Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Am Who I Am!?!

I seduced that pastor
I had him on his knees
He worshiped at my altar
He was always begging
Please take me to the pinnacle
I promise I won’t resist
Take me, please, I’m yours!
Oh, my! This is bliss!!”

Today, he was here again
With his begging
Wanting me to do more
To take him to that place where
Only the preeminent
Could come to shore!

But, I had gotten tired
Of his constant cry “Please! More!”
And being a fickle lady
I kicked him in his core!

He fell to the floor!
He vomited!
He writhed in pain - I didn’t care
For there is always another preacher/pastor/teacher
Who will willingly do whatever I say!

So if you know of any ministers
Who want to go to the top
Who will sell their soul for a penny
Not to be called a right-living flop
Give me a call - you know my number
I am the best joy-juice
Taste of me now - I’m delicious!
I am buck wild, free and foot loose!

I owe allegiance to no one!
Preacher, you want me! You'll do as I say all day in every way!
Forget the faith of the Bible and
Just say some mantra - don't pray!
Kick those church members to the curb, and
Sit in this prostitute’s chair
Where money, and access, and brown nosing
Half-truth, and carnality hold sway!

Denial of the Lord is the order
Of things that can't keep me at bay!
Everybody knows that I am jealous
I destroy/kill who would taste, and walk away
From me! - You know you can't!
Kiss my feet! I'm sweet!
Don’t you know who I am?

I AM important!
And my name ends with a bold capital “E” - ecstasy
The third from the start is “M” - mindless mastery
Number two, aaah, is “A” - achieve
For my grand start there is drop capital “F” - fabulous
Now you know.- look 'n see
I AM an art!
I AM the drug of many a choice
I AM sweet in the mouth - belly burn follows
What a lesson you'll learn -
I AM, and can't be spit out!

Imbibe at my well and you will learn that

The Fabulous Achieve Mindless-Mastery through the Ecstasy

that is ME!