Monday, February 16, 2015

Need To Prove God Exists?!?!

I don’t need to prove that God exists
By any word from the brilliant scientists
I open my eyes and can list all His Works
Without their much hissing and twists!

There's flowers and trees, green grass and leaves
And wind - who can explain the wind?
There's man like myself - sea mountains and shelves
Oh, why bother listing? Try talking to God and forget your self!

I’m alive because the Great I am
Holds me in His hand
I live in hope because Jesus Christ, the Lord
Died at the hand of  Satan-inspired cruel man!

I walk because my Jesus walked
Down the lonesome road
I talk because the Lord of Life
Is sitting upon the Throne!

I see because the King of Love
Showed Himself the Light of the World
I breathe because Jesus molded my lungs -
He created me - and said that I can!

Now, you vain creature
Look at yourself, and know that God is your maker
Stop riding in clouds and talking loud
As if you’re The Good God’s adviser!

You’re a worm - a little puff and some dust
And it is time that you realize it
For if the God you despise should squeeze your nose
All that’s left is your shell in some open-back clothes!

Bless the Lord! Change your ways!
Become chaste! Give God praise!
Yes! Give to God what you know is His due
For He sees - and knows - whatever you do!


Jesus is the Word
And the Word is Truth
Therefore, Jesus is the Truth!
Trust Him!