Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Prayer: Help Me To Let You Do For Me

Heavenly Father,
help me to walk confidently in Your Light,
 and to do what is right in Your Sight this day, and always.

Help me, Lord, to not take care
of another problem for myself today, for my 
taking care of them in my own strength 
never causes them come out to my benefit. 

Help me to not decide that I can
make my own way plain, for my decision-making 
often leaves me writhing in pain inside. 

Please, Father, help me to let go of my willful self and
allow You do what You know is best for me.

Help me, Lord, to remember that
my one right decision led me to You, Who, 
for the love of this great sinner, 
met Your death at Calvary to purchase 
my pardon, and to set me free
from a burdensome life of sinning.

And, Lord, that freedom that You purchased for me, 
I offer it to You as my sacrifice today, and I
beseech You to accept this offering, for it comes
from my freewill. 

I also ask You, please, to carry me, step by step,
along the rough way, and throughout this toilsome day.
I love You, Lord. AMEN.