Thursday, February 19, 2015

Professors of the Bible

Why are you a Professor of the Bible
When you don’t believe in the God of the Book?
Don’t you know that if you’re a chef, that
You should joyously eat whatever it is that you cook?

Who, would you tell me, is this Historical Jesus?
Who is this man that stands an inanity on your pretty page?
Who is this person you derisively call just a goodman -
Whom you say turns people into automatons lacking a regulatory gauge?

How can you life study the Bible, that book so precious and holy
And it not make any redemptive impression upon you
Who indulge in pithy diagnostics and diatribe
And preach half truths, and beautiful, and whole, and white lies?

Is the God of the Bible real or, perhaps, imaginary?
Is the God of the Good Book really the Almighty?
Or is he the little god who just sings an old story
Fit only for a head full of the fairy story of living way up in Glory?

Why, Prof., have you left your first love?
Why, Doc., have you lost your faith?
Where, then, did you meet with the Dark Lord
Who would love to spit in our King Jesus’ face?

The Bible that you so calmly disparage
Tells a beautiful story of the blessed marriage
Between the Lord and His white-dressed Bride
But, just in case you don’t know it, just let me tell you
He is taking her to His Paradise Home in the sky!

We who believe make up she who is the Bride that
The Lord Jesus has redeemed and justified purified!
She has kept her garments white, and her lamp ever at the ready
And her claim to life in Glory won't/cannot be denied!

Repent, you apostate teacher, of your dreadful heresies
Repent, for our Lord will by all be glorified
You may refuse to praise Him, and give Him His due here
But you’ll bend your knee - and confess Him - before your eternally die!

The Bible is the Holy Word via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
The Bible no private interpretation allows
Deny all you want - that changes not even one thing
Our God is coming - and He is on His way even now!

Faith overcomes!
Overcoming is victory!
Therefore, faith is victory!
Pursue faith!