Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What About My Soul?

Everybody is telling me about the comfort of my body!
Won’t somebody tell me about the comfort of my soul?

Everybody tells me of the pleasures of my body!
Why won’t somebody tell me where I can find peace and rest for my soul?

Everybody wants me to join a group which knows what’s best for the common man!
Why won’t somebody tell me about God and the Salvation that comes from His Hand?

Everybody speaks of, and knows, some being who
Knows of a sop to fix my body but of no one who
Will walk a little mile in my pinching shoes!
Please, my heart is really hurting!
My spirit’s in misery!
My conscience is really pricking
And my soul ... Oh, boo, hoo!

Won’t somebody tell me where to find
The Shepherd to lead me
The Holy Spirit to guide me
The Savior willing to take my place
And The Redeemer to wing me away
From the hell and damnation facing me
From The Unseen God people don’t care to fear?

But, inside of me I somehow know
That it’s important that I get into His Care!
And I plead for somebody in the know
Won’t you come and teach me, and help me to grow?

I find no satisfaction for my soul
Despite all my bodily comforts
So, if my spiritual life can be like gold
Please point me - anybody -
To The Living God which is in control!

I’m tired of doing what seems right to me
And then finding out it’s been wrong
I am tired of singing this world’s tune
And finding out it is Satan’s inspired song!

I don’t like Satan - he’s not kind!
I don’t like his tune - it makes my teeth grind!
I don’t like his dance - my toes are all mush!
And his lyrical gymnastics make me feel like a lush!

People, please stop telling me
Of peace and security!
Won’t somebody please tell me about the King
And His Blessed Home called Glory?