Thursday, March 5, 2015

Name "IT" and Claim "IT!?"

My "friend" got angry with me
Because of the stance that I take
She thinks that for a Christian I am foolish
And she calls me a big fat fake!

My "friend" has been following the trend that
Is totally sweeping the church
Believing that if you can name it you can claim it
And you won’t be left behind, and in the lurch!

Well, I should tell you that we had
A great parting of the ways
Because I refuse to join in the movement
That purports to reach God in many ways!

I don’t care what my "friend" thinks of me
I don’t want my best life now
For anyone who wants their best life in the corporeal
Really doesn’t need Jesus anyhow!

So if you have a problem with my lack of possessions
If you have a problem with my empty purse
If you have a problem with my unfashionable clothing
Don’t feel sorry for me! I don’t view my lack as being a curse!

Jesus Christ has promised me a mansion
If I trust in, and believe Him, and walk
Straight along the narrow path way to Glory
And ignore the heathens, and their lotta long talk!

So I will make my own declaration
I will state here my own case
I will not follow the multitude to do evil
And I will not play at Satan’s Burning Place!

I am going to name King Jesus
And I am going to call Him my God
And I am readily going to claim Him
As my Savior, my Redeemer, and my Lord!

Mine, mine, mine!
King Jesus is mine!
He knows my name!
And He’s not leaving me behind!
To Him I give glory!
To Him I offer my praise!
Sorry, "friend!" I can’t join you at your party
'Cause I ain’t burning in that great blaze!