Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prayer: Father, Protect Me

Father, why do I feel like I'm challenging You?
This is not something that I would permit myself to do
For , Father, You know that I love You!
Truly! Truly, I do!

This feeling is coming out of left field
It’s like a sound coming out of nowhere
And it is making me very uneasy
Father, please help! I know that You care!

Father, You are my Shepherd
You lead me along the right way
Take me in control, Lord
Father, please, help me not to turn away!

Satan and his minions are busy
They keep saying that You, God, are not here
And they’re insisting that my life’s mine
Otherwise I’d see You everywhere!

Father, I see You -You’re all around me
You care, You comfort - I see Your loving hand
And I know that You are God - The Eternal
For You don’t act or behave like a fallen man!

Help me, my Father, this day
To steady my resolve and to walk the way
That You have determined is my way to Glory
And, please, deafen me to Satan’s whispering in my ear! AMEN.