Friday, March 6, 2015

Lizard Tongue

I am tired of hearing the Gospel
Preached with The Lizard Tongue
For it tickles my ears with its message
That Jesus Christ won’t ever frown
At lies, deceits, fornication
Licentiousness, bacchanal
Vainglory, and doctrines of devils
And the putting of white pearls on a black sow! 

Pastor, take your cold tongue out my earhole
Preach the Word - undiluted - as it comes
Straight  - from the Word of The Father
No chaser - send it, send it right down!

If I want my ears to be tickled
I have q-tips in my medicine chest
I put some water on them for sensation
And have myself a tickle-fest!

God’s Holy Word is The Truth, and
It needs not polish, spin, color, nor excuse
Tell the people what The Lord God told you
Anything else - do me a favor, and
Give it a pass, please
Just refuse!

My soul - it will be thankful
My heart - it will be glad
The Father - He will commend you
And Satan, welllll ... he'll be right mad!

I can live with that!