Friday, March 20, 2015

No God! No Truth!

No God!
No Truth!

Know God!
Know Truth!
Speak Truth!
Live in The Truth!
Walk in the Paths of Truth!
Teach others what is The Truth!

No Holy Spirit!
No Right!

Know Holy Spirit!
Know Right!
See only what is Right
Say only what is Right!
Do only what is Right!
You will ultimately shine Bright and
Will eventually live with The Light!

No Jesus!
No Life!

Know Jesus!
Know Life!
Live a Holy Life!
Preach about New Life!
Encourage others to Seek Life!
Eagerly await the Coming of The Life!
Inherit Eternal Life!

By walking in The Way with The Truth toward Life
We will assuredly survive the strife!
With these three pointing the Way to The Light
We can, and surely will, win the Fight!

The Way to Life is The Truth!
The Truth is The Life of The Way!
The Life of Truth is The Way
The Way Of Truth is Life!

Live The Life!
Speak The Truth!
Speak for Life!
Live for Truth!
Trust The Truth to lead The Way to Life!

Seek The Way!
Find The Way!
Walk in The Way!
One Day Jesus Christ Will Pay!

Say “No!” to Knowing how to do wrong!
Know to say “No!” to doing wrong!
Knowing to say “No!” will make you strong!
Soon He Who Knows All will come along
And all who are known to have walked away from The Wrong 
Will have happy hearts overflowing with Redemption’s Song!