Wednesday, March 11, 2015

God's Traffic Director!?

Who can direct God’s traffic?
Surely not a creature of the dust
And definitely not a fallen cherub
Nor even those who believe He is Love!

God is All-seeing
All-knowing, Ever-present
His will is sovereign - can’t be set aside
And those who believe that they can direct Him
You poor things! 
You're falling for deadly delusions and devilish lies!

Can a creature control his creator?
Can the created demand the Creator submit to its commands?
What kind of creator would the Creator be
If no cut-off switch prepar-ed He
If need He ever to ditch
A creature who has gone rogue
And is acting the witch?

Our Creator IS the God of All Order!
Our Creator has no need of our advice!
We, the created, come from His Hand
Which bespeaks of a right mighty plan
No matter the Crow’s genius game of playing Hangman!

So for you who feel
That your chord brings God to heel
I suggest you take a look at your owners manual!
God is the Controller!
Fail the test - seek a boulder
And ask it to cover you in the Great Distress!

God is real!
God has no mother!
God is The Lord of all umbilical cords!
Bow you before Him - for He is Love!
Secure His affection!
Give Him all worship and praise!
Give Him your devotion!
Give Him faithful love!
For He keeps wonderful records
At His House up above!