Saturday, March 7, 2015

VESPERS At the End of the Sabbath - Which god is God?

I believe God’s truth but
You believe Old Satan’s bold lies
My God's Holy Spirit lives inside me
Your god lives in your clouded eyes, and
He does nothing to help or protect you
For he has no Heaven-given bona fides!

I know my God is faithful
I feel His loving care - EVERY DAY!
Your god has no love for you
And he surely does not seem to care
If you are sad - or happy
If you are having a day - or night - mare
For he is the one who neglects you and
He is not one to offer an ear!

"Come unto me!" says my Heavenly Father
"Come, and you will find rest!"
Your god is the god of all trouble
He’ll stir up - and set you upon - an ant’s nest for
He wastes no time to comfort - or guide you
Into places where you can shine and be at your best!

I ask you: "Which one is the Real God?
Which one welcomes us into rest?
Which one is the One who created us
And answers us when trouble’s on the chest?

I tell you your god is a masquerader!
He is wearing a carnival costume!
He has no right to your allegiance for
He can’t even create a simple bloom!

Infidel, Deceiver, Father of Lies, He
Who suffered from the disease of the I’s
He coveted the Throne of our Father
And seeks to deny us the right to be in bliss!
And if you think that he is your friend
Take a peak at his published hit-list!

How, then, can you choose to honor that god
Who can do nothing to help himself?
Too proud to say: “Father, I’m sorry!”
Too arrogant before His God to bow down
And because he is an incorrigible
He plays the Burning-Man Song:

“Don’t be a Jesus follower
His life is totally the pits
He wants you to pray and to worship
And, ewwww! that gives me the spits!
Come play with me - I really party!
Come party with me - I’m happy to play!
Kick you some puppies as you pass by
Party every day until you die!
Why rest and reflect on your past sins
Come to Bacchanal - I’m teaching some lovely new ones!
I’m the god of Feels and Sensations, and
With me in the lead you’ll experience all!”

Well, my friend, I don’t know about you, but
I will stay with my Almighty God!
The One who loves me enough to chastise me
The One who helps me when I mess up, and fall
The One I cry to when I worry
The One I lean upon when sorrow calls
The One who is The Lord, The True Shepherd
The One God who can destroy Satan’s 8-ball!

No masquerader god will I follow
No party-animal leader for me
No funster who is always about gaming
No specter called Satan will pick me off!

I - a Christian - will walk holy, and in order
I - a Child of the King, and Redeemed - will stand tall
I - a True Believer - in Hill Calvary
I - a Sinner turned Saint - await my Heavenly Call!