Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Want to Know THAT God!

If God could make a man
Who could move in a marked manner
Making methods to mature minds
Manipulating metals to make mines
Mapping minds
Mitigating meters
Meeting membranes
Mating in beakers
Monitoring molesters and militant madmen
In mobile machines of miniature mechanism
I want to know the God who made that man!

If God can make a man
Who flies without wings
Who leaves one in awe
Who can wire a broken jaw
And makes ice-cream that won’t thaw
Who can make a drone out of a hacksaw
And bend light against the law
And give a dog a bionic paw
I want to know that God!

If God can make a man
Whose true worth is in his Master
Who is longing for the laughter
Who can see Eternity
While waiting for the here-after
I need to personally know that God!