Saturday, March 28, 2015

When Greed Is A Creed

When greed is your creed
There is a need
To water your greed's seed!

When greed is your creed
There is a pressing need
Your growing greed to constantly feed!

Greed is a seed
A seed with a need
To grow and expand
Engulfing the man
Who refuses to stand
Upon the firmest of ground
Hard rock - not sand!

I tell you today
Come away - don’t delay
For greed costs - it don’t pay!

Greed is a greedy sow
Always saying “Feed me! Feed me, now!”
Rutting, digging in like a plow
Greed wants more now
Right now. Right now!

The seed of greed is a deadly
Its a right deadly sin
Never looking up outward
Always in - deep within
It forswears the host's family
It denies the host’s will
All it ever wants is
Plenty of swill! Please fill! Fill! FILL!!

Commonsense has no bedding
Reason has no legs
The old god that has preeminence is
The god of Please Fill
Me with some goodies
I like how they taste,
Their feel on the tongue
Gives a most glorious cheap thrill!


One day comes the reckoning
The Reckoner is He
Who made each a creature
A worshiper of God to be
Not to worship king mammon
Not to worship Evil Lore
Not to worship the old stomach
That has no stopper
And made with elastic for sure!

Walk away, I beseech you
Ask King Jesus for help
Place your all on His Altar
And you will be helped
To deny the world
Its bounties, its needs
And to kill off most assuredly
That pig called Hog 'N Greed!

Pray for relief today
Pray for relief and say
I give Lord, my will, my way
I’m Yours, I’ll follow You all the way...