Tuesday, March 10, 2015

God Ain't Never Purchased No Pajamas!

My God does not wear pajamas
He is not blind, deaf, nor dumb
He is neither short, nor tall, bub
He is the God of The Outcomes!

My God is also My Father
He listens faithfully to my every prayer
And if something is amiss with the asking
He doesn’t leave me with fears, and in tears!

My God is the God of Full Disclosure
He tells the beginning, and the end
It is then up to me how to operate
While remembering He is looking at how I contend!

I can go to My God with any problem
A concern, a sorrow, or just to say “Hello!”
He always has for me a ready answer
E'en if it is “Yes!” “Wait.” or just a plain “NO!”

What I am trying to say to you is
You can really, really, trust My God!
He is no paper saint, nor a plaster
He made us all! 
And, no! He can’t faint, fail nor fall!

So, please, get a grip of yourself, friend
Trust my God who is The God of Always
Available to those who look/come to Him
So put away the plastic, and let us say our prayers!

"Our Father, up in Heaven
Who condescends to hear man
Bless this, your child, who is asking
For help with the problems made by man!

Lord, we humans are unkind, even
Cruel and unkind to each other day by day
I pray, Dear Lord, for Your soon coming
Hurry! We are in self-destruct mode and
There is much death-dealing and decay!

There are children daily dying
The Fathers are lying
The Mothers sell themselves just to buy a happy meal
And the politicians! Oh yes! The great ones who us lead
Behave like leperous beggars
Carrying hog-lice, selling hornets nests
And sneezing, and sneezing, rabid fleas!

Father, our situation is precarious
'Cause we wear blinders, and dark glasses, late at night
We cover our ears with Dr Dre’s Beats
And listen to the deepest Bose super-bass
Whilst we call 911 singing
7-11’s 411 in basketball heat!

Have mercy, Lord, on us who believe You
Who trust You - in hope - as we pray
Give us You Grace to stand in this battle
For Father, Our Lord is Your Son -
He also is The Son of Man -
Who perfected Redemption's Holy Plan! AMEN."