Monday, March 23, 2015

What Is There Not To Love About God?

The day - today - is different, and the thought is clear!

Then the question ...

What is there not to love about God? Our Almighty God!

The answer was instantaneous!

If you're an unrepentant sinner - everything about Him is an annoyance, a burden, a bug-bear!

If you're a sinner - saved by Grace - then there is nothing that you can think of that does not cause you to say "I love YOU, Lord!"

I love The Lord because of

Air to
Breathe; the
Call to
Deliverance, and His
Effectual and
Grace; the
Hope and Help
Immeasurable; for
Justification, and His
Kindness to provide Eternal
Life, and for leaving
Neutered by Jesus Christ's
Overcoming the
Prison of
Queer death which
Results in our
Sanctification and
Translation through His
Undoing Satan's
Work on The