Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prayer: Bless Mommy and Daddy

Heavenly Father,
Bless Mommy and Daddy!
Help them to be good to themselves 
And to each other!
I pray that they will daily seek Your Face, Lord
And that they will teach us to be praying hearts by their good example.
Please continue to show them
Your Love, and Your Hand of Provision.
Grant them grateful hearts, loving and gentle hands
And hopes focused upon Jesus Christ and 
His soon return, and prepare them, Lord,
to meet our God for He will not be silent.
Keep them in Your care
Until the Day Breaks
In Jesus’ name and for His sake.
We love you, Lord.

Miracle$ For $ale!

Father, I needed - and still need - a miracle, and
I went to the Man in the center Altar chair!
When he found out that I didn't have two pennies together rubbing
He said: “You really need to talk to the Man Upstairs!”

So, Father, I am coming to You!
I am bringing to You all I have!
I present to You, Lord, my only payment!
I present to You my faith in Jesus Christ - Your Only Son - Dear God!

Yes, Lord, I believe in Christ Jesus!
I believe in the efficacy of prayer!
I believe that You, Almighty God, are able
To bring relief to my achingly bad despair!

I ask You, Lord, to deliver!
I ask You, once again, to show me that You care!
I present my faith in this lil' mustard seed, and
I beseech You, Lord: “Please make the way clear!”

My ways are not Your Ways, Lord!
My thoughts are definitely not Your Thoughts!
But my heart is humble, my Spirit’s willing, my will yielding
To Your guidance where'er my weary feet will travel o’er!

Forgive me, Father, for not coming to You directly in the first place!
Forgive me for believing that the Pastor had my back!
Forgive me for forgetting that with You all things are possible
And for bypassing You and turning to that miracle-pimping hack!

Never again, Lord, will I ever
Put the Man of the Cloth before the Son of Man!
Open my eyes, ears, heart and my reason
To the promptings of The Shepherd with whom this life began!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Am Who I Am!?!

I seduced that pastor
I had him on his knees
He worshiped at my altar
He was always begging
Please take me to the pinnacle
I promise I won’t resist
Take me, please, I’m yours!
Oh, my! This is bliss!!”

Today, he was here again
With his begging
Wanting me to do more
To take him to that place where
Only the preeminent
Could come to shore!

But, I had gotten tired
Of his constant cry “Please! More!”
And being a fickle lady
I kicked him in his core!

He fell to the floor!
He vomited!
He writhed in pain - I didn’t care
For there is always another preacher/pastor/teacher
Who will willingly do whatever I say!

So if you know of any ministers
Who want to go to the top
Who will sell their soul for a penny
Not to be called a right-living flop
Give me a call - you know my number
I am the best joy-juice
Taste of me now - I’m delicious!
I am buck wild, free and foot loose!

I owe allegiance to no one!
Preacher, you want me! You'll do as I say all day in every way!
Forget the faith of the Bible and
Just say some mantra - don't pray!
Kick those church members to the curb, and
Sit in this prostitute’s chair
Where money, and access, and brown nosing
Half-truth, and carnality hold sway!

Denial of the Lord is the order
Of things that can't keep me at bay!
Everybody knows that I am jealous
I destroy/kill who would taste, and walk away
From me! - You know you can't!
Kiss my feet! I'm sweet!
Don’t you know who I am?

I AM important!
And my name ends with a bold capital “E” - ecstasy
The third from the start is “M” - mindless mastery
Number two, aaah, is “A” - achieve
For my grand start there is drop capital “F” - fabulous
Now you know.- look 'n see
I AM an art!
I AM the drug of many a choice
I AM sweet in the mouth - belly burn follows
What a lesson you'll learn -
I AM, and can't be spit out!

Imbibe at my well and you will learn that

The Fabulous Achieve Mindless-Mastery through the Ecstasy

that is ME!




Saturday, March 28, 2015

VESPERS: At The End of The Sabbath - Preachers And Prophets Who Profit And Prey!

Prophets who profit
Preachers who prey
Shepherds selling salvation
Saints in sorrow and decay
Pleading for a True Word 
Of Hope from on High
Instead get a salty platter of burnt bacon
With a side of Satan’s lies as fries!
Children needing chiding
Mothers without milk
Fathers foregoing freedom
Leaders who link
On what is life’s golf course
Where love is on the lam
Where Peter is Patricia
And Cathy is now Cam!
Where Victory in Jesus
Can be bought for a fair price
Where patience is putrid
Where pray is an affront
Where Free-Will is a stallion
And Do Right is a jockey
Where one baby has DNA times three
Oh, Lord! What a disgrace!
Father come for Your world
For, as custodians we fail,
For, were we corporate custodians
We would be in jail
For dereliction of duty
For double-dealing it's true
For scales with weighted bottoms
For writing checks which have long tails!
Just thinking about this
Is making me tremble and flail!
Father, won’t You hurry?
Please! They’re singing a song
Which, to all right-thinking people
Sounds much like a good-bye song!
Taps! is our musical!
Taps! is the theme song!
Taps! are we wearing
As we walk along
So everyone can hear us
So all can believe that the end is fast approaching
When this earth we must leave!
Some will go to Glory
Where they will find rest
But those who remain behind
Are dead once - and then twice
For believing in Satan - and not in Jesus Christ!
I’ll issue a call here 
Salvation’s door is still swinging free
Say a prayer and push the door
There’s no entrance fee!
Jesus is our Captain!
He holds straight the line
He hears prayers - and He answers
Yes! He IS Divine!
He gives free to all who
Would in Him believe
Gather at the Altar
And you will receive
The Bless of Our Captain
So Satan can’t you deceive!
If you believe in Jesus
Let’s say our prayers
And then cheer!

Thank You, Father, for the food
Thank You, for Jesus who on earth stood
Ready and willing, our sin to take hold
Killed and was buried, but the cold sod couldn’t hold
Him there forever
No! That it could not do
Returned He to Glory
Preparing our place
A mansion is Your House
One day we will stand
Victorious because of love
According to Your Plan!
We worship You!
To You our song we raise
And for Your great sacrifice, Father
We say "Lord! We love You!"
Please accept You our praise!

When Greed Is A Creed

When greed is your creed
There is a need
To water your greed's seed!

When greed is your creed
There is a pressing need
Your growing greed to constantly feed!

Greed is a seed
A seed with a need
To grow and expand
Engulfing the man
Who refuses to stand
Upon the firmest of ground
Hard rock - not sand!

I tell you today
Come away - don’t delay
For greed costs - it don’t pay!

Greed is a greedy sow
Always saying “Feed me! Feed me, now!”
Rutting, digging in like a plow
Greed wants more now
Right now. Right now!

The seed of greed is a deadly
Its a right deadly sin
Never looking up outward
Always in - deep within
It forswears the host's family
It denies the host’s will
All it ever wants is
Plenty of swill! Please fill! Fill! FILL!!

Commonsense has no bedding
Reason has no legs
The old god that has preeminence is
The god of Please Fill
Me with some goodies
I like how they taste,
Their feel on the tongue
Gives a most glorious cheap thrill!


One day comes the reckoning
The Reckoner is He
Who made each a creature
A worshiper of God to be
Not to worship king mammon
Not to worship Evil Lore
Not to worship the old stomach
That has no stopper
And made with elastic for sure!

Walk away, I beseech you
Ask King Jesus for help
Place your all on His Altar
And you will be helped
To deny the world
Its bounties, its needs
And to kill off most assuredly
That pig called Hog 'N Greed!

Pray for relief today
Pray for relief and say
I give Lord, my will, my way
I’m Yours, I’ll follow You all the way...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Sabbath! + No Permission!!

Jesus Christ gave no one permission
To try to make me hate myself
You may goad, you may grudge, you may grind me
But you can’t make me lay on an ice shelf!

God - The Lord - IS my Shepherd
In Him I shall NEVER know want
For care, for comfort, food, nor shelter
For His Angels around me encamp!

Jesus Christ - He is my champion
He always gives me the victory
Over demons, defilers, detractors
And even friends that are hidden enemies!

So do your damnedest you rotten old devil
It won’t work - I’m a child of The King!
I will tell My Father on you
And in the Lake of Fire you'll take your last swim!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

God Ain't No Black Bat

People seem to be taking up position
For - or against - Almighty God
Their actions often seem haphazard
And their thinking appears mightily flawed!

Some people don’t believe in God
Some people behave like they are god
Some people insist believing doesn’t matter
Some people say The Bible's God is a fraud!

Half believe that God IS
Half believe that God ISN’T
Half believe that if they could believe He might prove real, and
Half believe that if they do He mightn’t!

No riddle me this, no riddle me that
God is real - He ain’t no black bat
Call upon Jesus - faithful is He
Call Him! He’s real! Call Him and you’ll see!

My God is real
We talk every day
He is on the mainline
There is no cell signal decay
You may trust me - I speak truth
I gain nothing by a lie
But if you don’t believe in God
Believe me! You ARE going to die!

Great Deception in the atmosphere
Great Deception in the governing chair
Great Deception in the church of God
But, my people, I am here to declare:

Jesus Christ IS God’s Son
And He is God, too
Along with Holy Spirit
Also God too, it is true
These three be One God
Which looks out for man
So ignore Deceiving Old Satan 
Who tried to alter God’s Plan
Come to the Altar
Believe, and say a prayer!
There is singing in heaven
When a sinner declares
That God is His Father
Jesus is Redeemer, Savior, Friend
Holy Spirit is the Comforter
How Heaven erupts with “Amen!”
And how it cheers so abundantly
And cheers aloud in victory, for
Jesus Christ - the Conqueror, He
Has set another sinner ... FREE!



A Christian Was A Sinner

A Christian was a sinner who is now a Saint
The Spirit of The Lord is in him - he won't faint
His friends have disowned him
Old habits no longer hold him
And walking holy is the color with which he now paints!

Prayer: Father, Protect Me

Father, why do I feel like I'm challenging You?
This is not something that I would permit myself to do
For , Father, You know that I love You!
Truly! Truly, I do!

This feeling is coming out of left field
It’s like a sound coming out of nowhere
And it is making me very uneasy
Father, please help! I know that You care!

Father, You are my Shepherd
You lead me along the right way
Take me in control, Lord
Father, please, help me not to turn away!

Satan and his minions are busy
They keep saying that You, God, are not here
And they’re insisting that my life’s mine
Otherwise I’d see You everywhere!

Father, I see You -You’re all around me
You care, You comfort - I see Your loving hand
And I know that You are God - The Eternal
For You don’t act or behave like a fallen man!

Help me, my Father, this day
To steady my resolve and to walk the way
That You have determined is my way to Glory
And, please, deafen me to Satan’s whispering in my ear! AMEN.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Milk and Honey!

Father, pray give me the milk of the gospel
That I may repent from my sin
Then give me the honey of strong meat
That I may not sin again!

The Land flowing with Milk and Honey
Is available to all who would take care
To heed the words of The Master
And His Salvation they’ll then share!

Problem, Father, that I am confessing
Is that in the churches we attend
The ministers are saying that mere men
Can’t ever be free from sinning time and again!

These ministers aren’t even feeding us with plain milk
For they don’t even believe in Your Word
And they deny that the work of the Holy Spirit
Can keep us from acting like street curs!

Father, You promised Your children
Discernment with milk in their insides
To know the good from the evil, and
How to be safe from Satan and his wiles and lies!

Father, You promised us also
Enlightenment with honey from Your hives
Refreshing again, reviving - not fame
But these preachers! Oh, Lord, what a shame!

These so-called ministers of the gospel
Are using Your Gospel as a basin catch-all
To collect tithes and offerings from Your People
To fatten up their retirement plans against a fall!

They seek to retire in luxury
Upon terra firma - the earth!
And their behavior is such an abomination
For they’re trying to prevent the Spirit giving birth!

The fruit! The fruit of the Spirit
Is sadly lacking - see how they perform!
Possessions, presentations, awards, rewards, banquets
With no showing of new culture nor reborn reforms!

Father, Your promised to Your Children
That Your Word would not return to You void
And we’ve built hope for our homes up in Glory
On the fact that You will not be toyed!

Set aside, and chastise!
Appoint to disappoint!
You are God! Your Word is the Way!
Come soon! Don't delay!
These people think they'll free get away
And so behave like You, God, are just a mere popinjay!

But we who believe
Trust The Lord to relieve
Us from soul assassins, and presenters from hell
So, again, we lay claim
To Jesus - He - always the same
For in sin's tomb He bore all our shame!

We seek for The Light!
We do what is right!
We reject Satan - He, the old fright!
We won't let another gospel steal us away
From Life - where time has no sand
And age can never make a grand stand!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This World Has Fleas!

This world has fleas
Sin and disease
If I sit and play with it
You know I’ll sneeze 'n seize!

Sin has a price
It’s like a leech - and gives lice
And playing in its mud pit
Will fill me with vice!

Jesus can save
From sin - no more a slave
Put Him first - He’ll remove the curse
He can make a saint from a sow’s ear!

Jesus Christ has a device
It’s called Eternal Life
Forsake sin, and its children
Redeemed - He’ll put you on Solid Rock Ice!

Riddle Me This!

Please answer this riddle:

If Last month's Next Month is This Month, and
If Yesterday's Tomorrow is Today, and
If Yesterday's follower is tomorrow's leader today, and
If those following followers get fooled, and
If Leaders who follow leaders who follow leaders get schooled, and
If the Future is the Present when it comes, and
And the Past is the Present until it goes, and
If those who follow the Good Shepherd get fed, and
If the Leader-Following Leaders following the following get led,

Who was

Leading Tomorrow's followers yesterday?

Who is

Following Tomorrow's leaders today?

Who is

Leading tomorrow's Leaders today?

Who will

Follow tomorrow's followers leading tomorrow's Leaders tomorrow?

I've got the questions!

Do you have any answers?

Monday, March 23, 2015

PRAYER: Oh Lord, Have Mercy!

Oh Lord, have mercy!
Whatever my circumstance, or situation
Whatever my fate, or my feeling
Have mercy, Lord, and bless!

What Is There Not To Love About God?

The day - today - is different, and the thought is clear!

Then the question ...

What is there not to love about God? Our Almighty God!

The answer was instantaneous!

If you're an unrepentant sinner - everything about Him is an annoyance, a burden, a bug-bear!

If you're a sinner - saved by Grace - then there is nothing that you can think of that does not cause you to say "I love YOU, Lord!"

I love The Lord because of

Air to
Breathe; the
Call to
Deliverance, and His
Effectual and
Grace; the
Hope and Help
Immeasurable; for
Justification, and His
Kindness to provide Eternal
Life, and for leaving
Neutered by Jesus Christ's
Overcoming the
Prison of
Queer death which
Results in our
Sanctification and
Translation through His
Undoing Satan's
Work on The

The Master vs. The Matador

When Jesus calls me unto life
He tells me before what I am to live for
Yet, Satan calls me unto death
And I am not one whit wiser at the core!

This paradox puts me in a quandary
Betwixt life to live, death to deplore
Do I trust the Master of Full Disclosure
Or Deadly Deception the Dragon Matador!

Heavenly Father - You are God
You live above the cloud - You rule in love
Open my eyes - cleanse You my heart
My will is on the altar - inspiration impart!

Deception, decay, denials, threats repeat
Dishonesty, deformity
Dismay, dread deceits
Deviants dancing in disarray
Demonic activity - everything a lark
If I choose Walking in Hell’s Play Park!

Deprivation  and denial of self
Sorrow for sin
Repentance off the shelf
Narrow walking path
Poor the life and the living
Hard words - oft’ misrepresented by the churls
Open communion with The Lord - not the world
Enter into Heaven when the sky unfurls!

Thank You, Father
For Full Disclosure
Nothing is hid from my sight
I may enter Your enclosure
As long as I walk
The Straight and Narrow Way
No deception from the Matador
From You can make me stray!

Thank You, Father!
Amen! Let it be!
You are The God of Love
This much I can see
I will You my will
My heart to You I give
I choose life today
Lord! Let me Live!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reading The Word of The Lord Is A Pleasure

Reading the word of the Lord is a pleasure
It satisfies the soul
It gives great hope and blessed promises
To lead me to my Ultimate Goal!

The goal that I seek is to live in Glory
To be a pillar in the House of My God
To sit with my Jesus upon His Great Throne
As He sits with Almighty God on His own!

What grace and mercy is showed us
What love and light are displayed
What glory will unfurl through the ages
As we learn from the Ancient of Days!

Reading the Word of God provides treasure
That satisfies my longing soul
It feeds, and feeds, without measure
And brings pleasure, and rest, untold.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

VESPERS: At The End Of The Sabbath - Saints and Sinner

Jesus said that you must be newborn again!

Saints are Preserved
Sinners are Reserved!

Saints from sin they do repent
Sinners bold don’t e'er relent!

Saints always and ever they pray
Sinners just don’t give a care!

Saints they seek always to self-deny
Sinners oh, how they self-rely!

Saints look to the Eastern Sky
Sinners stuff themselves with apple pie!

Saints may have pockets that be to-let
Sinners seek for what they can get!

Saints seek always to be reformed
Sinners to norms they be conformed!

Saints to Jesus they apply
Sinners seek their eye to satisfy!

No more a sinner shall I be
I, now a Saint, forsake the Me
Looking to Jesus who set aside my disgrace
With His Blessing I shall see my Dear King’s face!

"No!" to Self!
"Yes!" to Him!

Friday, March 20, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Prayer: Heavenly Father, Help me

Heavenly Father:
Help me not to listen to
The siren song called Good Friend
Nor to sing from the Sin of Presumption's music score!
Help me to stand up for The Right
So that I may in His Love delight!
Help me to ignore that fiend called Peer Pressure
Who always seems to know the best wrongs
Which will lead to my death
Should I bend, and with him walk along!
Help me to ignore the friendly Clique
Which claims to be my family
Begging me to conform
If I want to be considered a "norm"
Else I'll be treated like roast corn!
Help me to listen to the Gentle Harp
That is calling me to Soul Salvation
As I ignore the rolling bass drum 
That seeks to drag me into vile sin's scrum!
Help me to Set-aside Self
And seek Safety in The Savior!
And help me, Father, on this day
To choose Life and Godly Behavior!
Open my longing eyes to Your Holy Word of Truth and
Prepare my heart to receive it!
And when those who would teach the Word
Apply Lie's Bleach to adulterate the Word
Shield me so that their vain word to me is unheard!
And when the day should come that I
Shall stand before the Prosecutor
Deliver as promised in Your Word -
No fear of my interlocutor!
I love You, Lord, and I bless Your Holy Name.

No God! No Truth!

No God!
No Truth!

Know God!
Know Truth!
Speak Truth!
Live in The Truth!
Walk in the Paths of Truth!
Teach others what is The Truth!

No Holy Spirit!
No Right!

Know Holy Spirit!
Know Right!
See only what is Right
Say only what is Right!
Do only what is Right!
You will ultimately shine Bright and
Will eventually live with The Light!

No Jesus!
No Life!

Know Jesus!
Know Life!
Live a Holy Life!
Preach about New Life!
Encourage others to Seek Life!
Eagerly await the Coming of The Life!
Inherit Eternal Life!

By walking in The Way with The Truth toward Life
We will assuredly survive the strife!
With these three pointing the Way to The Light
We can, and surely will, win the Fight!

The Way to Life is The Truth!
The Truth is The Life of The Way!
The Life of Truth is The Way
The Way Of Truth is Life!

Live The Life!
Speak The Truth!
Speak for Life!
Live for Truth!
Trust The Truth to lead The Way to Life!

Seek The Way!
Find The Way!
Walk in The Way!
One Day Jesus Christ Will Pay!

Say “No!” to Knowing how to do wrong!
Know to say “No!” to doing wrong!
Knowing to say “No!” will make you strong!
Soon He Who Knows All will come along
And all who are known to have walked away from The Wrong 
Will have happy hearts overflowing with Redemption’s Song!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jesus Is Coming. Jesus IS Coming!

If I did not believe in God
Right now my heart would be chilled
For everywhere all you are hearing
Is of Christians being violently killed!

If I did not believe in God
Right now my heart would be still
For every where all you are hearing
Is of the removal of man’s freewill!

But ... I do believe in Jesus Christ, the Lord
And I trust unwaveringly His every word
For in the debris that is this world
I can hear singing, and I know every chord:

Jesus is coming - look to the east!
Jesus is coming - there will be a feast!
Be not dismayed  that this world is decayed!
Jesus is coming - He won’t be delayed!

Rest from all labor!
Peace from the world!
Joyous celebration of The Coming of Our Lord!
Gird your loins about!
Steady your gaze!
Prepare to be amazed!
Gaze on and sing aloud your praise
For here He comes - The Ancient of Days!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What About My Soul?

Everybody is telling me about the comfort of my body!
Won’t somebody tell me about the comfort of my soul?

Everybody tells me of the pleasures of my body!
Why won’t somebody tell me where I can find peace and rest for my soul?

Everybody wants me to join a group which knows what’s best for the common man!
Why won’t somebody tell me about God and the Salvation that comes from His Hand?

Everybody speaks of, and knows, some being who
Knows of a sop to fix my body but of no one who
Will walk a little mile in my pinching shoes!
Please, my heart is really hurting!
My spirit’s in misery!
My conscience is really pricking
And my soul ... Oh, boo, hoo!

Won’t somebody tell me where to find
The Shepherd to lead me
The Holy Spirit to guide me
The Savior willing to take my place
And The Redeemer to wing me away
From the hell and damnation facing me
From The Unseen God people don’t care to fear?

But, inside of me I somehow know
That it’s important that I get into His Care!
And I plead for somebody in the know
Won’t you come and teach me, and help me to grow?

I find no satisfaction for my soul
Despite all my bodily comforts
So, if my spiritual life can be like gold
Please point me - anybody -
To The Living God which is in control!

I’m tired of doing what seems right to me
And then finding out it’s been wrong
I am tired of singing this world’s tune
And finding out it is Satan’s inspired song!

I don’t like Satan - he’s not kind!
I don’t like his tune - it makes my teeth grind!
I don’t like his dance - my toes are all mush!
And his lyrical gymnastics make me feel like a lush!

People, please stop telling me
Of peace and security!
Won’t somebody please tell me about the King
And His Blessed Home called Glory?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Prayer: Help Me, Lord, To Remember

When ugly sin within me roils and boils
Help me to reject it, and from it recoil
When my known sin I must confess
Lord, help me never again it to possess!

When sin masquerades in pretty dress
Let me suspect it, and thusly address
All the pitfalls, and pranks, and put-ups inspired
To my Lord who has me through Jesus' blood covered!

When I’m acting all lily-livered
Not wanting to offend my friends though they do slither
Help me, Lord, to remember that Jesus Christ bought
Me new life when His Precious Life was made nought!

When I’m behaving stupidly
Saying and doing things right foolishly
Lord, I plead for, and accept, the rod of correction You apply
For I do not want to lose my home with my Jesus Christ on High!

Lord, I love You! Yes, I do!
And for this Old Satan has targeted me for attack
But, thank You, Father, for Mercy and Grace
For because of Christ’s sacrifice I will win this race!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Prayer: Give Me One Word!

Father, when my life on earth is at its end
Give me one word on which my last breath I'll spend
Let that one word be the call of victory
"Jesus, My Lord! I come! Receive me!

If I may some soul encounter today
Listing from sin and living in decay
Lord, a kind word to this soul let me say
"Come unto Jesus
For He is the Light of Life on this benighted way!"

Let me, Dear Lord, a pattern of my Jesus display
Give me the strength to hold life's vanities in contempt
Grant me a heart like my Master's heart
And let me never from His right paths depart!

And, Lord, let this, my heart, be a residence fit
Beautiful, and bright, and shining with godly light
Let this heart-home be worthy of The King
And may it contain a voice to bless My King above anything!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

VESPERS At The End Of The Sabbath: Who Will Feed God's Sheep?

Faith without works is dead!
Faith is the victory that sheds
Worldly wants and affections!
Faith will get us to heaven 
For by The Living God we are lead!

Acts 20:27-34
27 For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.
28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.
29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.
31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.
32 And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.
33 I have coveted no man's silver, or gold, or apparel.
34 Yea, ye yourselves know, that these hands have ministered unto my necessities, and to them that were with me.

Who Will Feed God's Sheep?

Everybody wants a piece of the action
Christianity is up for sale
There is much buying and selling of the Lord’s flock
And some of the seller’s are having fire sales!

Where, Lord, do we go for respite?
Where, Lord, is the Watchman on the wall?
Where, Lord, is the willing, able, pastor who is
Willing to call: “Enough of this! Foul ball!”

Lord, Your people are so hungry
Yet they are being fed
Food, that has no nourishing substance
For it has only pesticides, formaldehyde, lead!

Mercy! Lord! Mercy! Have Mercy!
Upon this people, here at the last
Ending - for earth’s day is almost over
And the leaders’ unjust laws are over us cast!

Those who should preach the gospel are selling it
They are offering milk instead of meat
They are feeding food that leaves us hungry
When, Lord, You know, we should be replete!

Send help, Dear Father, send a faithful witness
Send messengers who truly fear and love our God
Send witnesses who don’t need witness protection
For they are standing under the wings of the Living God!

Father, we lay here, this sad petition
Give an ear, listen, help us, Lord this day
Protect the sheep, Dear Father, from the ravening wolves
Who wear designer clothing at the expense of Your people living on short pay!

Open the eyes of Your Faithful Children
Remove, Lord, the scales from their seeking eyes
Reveal to them the infidels, charlatans, false priest and false prophets
And the false Christs seeking to blind eyes with their disguise!

You have promised this people your protection
You have promised that Your Word won’t return vain
You have promised to finish the good work that You have promised
You have promised that believers' living will not be in vain!

Deliver, as promised, for You are Creator
Deliver, as promised, for You are the Lord
Deliver, as promised, You, the Angel of the Covenant
Deliver, as promised, for You are our Almighty God!

Friday, March 13, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH and Pastors Pedaling Pablum

Preacher, why are you pedaling pablum?
Why, Sir, do you obfuscate?
Don’t you know we are nearing the City
Where sinners cannot enter in the Gate?

Why do you declare and decree that
God has promised earthly riches to all
When you know that is not what the Word says
And you know that you’re misrepresenting the Lord?

Why do you tell believers that Jesus wants them
To be perfectly happy in this life
When you know that we are just passing through?
Have you no fear of the Father
For it seems that Satan is ruling you?!

Why do you make the faithful believe that
Our God just needs a belly rub
Like He is just a Happy Buddha
Who gives spurious profits, peace and love?

Why do you not preach sin and repentance?
Why do you not preach salvation and grace?
Why do you not preach of the coming Judgment
When the lost will face permanent disgrace?

Why are you telling the people that God does not care
What we say, do, or are?
Don’t you know that God will hold you responsible
For those lost souls at the Judgment Bar?

Won’t you stop lying to the lost, worn and wandering?
Won’t you stop making Christianity a disgrace?
Won’t you stop making the faith of the faithful
Something you can pick up like a win at a horse race?

Repent, be reformed, seek God’s revelation!
Stop letting feelings and experiences guide your way
For Jesus Christ, Himself, He the Creator, said
“Come, let us reason today!”

Almighty God is the God of All Order
Almighty God gives every man a measuring cup
And the way you are misleading God’s people
Tells all that your cup is filling up!

So, if you want God’s wrath poured out upon you
Without mercy, undiluted, full strength
Continue the lawlessness that you are doing
And, believe me, upon you God’s indignation will be shed!

“Come out from among her my people!"
This message from God is a loud cry!
Come out, and live God’s people, for why, pray tell
Should you give up eternal life and forever die?

Buy truth, sell it not, all ye faithful!
Trust God and not mammon esteem!
Wear faith, hope, love, and charity for garments
And the Great God will bless you indeed!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

JOB AVAILABLE: Servant of God


for the position of


Company:                             Heaven At The Last, Corner of Kings Highway and Eternity, Let's Go!
Chairman of The Board:    God The. Almighty
Chief Operating Officer:    Jesus Christ Bridegroom Lamb Savior Redeemer-Friend
Communications Director: Holy The. Spirit


A. Certified Follower of Immanuel with passes in:

1. Pray Without Ceasing
2. Confession of All Sin
3. Repentance With Humility
4. Broken and Contrite Spirit
5. Old Man Set Aside
6. Fruit of The Spirit
7. Personal Cross Calmly Carried
8. Rejection of The World
9. Hated of Men
10. Original-10 Commandment Keeper


Salary:                      Unlimited
Bonuses:                   Innumerable
Travel Allowance:    Off The Chart
Vacation:                  None Needed
Sick Leave:              Unnecessary
Training:                   Inexpressible
Uniform Provided:   White Linen Robe (Graded: Indestructible)
Jewelry Allowance:  Covers complete cost of The Gold Crown and accompanying Gold Harp
Housing:                   Must Be Seen To Be Believed


This is a permanent position, and involves the separation of self from all things in the Corporeal Realm, and all applications will be carefully vetted to screen out the following:

1. New Age Theology
2. Another Gospel
3. Do What Thou Wilt
4. Vain Philosophy
5. All categories of ISMS
6. Hidden Agendas
7. Divide and Conquer
8. Disputings 
9. Demigoguery
10. Denial of ROM.5:8
11. Denial of MATT.28:6

1. No persons holding God’s Traffic Director (GTD) certification, Seeking Elevation Through Fatuity (SELF) degrees, Neither Wise nor Omnipotent (NWO) licenses, nor those certified at Fallen Angel Truth Syndrome (FATS) level need apply unless they have received a subsequent Amendment #7373682623 to their certifications. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy!

2. If you are in the TUTC&FJC (Take Up Thy Cross & Follow Jesus Christ) training, but have not yet fully qualified in either ACTS2/38 or ACTS22-16, please submit your application marked with either the Code #7729469 or Code #73848466464 for fast-track processing.


The Company, Heaven At The Last, as chaired by God The. Almighty, is a lean and clean and righteous-operating organization.

All who would be Servants of God are required - without exception and no excuse -  to walk the Straight and Narrow Way (S&N Way).

As you walk the Straight and Narrow Way, you may expect to visit some, or all - time permitting - of the following facilities:

1. The School of Hard Knocks
2. Christianity is Comfort for a Fool Cafe
3. Self-Denial is Stupidity Cabaret
4. If You Are Kind Get Behind Boutique at The Mall of All Nations
5. Good The Shepherd at Green Pastures
6. The Valley at The Shadow of Death  
7. Hated for Christ's Sake Ministries
8. Prosperity Gospel Hall
9. Feel Good Theology Mission and Mansion
10 Apostate Palace, and
11. Jesus Is Mine - The Musical at Hisway Station

You will receive, as a part of your Benefits Package, the Gift of Justification, at the time that you accept the position which also comes with a Blood-Bought, all expense paid, one-way ticket on Sanctification Airways.

By the time of your arrival at Company Headquarters, you will have passed through Mortification of Thy Members, and received Bodily Glorification which is permanent in nature, and which has the Immortality Badge attached.

BUT ... before you board your flight to Heaven At the Last, you will receive the training manual entitled B.I.B.L.E., which contains all the basic instructions before leaving everything and everybody else behind. You cannot learn the instructions for anybody else, but we encourage you to share what you learn with any and everybody you meet on the S&N Way.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in these instructions and making them a part of your reason for living. The instructions therein contained will make you an individual fit to be called Servant of God, so please treasure your B.I.B.L.E. manual.


All persons who apply to be Servants of God have a personally assigned Powerful and Holy Angel for protection.

All persons who apply to be Servants of God also - and most importantly - have the Indwelling Comforter sent from our Chief Operating Officer, Jesus Redeemer-Friend, and authorized by our Chairperson, God The. Almighty, Himself!

We take care of our own, and we do, and have done, and will do, all within our Righteous Powers to ensure your successful graduation into the Heaven At The Last family!

We will see you soonest in Heaven At The Last and, as we say here:

"God Speed!"

N.B.:  Please affix this Public Yet Personal Identification Number (PYPIN# 266337733-746) to your application to prove that you are not a robot, or your application will be summarily rejected.

2. Applications will be accepted until Thief In The. Night, our Financial Controller, designates that the CUP Budget is at the maximum. Ladye Grace is still reviewing applications, so please get yours in post haste!

SOMSTTL Job Request No. 253774647