Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Sabbath Happy Rest!

Happy Sabbath!
Happy Rest !
God invites each one
To come and be blessed
To set all work aside
To give a relieved sigh
And abide
In King Jesus!

Happy Sabbath!
Happy Rest!
All our work has been done
We worked unto rest
And we have been blessed
For our hope is here placed
In Him who won the Race
On King Jesus!

Happy Sabbath!
Happy Rest!
So gracious
How blessed
Calls us to desist
From care, work and stress
To turn our hearts and our eyes
To God who sanctifies
With truth from on high
To Our Father!

Come now, please draw nigh
Lift your voice to the sky
Praise Him who can't die
And on whom we rely
Praise King Jesus!