty God’s Holy Spirit will not cause me to bark like a dog, crawl on the floor like a snake, and spin my head like something out of Friday the 13th!

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

Lord, help us!

9. I should just read the Bible for its “stories!”

The Holy Bible, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, is not some garbage dime-store novella! It is The Gospel of Truth, and it is The Guide for this life of woe.

Lord, come for Your world!

10. I should not worry about sin because God loves me just as I am - sin and all - and everything will work out at the end!

What hogwash! Have you ever read 1 John 1: 9? You know, the one that say “IF WE CONFESS OUR SIN, He is faithful ...etc.?

Oh, I forgot! The Bible is just stories for you! My bad!

11. Our Father, which art in  Heaven - is a woman!

I ask you: “What have I, or any of the other bible-believing Christians in this congregation ever done to you that you deem it necessary to teach and preach practices to us that could only have originated in the pit of hell, and can only lead us into hell in a hand-basket?

Why have you turned from the old way marks?

Do you not fear the True and Living God?

Do you even believe in the True and Living God? Jesus Christ? The Holy Spirit? That there are Watchers and Recording Angels?

Is your need for money so dire that you would teach and preach smooth things to placate a sinful and dying congregation whose ears are so itchy, and whose fear of conviction of wrong-doing causes them to break out with hives, that you would deny Jesus Christ, His precepts and His promises in order that your bank account will be always be filled with cash, and a new car always in your driveway?

Where, Sir, is your conscience?

Don’t you know that a worker should be worthy of his hire?

Don’t you remember that Jesus Christ, Himself, has said that when He comes, He is bringing His reward with Him to give to each person according to what his works have been?

Don’t you know that you can’t plant Indian corn and reap Guinea corn; that you reap exactly what you sow?

Since I fear God, and know that I, too, am a sinner saved by God's Grace, and since there is no desire by me for you to believe that this problem has no solution, following, from the INSPIRED and HOLY WORD OF GOD,  are some suggestions to fix what is unfailingly apparent - to those of us in this congregation who trust the Living God - is ailing you at this time:

The first thing that we believe that you need to be reminded of, is:

John 3: 16, 17
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

and that Jesus Christ IS the answer to all that ails ALL humanity!


Acts 2:38
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Phillipians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

James 4: 7-10
7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

9 Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.

10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Psalms 51: 6-13
6 Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.

7 Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

8 Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.

9 Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.

10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.

12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

13 Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

I Timothy 3:16
And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Romans 15:13
Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Sir, yours is not a hopeless case! Far from it, for on those occasions when you do allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into His truth, your sermons are sound in doctrine, teach the people, reprove those of us who are slipping, encourage us who are flailing, and comfort us in our hope in God Almighty, and in our waiting for Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to come!

Please, I beseech you, ask Our Almighty God to help you to turn your back on, and walk away from whatever is pulling you down into wonderland, and forward to destruction!!

When you walked full in your faith in God, you led the Lord's flock with honesty and integrity, and I am pleading with you, please turn back to Jesus Christ before it is too late!

Please, do not set your heart on the things of this life for they are all dross.

Please do not believe that you have "made" life to suit your wants, needs and desires! It is a deadly delusion and will cause you to lose the Hope of the Faithful, that is, Heaven with Jesus Christ!

Brother Man, please accept this chastisement, and subsequent words of encouragement, as word given to a beloved son who has strayed, and is wished to return home.

Praying and Petitioning Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in your behalf,

Sister Faith,
and for the brethren:
Hope, Charity, Love
Gentleness, Goodness
Kindness, Meekness,
Temperance, Joy, Peace,
Long Suffering, and Christian

P.S.: Rest easy, and assured, in Psalm 23, Psalm 46, and Psalm 91!

Monday, February 23, 2015

We have OPTIONS!!

We have the option to live
We have the option to die
We have the option to tell the truth
We have the option to lie!

We have the option to Christ believe
We have the option to achieve
We have the option to God’s Spirit grieve
We have the option to deceive!

We have the option to remember
We have the option to forget
We have the option to option our options
We have the option to regret!

We have the option to win life’s race
We have the option to fail
We have the option to accept God’s Grace
We have the option to seal our coffins with nails!

Whatever decision we make this day
Whether we win or lose
We have the option to exercise our freewill
Heaven or Hell! WE CHOOSE!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jesus Takes Care

If you trust, He takes cares!
Become proud - He dismays!
He punishes His enemies -
They will not go free!
Ignore God’s commandment
And then you will see!

He’s patient!
He’s powerful!
He walks on the clouds
And when He is angry
He thunders right loud!

No one but our God
Can e’er be called good
No, not even one of us
On this side the flood!

Evil in thinking!
Wicked in work!
Unkind to our elders
We behave just like jerks!

And yet, when we bring home
Our chickens to roost
We yell and protest that
Someone’s picked our goose!

The fat feathered nest-egg
We stole and set by
Is sitting on a warm plate
Mash and gravy nearby!

Do good! - It’ll attend you!
Plant peace, and make pies!
Give alms to the needy, and
You’ll reap twice by and by!

God’s love is vast ocean
God’s grace is deep sea
God’s power is infinite
Yup! It’s even bigger than pi! 

Knock - He’ll answer you
Speak, and He’ll hear!
Pray, for His comfort
Is near and ready to share!

Don’t worry about the dirt
The desire, the despair
Reach out to King Jesus
And you’ll know that He cares!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

VESPERS: At The End Of The Sabbath - Bait And Switch!

Bait and Switch

Satan would have us all to believe 
That God did a bait and switch!
That He substituted Evil Jesus as Lord
And tossed Good Satan into the ditch!

Satan would have us all to know
That he is the deliverer
That he is the one that set us free
From bondage in the Garden of Eden!

Satan insists that it is he who set us free
From Jesus and his mind-slavery
By giving us knowledge so we’d recognize
Jesus, and tell him to go away from us as
We need him not, for he’s a liar!

For Satan as good god 
Gives us godhood too
So that we can do what feels good
And take what’s desirable too!

Okay, my Friend, enough with this fairy tale
That Satan keeps sell/telling!
He, Satan, is the Liar, Deceiver, Purveyor of Sin
And you need your Book of Decodering!

Great the Bible - front and back
Joined together pushes back any attack
Precept and Promise, line upon line
Teach defense against Satan
His false prophets and their rhymes!

Trust the Book! It is God’s will for us on show!

Please confess, repent and pray
To receive you your share
Of the Kingdom Restored
For our King is at the door
Of your heart - He is knocking!
Open you unto Him for
He won’t just barge in
Like some beings I know!

Shore up your defenses!
Watch unto prayer!
Call Jesus Christ - the Redeemer
Almighty to save!

He is your true assurance
Against Satan’s sneak attacks
Hold Jesus up now I tell you
He is soon coming back
To give you Final Victory
To put Satan in chains
One thousand years long!
And then, for the Ultimate Show of the Age
He’ll release that Old Satan
For Armageddon’s Battle Stage
You don’t want to miss that
You want the best seats in the House!
Come on, and get ready!
Jesus' House must have a Spouse!

Gold, gold all around you!
You’ll walk on gold, too!
The River Water of Life
Is also there running through!
And guards - those Mighty Angels
Who excel in great strength
Are there as companions
No dogs they’ll let through!
So sit back, and relax,
And enjoy you the Show
Enjoy, too, this lil’ spoiler!
Satan ain’t returning no mo’!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Sabbath Happy Rest!

Happy Sabbath!
Happy Rest !
God invites each one
To come and be blessed
To set all work aside
To give a relieved sigh
And abide
In King Jesus!

Happy Sabbath!
Happy Rest!
All our work has been done
We worked unto rest
And we have been blessed
For our hope is here placed
In Him who won the Race
On King Jesus!

Happy Sabbath!
Happy Rest!
So gracious
How blessed
Calls us to desist
From care, work and stress
To turn our hearts and our eyes
To God who sanctifies
With truth from on high
To Our Father!

Come now, please draw nigh
Lift your voice to the sky
Praise Him who can't die
And on whom we rely
Praise King Jesus!

Got any Peas?

The modern church is thus defined
By three single peas
No! Not the peas you put in the pot
But the ones that so the people please!

First up is the Popularity P
Oh, how the brethren just love it
If you have reach, access and a strong grip
They’ll grab you for their fob pocket!

Second is the P of Personality
How the people love themselves a winner
They don’t fret, nor yell, as long as the rhetoric’s swell
Even if it’s leading them past heaven and straight on into hell!

And lastly there’s the P of the panache that is Prosperity
That prefers the riches of the earth - not the riches of God in heaven
But the Bible plainly says “use it here - you’ve had your pay!"
So what’s left when you’ve thrown Glory far away?

Dear Ones:

The Early Church also had P’s but they bore not even a passing
resemblance to the P’s in this Modern Church movement.

We have lost our sense of self as Children of the Master,
and we have been miscued on the direction and mission of the Church -
not the various denominations - the Church of The Living God which
Jesus Christ died to save unto Himself.

The Early Church lived as they believed, and chose poverty, peace-keeping
and proselytizing, suffered persecutions, powered on through
prayer, and many went to prison.

They achieved their Crown through the borne Cross!

We want to wear our crown without bearing our cross! Hmmm?

Time to change
Time to rearrange
Time to get out of the range
Of that old Devil!

Time to reassess
Time to confess
Time to get clean from the mess
That is modern religion!

Time to look at the Cross
Time to think of the cost
Time to know what will be lost
And do a 180!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sinning Is No Pleasure

Sinning is no pleasure
It gives the body no ease
It comes through the heart of man
And gives one “Lost Kingdom” disease!

Sinning is a false profit
It gives the soul no rest
It nags, and gives the conscience fleas
Until the soul repents and confess!

Sinning is an act of rebellion
It’s as witchcraft is what God says
It is better to let Christ guide your life
So that you may have eternal days!

Turn your loss through sin
Into a Jesus Christ win!

Professors of the Bible

Why are you a Professor of the Bible
When you don’t believe in the God of the Book?
Don’t you know that if you’re a chef, that
You should joyously eat whatever it is that you cook?

Who, would you tell me, is this Historical Jesus?
Who is this man that stands an inanity on your pretty page?
Who is this person you derisively call just a goodman -
Whom you say turns people into automatons lacking a regulatory gauge?

How can you life study the Bible, that book so precious and holy
And it not make any redemptive impression upon you
Who indulge in pithy diagnostics and diatribe
And preach half truths, and beautiful, and whole, and white lies?

Is the God of the Bible real or, perhaps, imaginary?
Is the God of the Good Book really the Almighty?
Or is he the little god who just sings an old story
Fit only for a head full of the fairy story of living way up in Glory?

Why, Prof., have you left your first love?
Why, Doc., have you lost your faith?
Where, then, did you meet with the Dark Lord
Who would love to spit in our King Jesus’ face?

The Bible that you so calmly disparage
Tells a beautiful story of the blessed marriage
Between the Lord and His white-dressed Bride
But, just in case you don’t know it, just let me tell you
He is taking her to His Paradise Home in the sky!

We who believe make up she who is the Bride that
The Lord Jesus has redeemed and justified purified!
She has kept her garments white, and her lamp ever at the ready
And her claim to life in Glory won't/cannot be denied!

Repent, you apostate teacher, of your dreadful heresies
Repent, for our Lord will by all be glorified
You may refuse to praise Him, and give Him His due here
But you’ll bend your knee - and confess Him - before your eternally die!

The Bible is the Holy Word via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
The Bible no private interpretation allows
Deny all you want - that changes not even one thing
Our God is coming - and He is on His way even now!

Faith overcomes!
Overcoming is victory!
Therefore, faith is victory!
Pursue faith!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Father, This is Just a Short Note

Father, this is just a short note to say that 
I love You!
I need You!
I trust You!
Father, I bless You for Your Hand of provision, and my deliverance, each and every day.
The trials are many (no cross no crown!) - that's not so bad - but it's the petty comments
against my chosen lifestyle that are a bit hard to take.
"Come and have fun!"
I don't want to have their idea of fun!
" You're going to die anyway!"
Lord I'll die in You - not without You, 
and definitely not regretful!
I know that I'll live again for You know my name, 
and it's written down with those of the saints of all ages!
Glory be to Jesus - I'll see Him as He is, with nothing between!
Home, home, my heart is beating!
Home, home, is all it says!
Home, home to be with my Jesus
Father, help me count the ways!
My transport to heaven is coming and
Yes! It's already on the way!
Thank You!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Movie Trailer: The Grinding Down of America

Greetings, Dear Ones!

Here is the trailer for the movie entitled The Grinding Down of America!

Approximately 20 minutes long, it is a hard-hitting, open your eyes, get your Bible, and trust God for deliverance show. It is, in my estimation, a must-see not-tv show. There is a link within the trailer to see the movie in its entirety.

FYI: Some of the stars in the movie are: Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Lucifer, Hitler, President Obama, The Bible, The Family, The Home, The School, Communism, Socialism, and more.

Enjoy in the hope that our God will come, and will not keep silence.



The Grinding Down Of America (Full Movie)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Need To Prove God Exists?!?!

I don’t need to prove that God exists
By any word from the brilliant scientists
I open my eyes and can list all His Works
Without their much hissing and twists!

There's flowers and trees, green grass and leaves
And wind - who can explain the wind?
There's man like myself - sea mountains and shelves
Oh, why bother listing? Try talking to God and forget your self!

I’m alive because the Great I am
Holds me in His hand
I live in hope because Jesus Christ, the Lord
Died at the hand of  Satan-inspired cruel man!

I walk because my Jesus walked
Down the lonesome road
I talk because the Lord of Life
Is sitting upon the Throne!

I see because the King of Love
Showed Himself the Light of the World
I breathe because Jesus molded my lungs -
He created me - and said that I can!

Now, you vain creature
Look at yourself, and know that God is your maker
Stop riding in clouds and talking loud
As if you’re The Good God’s adviser!

You’re a worm - a little puff and some dust
And it is time that you realize it
For if the God you despise should squeeze your nose
All that’s left is your shell in some open-back clothes!

Bless the Lord! Change your ways!
Become chaste! Give God praise!
Yes! Give to God what you know is His due
For He sees - and knows - whatever you do!


Jesus is the Word
And the Word is Truth
Therefore, Jesus is the Truth!
Trust Him!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Your Best Life Now?!?

You do not want your best life now
In this old world of woe
For when all is said and done here below
Where, friend, will you go?

My Jesus has prepared a place for me
In the Father’s House
In a land fairer than the day -
And there is no night there!

Eye hath not seen nor ear heard
The plans that God has for His people
So think twice, friend, lest you should end
Up like those that are now called sheeple!

Don’t follow that great multitude
Who deny the Lord His right
To govern over all their lives
Though He has the might!

Don’t let Satan influence you to deny the Lord
As you well know that he has done
Reject him and his minions
And reach gladly for the Son!

Jesus, the Son, sacrificed Himself for you
Upon that shameful tree
Accept His death, His life raised on high
For He loves you mightily!

Study to show yourself approved
A watchman worthy of his hire
Bear your burdens and trials now
And tomorrow there won’t be any yelling about the fire!

Things don’t satisfy the soul!
Things, my friend, benight the soul
Of those who trust in the goods/gods of this world
And try to keep our Jesus under the sole!

Don’t be deceived! God is not mocked!
Know well that there is a reckoning
Coming for all mankind
Both the good and those unbecoming!

King Jesus is coming! All Heaven is coming!
Jesus’ rewards He is bringing in His hand
To give to each as he has worked -
I pray that you worked according to His Plan!

Work now! Night comes!
Live life for Jesus! Don’t live like a sow!
Look to the Light!
Make now your vow:
Heaven! I am going! And how!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Prayer: Lord, Make My Pathway

Lord, make my pathway up the mountain rocky
So that I may have something to grip
For if the way is smooth, Lord, 
You know that I will surely slip!

Lord make my way straight and narrow
And help me walk like the proverbial arrow
For You know, Lord, that anything less
Will find me in hell's bar playing faro!

Fulfill my needs, Lord, don't give me my wants
For my eyes are bigger than my stomach
'Cause if my wants are wantonly met
The end result is much throwing up and sorrow!

Lord, keep contented ever my heart
Whether with little or much
Keep my hand in Yours, Lord,
For this world's cup is surely filling up!

Help me, Lord, to keep my eye on the Son
And my heart on the Holy Spirit
Help me to love You as I ought
For Beloved Jesus my lost life bought!

Vespers at the End of the Sabbath of The Lover of Your Soul

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that He GAVE His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

In this word from the disciple whom Jesus loved, and to whom He gave the greatest Revelation of the Ages, is the greatest love note ever written.

We, as Christians, must not go with the world in the belief that there is a "day" set aside for celebrating love! No!

Our Almighty God gave us the example of what the true celebration of love really is! Sacrifice!

God gave His best for us, so that we might be saved!

Love is not an emotion. Love IS!

Love is not acting. Love is action!

Love is caring enough to do enough to save the beloved.

Jesus Christ, the Lover of our souls, loved us enough to give the very best - His Life - for us!

How is that for love?

Now go and love someone ... in Jesus' Name!


God is Love
And Love is Life!
Therefore, God is Life!
Seek God for Love in Life!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Believe and Behave!

Believe and Behave
Bless God and don’t be a slave
To the world and its beckoning caves
Of sin where the soul decays!

Believe and Behave
Bless God and don’t be a slave
To the emotional highs and lows
That carry you to Satan through its flows!

Believe and Behave
Bless God and don’t be a slave
To neither money nor men
Nor carnality in the den and glen!

Please, Friend, believe that this life is ending
For your soul there’s contending
Satanic Forces are offending and
Jesus Saves is defending!

Stop and look and listen and STOP
To choose the right side - not the suicide
For there’s either Life with the Loved Glad
Or Loved Life with the Lost Sad!

A decision then must now be made
For even a “no decision” card is the decision played
And the wrong decision equals eternal death in spades
Eternal separation - no Life in Bright Glades!

Believe and know that Christ Jesus Saves!
Behave now as you have for so long prayed!
Pray, pray, and sing His praise in oh so glad song
And you will indeed Live Forever ... e’er long!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Life Is FREE!

Don’t lose your life over a penny
Don’t give up New Life for a pound
The Master is bringing His rewards for all with Him
And, believe me, there is going to be a throng!

The things in this world loud call you
The call of New World is still, soft, see
And if old world’s joys are what fills your eyes
New World for you won’t hold glee!

No jangling, no murmuring
No grasping, no pretty no petty besetting sins
No warmonger, whore-master, fornicator
Will find welcome when he beholds the King!

Think once, think twice you who are traveling
The path that offers no return
On your investment of time, talent, love and labor
Save filthy lucre and whirl around this dark world!

Our Master, the King of all Creation
Our Savior, Redeemer, our Friend
Is gently calling all to faith - and a life of fulfillment
Through repentance, and forsaking the ken of men!

The picture I hold in my heart of the coming Kingdom
Of love, joy, peace, and rest forevermore
Is not even a shadow of all the Master has
For those who are His children
Eyes, ears, have never seen or even heard the whole!

I have chosen to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation
I have chosen not to set my heart on this common world
I have lifted my heart to behold the Promise
And I know, thank God, I’ll not be marked for a stubborn goat!

I’m a sheep, a woolly sheep -  and thankful for it!
I won’t be stubborn - you’ll find no goat parts in me!
I’m trusting Jesus to deliver on the Promise of Calvary
Eternity’s the Place! - come along, please join me!
It’s beautiful, and wonderfully duty free!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prayer: Father, Keep Me

Father, if experiencing all my trials
will keep me in Your care, give me trials.
If misfortune and earthly woes
will keep me praying at Your Door, Lord,
I will take them.
And, Lord, since living for Jesus
guarantees me a bright crown,
help me to live, to love, and
to give a helping hand -
not a snub, to Your children.
Bless me, Lord, so that I 
may bless another.
I love You.