Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stop with The Pleading! Jesus IS Alive!

Christian, please stop your pleading!
It is time for you to apply
The blood that Jesus shed, and
Remember -  for you - He was already crucified!

Live the life of an over-comer!
Live the life of the truly blessed!
Jesus gave you the perfect weapon
And on His Word you can rely and find rest!

Do you remember the story of
That long-ago Passover night
When the Angel of Death was to visit the land
And any not covered by the blood would permanently take flight?

The Hebrews were told how to avoid
God’s Executing Judgment Hand
For an unblemished, unspotted Pascal Lamb
Held the remedy to avoiding getting themselves 
On the list of the permanently damned!

Were they not instructed to kill Innocent the Lamb 
And how to use his blood for protection?
Did they put the blood in the basin on the floor
Or did they with hyssop apply the blood
To the lintel and the two posts of the door?

We are told in Revelation 12 how to overcome the flood
Of Satan, and his machinations
Accusations, charges and manipulations
By using our testimony and Jesus’ blood!

Having the Blood available to you
And using it are two different propositions!
Jesus provided the weapon - use it, Friend
It will keep you upright 'til the end!

Why plead for what has already been provided
And is readily available to God's children?
Apply the Blood to your heart - and testify - sing like a lark:
"Christ was clean! Innocent! Satan, in me, you have no part!"

Don’t plead! Apply!
By His Blood, you’re justified!
 Jesus Christ himself has rescued you
So lift your head high!

Jesus Christ’s Blood paid your cost
As He hung upon sin’s dread cross
So Satan has no place to accuse you!
You’ll overcome Satan - whenever he stops by
 If you apply the Lamb's Blood, always apply!

Lift up your head, oh Believer!
Look in the face of The Accuser!
And valiantly set your new heart to "apply!"
And, in the Light of Life abiding
For in Jesus you're confiding
Throw the Blood of Sin's Sacrifice
Squarely in Satan's deceiving eyes!


Forget what's between 
the WE 
and the WIN!
Those are just details!

QUESTION: Since God is for us, who could possibly be against us?

ANSWER: Nothing and his brother Nobody!