Thursday, April 30, 2015

WHO or WHAT Am I? - A Puzzle

Many people deny that Jesus Christ is God Almighty!

Many people refuse to believe and accept that Jesus Christ is The Creator - I am not one of them!

He created me - bless His Name - and He created the object of our puzzle today.

Take a serious look - study, cogitate, ruminate, understand - and come to a conclusion on the identity of the object, and decide for yourself if such an object could have come out of other than Almighty Hands:

I am missing half of myself in a pack.
I can be found in a tree, in a tin, or on a shelf, and in a sack and a box.
I look like an animal and, yet, I look to be a plant, and if you bite me naturally I will break you - I can and I can't.

These are my attributes:

I am boilable, bakeable, breakable, cutable, chewable, crushable, drinkable, and sliceable.

I am brittle and still, no legs and I fill, naturally, unaided, and am practically indestructible by His will.

I leaf and I lose, and I stand where I / you choose.

I'm in a grove, or a stand, and male and female paired lover from God's Hand and we are living - not ungratefully - thankfully!

I am oil.
I'm wood.
I'm a flower - and a good hood.
I am black, red, brown, and amber light.
And in my glory, I am quite a beautiful sight.

I'm a cookie, a cake, a chair and a lake
My beauty is unbeatable
My strength is unbreakable
My price is astronomical but cheap for
My aid to health is most notable.

I am little - then big
I am a ball into a twig
And from me you can take a swig.

Who OR What am I?

Look for me, and you shall find me in the midst!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh, My! How You've Changed!?

"Ooh, my! You've changed!"

"Yes, I have! Isn't it wonderful!?"

"Yes, yes! It truly is!"

"All those Yesterdays when I looked in my mirror, I saw Spirit Ravaged With Sin! There were no pretty pictures returning, and it was like looking at ... seeing ... myself through the gloom in some dark-black cave.

Then, on a very recent yesterday, came the Day of Decision! The Day was make it or break it for me as I could no longer stand looking into that mirror - it was either the mirror-me, or really me!

Time for Change had come, and I made a phone call to a Sister of Faith named Pauline who had been trying for months to get me to see The Truth! She was the one I wanted to pray with me so that Heaven would remove the Scales Of Sin that were clouding my sight!

Oh, how that Sister prayed with me throughout that day, and for many, many more days and some besides, and after each encounter with her Jesus, a look in the mirror showed in me a new and different side:

I lost Callous, Cryptic, and Cavil
I lost Rude, Resentment, Riotous Living, and Roaring Risk
I lost Offensive Remarks and Obfuscation
I lost Despondency, Dire Straits, Primping and Prance
I lost Lustful, Loophole, and License to Sinning and Sordid Romance
I lost Ticket to Theft and Trash Talk
I gave up Gluttony, Grifting, and Palmistry
And I took on Bless the Lord, and Comfort - Just Because
And Praying and Love Thou the Least.

I latched on to Gospel's Good News, and Faith Brings Great Victory
I laced on Prayer is Power, and Walk in God's Light
I utilized Confession Is Good for the Soul
And I expended much time in Prayer of Repentance, and
I woke up this morning with Life With Christ Is The Only Goal!

Such change! Such Glorious change has been made in this dying body! Life-altering Change has been wrought upon this old Sinful Soul!"

"And now?"

"Just now, Grace and Mercy are holding my hands and
I am Walking In Faith and pushing
The Work Out Your Own Salvation In Fear and Trembling Plow!"

"Praise be to God!"

"Amen, Amen!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Playing With Satan!?

Satan suffers from Overconfidence!
He does not suffer from Stupidity!
So if you think you can play
Walk away, and don’t pay
Heads Up! You must be drinking
Rum of Mount Gay!

You can’t go up to Satan and tell him
“Today is our day - let’s play!”
And think that tomorrow
You’ll walk among pretty flowers
Hello! You’re just a popinjay!

Satan knows man from his Study
Satan knows man from their often play
Satan knows man needs Jesus
And that’s why he tries to stop you saying your prayers!

It isn’t that he loves, or even likes, you
It isn’t as though he cares whether you read The Bible every day
All he wants is to make sure you don’t recognize The Real Jesus
And that’s why he keeps your eyes staring at the floor, for
To know Jesus is to love Him
And to pray to God in Jesus’ name
Will get rid of the all the bores/boars
Which bombard you and bite you
And savage your hand
And keep you always facing the unplowed - fallow - land!

Listen up! Pay me some attention!
I was just like you
Only yesterday, but today
I have been renewed
And now Satan and I feud
‘Cause I’m done with down
For Sin I have eschewed!

Read your Bible - and pray!
Sing a glad song on your way!
Don’t look down
Turn that frown over and around and
Look UP! for Jesus IS soon
Coming ... DOWN!

Monday, April 27, 2015

I Heard-Tell Of God!

I heard of a god - who is like no other god!
I speak of a god - who wants to be my friend!
I feel that this god - is worthy of my knowing
I have met this God and, now, I understand!

This god IS GOD - The I AM!
The Great Creator!
This God IS God!
He IS the Son of Man!
This God IS Love!
He is Faithful, Kind, and Righteous
And He IS God, and in His reflection now I stand!

No angry god, demanding a human blood sacrifice
He offers Grace, and Mercy, and Love, and Provision
He offers Hope even in the face of Failure and Disgrace
I've come to know, and love, this God of All Graces - The Eternal
And I have decided to cast my lot with Him.

I do not fear that He will leave me stranded
For He explained that taking me to His Fair Home is the Final Goal
He has stated well, that being in His Flock is no cake-walk
That I can expect opposition, denial, hatred and jail
Even betrayal, by friend, foe and, yes, even from family
And upon occasion, I can expect to face
Even death and the grave compliments of the Knave!

He further said:

“Look up! Always UP!
I am Your Father, and I overcame so Satan can’t treat you
Like so much safari game!
Satan will oft’ temp, terrorize and even afflict you
But stand firm in My Love
For I filled in your grave!
Blessed be the ties that bind you to Me and My Father
To Holy Spirit, to the Kingdom of Truth
And Light and Life - to be saved!
I gave My All, and whisper ‘Come, all you who labor
Come unto to Me all you who e'er would find Rest!’
I AM The King of Life and I AM The Shepherd
All in My Flock will always safely graze
In pastures green, where gentle streams o’erfloweth
Where Angels excelling in strength
You excellent guardians be!
I sacrificed My Life
So your personal griefs and pains have meaning
For they are your badges of honor on display
Proving that you are My Child
That you are gaining Home by the Blood of My Sacrifice
Walk on Blessed Child
For you don’t ever walk alone on your own!”

So, Friends, you see
I met The God worthy of my person and my worship
I met The God - The God who IS Love
Not the god Titillate
Not the god of Reasoning Self-Pride
Not the god of I Own It
Nor the god of My Self-Interest
And definitely not the god
Who is always presenting himself as a clone!

I am testifying to personal knowledge of The God
That I am offering to you, Friend Dearest
Gentle, Faithful, Kind,
Constant, Pardoning, and Free
No fees
No clubs
No bungling instability
My God IS The Lord TRUE
Not carrying Pride nor specious Vanity!

He offers a Home through Faith
By Prayer and Supplication
He takes requests
And is willing to be the Welcome Guest
Even in your lowly abode!

One day - He affirms - He is coming in a Glorious Train
To take me to His Heavenly Home
Where I will never find myself a part
Of the Satanic Game of Trade Parade Charades!

I’ve accepted His Offer of Salvation
Justification and Sanctification
And have become a part
Of the Family He calls His Bride
He says I’ll wear White, and Gold
And I will be Glorified
And gain winged flight
To highest heights and beauties unknown!

I like This God
Unto love, more and more
With time’s passing
I see no downside
To giving unto Him my final fate
His only warnings are
Be not deceived by counterfeits and
To answer His Call, when it comes
Don’t wait or it may be too late!”

God Called - I Answered!
I Pray - He Answers!
I Cry - He Cares!
I Lie - He Paid!
I, A Slave - He Entered The Grave!
He Ascended to The Father - I Pray for His Return!
He is Returning - I Pray, and I Await The Day!

Even so, My Lord and My God ... Come. COME!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Worshipping God With Prostituted Praise

She stood before the Altar
And, oh, how she did preen
Her chest puffed up in grandeur
And her eyes began to gleam!

Today was hers to offer worship
Today was hers to give praise
To the God of All Grace - He's Glorious
And that's when she forgot her true place!

She lifted her hand - such drama!
She pitched her head - such poise!
She raised her voice - quite effectively!
And then she started to make ... real noise!

No broken, contrite spirit
No penitential heart
This was an arrogant spirit
Believing themselves the Lark!

No love for God displaying
No thanks for Grace bestowed
No display of humility
Just look at me! Aren't I wonderful?!
Please! Enjoy ... the Show!?

Lord, forgive us this day our trespasses
Help us to do better for we know
That You are the God of All Graces
Who will forgive us when we show
That we are humble of spirit
Showing ourselves ashamed
Of living our lives, and prostituting
Your Praise to gain worldly fame!
Help us who know better to do better!
Help us to not encourage such vulgar displays 
Of pride and arrogance
For we're not at man's decadent concerts
Nor the corporation's annual dance!
Help us set aside self, pride, and position!
Help us to Hallow Your Name!
Help us to help us to be children of the Son Light
And not of the Floodlight
Where Sin and Salvation are incompatible
Where Grace and Conviction are enemies
Where Prayer and Prostitution are in order
And sold Talent is the gift of the Soul 
To wicked men working for The Enemy!
Mercy! Dear Lord? Mercy!
Have Mercy on us today!
Father, please hamper Self!
Please hide our souls in Your Sweet Spirit
And let Heaven - not Fame -
Be our true - and only - goal!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Father, I am having a celebration
The invited guests are in the door
But there is one uninvited
And he is being a gully-bore!

I checked my list - no errors!
I did a head-count - 24!
But over there in the corner
Is some extra - acting like they're common at the core!

I invited Kindness and Goodness,
Temperance, Joy, Peace and Love
Happy, Beauty of Spirit and Laughter
Not Stubbornness, nor Grudge!

Appreciation and Candor
Lightness of the Heart
Study to Show Thy Self Approved
Not Turn-Over People's Apple-carts!

Delight Thyself in Jesus
Love Your Enemy
Meek and Lowly in Heart
Definitely not Be Thou Self-Deceived!

Wait on The Lord, Kind Shepherd
Heaven At The Last
Gentleness and Mercy
Not Traction and Body-cast!

Holiness is present!
Righteousness is here, too!
But standing over there - smiling and snoring
Are Sin and Selfishness! Boohoo!

Father, I beg You! Do something!
I really don’t want them here
For they spoil every gathering
With their friends Always Lying and Bring Beer!

Dear Child, Why are you worried?
Don’t you know that I am always near!
Firm your spine, for you bowed and delivered
A faithful and heartfelt prayer!

Your true companions will deliver and protect you
From those uninvited guests
For you are my faithful in body and spirit
And I answer at your behest!

Gather all your invited
Raise a song and sing happily
The Angels are surrounding and
No one will be bothering thee!

I look after My children and
I answer all their prayers!
Keep Me at the forefront
And Sin and Selfishness will be blowing hot air!

Father, Dear Father, I thank You!
You always give me such cheer!
You love me!
I bless You!
I'm grateful!
Lord, I love You!

Friday, April 24, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH:Prayer: Let The People See

Oh, Father, may your Heavenly Light
Be shed abroad this day!
Let the people see that in
Our Almighty God is Love Everlasting
That Jesus Christ is always The Answer, and
That in The Holy Spirit
There is Peace and Rest forever more. Amen!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jesus Wants To Be First!

Jesus wants first place!?
Who does He think He is?!

My life is my own
And my business!
Why won’t He leave me alone?

I asked, and asked
And got the response
When Jesus, Himself, answered me!
He said that I was created for His pleasure
And that His dying justifies me!
He said that He set me apart
That He sanctified me
That He called me to be a joint heir with Him
In the Kingdom of Light
His Father’s delight!
Jesus talked, and talked, and I listened.
But ... there was another voice
On the Channel Carewave
That Voice!
It was loud. melifluous. proud.
It was making Jesus’ voice seem far in the cloud
But, I - strangely, somehow, no longer had a taste
For the loud voice interrupting
My so sweet commune
With Him who took the blame
For things of which I’m ashamed -
Screamed: “Be gonnnne! You’re not crowding Him out!”

“Master, I’m sorry
For my sin, even my folly and
I yield my decision to You!
You can be First
In this life I’ve rehearsed!
Please change me, Lord!
Clean out this hearse!”

(Sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me This I Know):

Jesus loves me
He’s my First
Cleansed my heart
Reversed sin’s curse
Don’t let Satan your bubble burst
His only gifts
Will leave you needing to be nursed!


Jesus must be first!
Jesus must be first!
Jesus must be first!
Always! Only! Everyday!

Jesus Christ must be the First
For His death reversed the Curse
Let Him in your life hold sway
He’s The Answer!
Come to Him today!

Jesus is The Shepherd
He’s your Redeemer!
He is your Savior!
He’s calling! Please don’t delay!

C hoosing
H ell
A s the better
O ption to choosing
H eaven!


C hrist 
A lone gives Heavenly Hope and honestly
L oves
M e despite me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Met A Man

Today I met a man!
He said he could free me from Sin!
He said he could make my life over, and
That he'd clean me from within!
Today I met a man!

Today, I met a man!
Oh, what pleasures he offered!
The joys! What laughter!
He said forget the Hereafter!
Today I met a man!

Today! Two Men!
Two Joys! One Plan!
Calm and Elan!
Today, I met a man!

Today I must choose a man!
Choose sorrow and pain
For later Joy Unrestrained, or
Wild gaiety, and tomorrow
What will be, will be!
Today, I must choose a man!

I asked each one a question
But only one replied!
He said He chose to die for me
To spend Eternity with Him so
Today, I chose The Man!

All that glitters is not gold!
All that laugh often oft' hide bare souls!
I choose to take the sorrows now
For one day I will no more plow
For I'd have reached the furrows' end, and
I'd have planted and tended my ground
And at Harvest Celebration
I'll wear a Victor's Crown
Rewarded for my battle long
And Joys Everlasting will be my song!
Thank God! I chose The Son of Man!
Have you met a man?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Love You!

I love you!
I love you, today,
Not tomorrow, but today.

I love you, today, for
Tomorrow is not promised to me.

I love you, today, for
Tomorrow's sun may never rise ... for me.

I love you now, this moment, this minute
This hour.

I can't love you tomorrow, but
I promise you that
I truly love you, and
I give what I own
My Love, my love ... today!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hate You?!

Hate you?! Why should I hate you?
Hate leads to murder
And that price is way too rich for my blood!
And if you don’t believe me
You need have a look at the time of the Flood where
Murder, mayhem, malice and mischief
Greed, graft, and gotcha
Carnage, caprice, and callous cons - no peace
Put pitiful people to call out: "Help!?! Police!!

I am following Jesus, for He said
Do good! It’ll attend you!
Shun evil companions, bad language disdain
And don’t the name of the Father ever, or once, profane!

Sure, I use four-letter language - to bless, not curse!
My words are love, aide, kind, best
Help, balm, cure, able
Everything else, I aver!
I want to be like my Master,
And that is not a chore!
He loves me, and I love Him
And He guides me day by day!
So hating you, my friend
Is not an option in my lore!

H indering, harassing
A ggravating, abusing and
T ormenting
E verybody and anybody to achieve ecstacy!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Donor Body?!? Hmmmm...

Hey, Doc!?
Are you really so foolish to think
That the God of all Grace
Would allow you to attach a donor body
Under a another man's head space?

Your arrogance is mind boggling!
Your testicles are brass!
And you are behaving
Like a godless jackass!

Give God His Glory!
Lower your flag of dishonorable estate,
Bow your head in shame,
And you won't suffer The Vile Instigator's just fate.

Don't let Satan's lies blind you!
Don't let blind guides guide you!
Your plan for immortality will only succeed
IF it's the one that Jesus Christ conceived!

Humble yourself today!
There's no godhood for you - you can't buy, so don't pay!
God is Almighty -  each and every day -
And He won't let you Satan's dark fantasies play out today!

Pray to Almighty God!
Repent for linking your life to The Fraud!
Turn back! Get out of The Devil Dog's fog!
Honor Jesus and He will forgive you instead of flog!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: God Bless, Build, Burden and Blind and Help Us!

Gaining Heaven Is A Participatory Endeavor!

We cannot, and should not, believe or behave as though, live or die, win or lose, lie or deny, Heaven - like turkey on a sumptuously laid celebration table - is waiting for any and all, whether early to commit or late to arrive!

Heaven awaits those who R.S.V.P. their acceptance of the Formal Invitation by the specified Due By date - which is upon receipt of the Spirit's Call - and we will not be permitted to call up a friend's father's favorite frat brother to bounce another person and get us a preferred placement.

Each Invitation To Live In, With, and For Jesus Christ is Private and Particular and Personal and Pointed:

Private to YOU, ALONE! 
Personal for YOUR HEART ONLY! 
As finite beings of dying dust, energized by The Creator's Life's Breath, we can at any moment expire without a prior written, and received, and accepted, and filed, Notice of Immediate Action.

There is no appeal. There is only acceptance, and compliance.

So, with this eventuality in mind, let us accept that:

God's Mercy is Faithful. 
God's Goodness is Love. 
God's Angels watch over His Children
And the Light of Life shines from Heaven Above.

And let us ask God to:

Bless the Heart that shares God's Word. 
Bless the Head that seeks to reason with God. 
Bless the Feet that walk in Right Paths. 
Bless the Eyes that seek to do Good. 
Bless the Hands that work to show God's Love.
Bless the Body which is traveling to The Home Above. 

Let us, therefore:

Bless Our God for His Sacrificial Love
which gives us the Right to go Home!

And let us ask Our Father to:

Build up in us a dynamic Hope for our Heavenly Home. 
Blind our Eyes to Sin and its leaven. 
Burden our Hearts with Love for our Fellow man. 
Help us to do Right while Life shall stand. 
Let us a Help to our Brothers and Sisters be while
Showing the same love as Christ in Galilee.

Heavenly Father,
Let our Bodies boldly bear the brights beams of the bracing beauty of Beulah
Let our Ears eagerly extend to entrap Eternity's Enlightenment
Let our Eyes eagerly envisioning Everlasting Life
Let our Feet freely follow The Father in Faith
Let our Hearts hold heady hope for Heaven
Give us Helping Hands that hold Healing and Hospitality
Hold our Lives as Lost in Love for the Living Lord
Let our Mouths make Majestic and 
Meaningful Music on our Mission for The Master
And, at the end, Lord, let the
Saints' Spirits spiral in unmeasured satisfaction in the splendor 
of the Sacrificed Savior as we go ... Home! AMEN.

Friday, April 17, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Free Will and Wild Ways!

IF I am living for my body
It must be because I am lacking in Department Brain
Which means that I, therefore, lack reason and thus
Behave like a starved animal in chains
Hungry, restricted, abused
Abusing myself for lack of a  meal feel
Which gives stomach-Satan the upper hand
To make me do whatever he please.

God made us in His Image.
God gave us Reasoning Free Will
Not to be used like currency
On hypochondriacs needing placebo sugar pill.

Problem with this thing called Free Will
Is that we can use it however we please
To help, to hurt, to hound
To turn a frown upside down
Thence to cry foul when Free Will wastes
Wounds, wrecks, and rebounds.

Thought is to think
What foul is to stink,
And Free Will is tied to - and tried by - Responsibility.

You know right from wrong -
It is written in your Code
So living like a Lush in lard will clog up Free Will and
Waste your Living Soul.

Okay. Let us think this through once more!

I don't meant to be a bore
But Free Will wastes if used solely on food 'n mood!
Food fattens off a feed!
Mood maddens off a need!
And Greed is Old Satan's pet steed!

Everything about Freewill is summed up this way:

Food - either for the body, or for the soul.
Give The Giver your Will and
He'll guide your Way
Fill your Soul
And the needs of your Body
Will be met under His loving control!

Free will
Self will
Won't Self set free.
Pray to The Father
Get on the knee
Deny your Self
Put your "wise ways" on the shelf
Do it willingly
And then - by God's Grace - you will be set free.

WILL means:

W hat
L ove, I
L oad - Good in bowl - Bad for the soul!

Just Because You Didn't 
Pay A Penny 'n a Pound
Your Free Will
It Doesn't Mean You Should 
Sell IT To Sin 'n Satan for a (s)Cent!

Take the "I" out of WILL and add an "L" and it now means:

W illingly
L etting the
L ord
L ead.

Let us All strive to 
Our Almighty God 
to True Liberty by 

Jesus and Gin!

Jesus is Joy!
Gin is Sin!
Who will choose Jesus?
Who will come in
Out of the wilderness
In from the sea
Who will stand for Jesus
Forsaking what their eyes see?

Jesus - the Joy of Living
Gin - Satisfaction of Sin
Disparate leaders and followers
Some climbing high up
Some out on a brittle limb.

Jesus leads o’er the tumult
Gin benumbs the heart
Jesus lifts High To Glory
Gin lays you out in a refuse cart!

Joyous in Jesus
Peaceful slumbering
Sinful with Gin
A vat of crap falling in
Then Judgment Day dawning
The King all will see
The Joyous in Jesus
Unto Heaven filled with glee
But those pickled in Sin’s Gin
Scales fallen from their cloudy eyes
Will behold the Great Blessing
That Sin’s Gin 'n Lies did hide
That Heaven’s coming came
That Satan’s promises lame
Have cost them - the Sinful
The Saint’s bold and stout refrain:

Jesus the Joy
Loving hearts did employ
With work, wrestling, and walking
Showing Heaven was no ploy
Now that Time’s end has sounded
The Saved safe and firm grounded
Singing Praises to King Jesus
Are on to His Glorious Home bound!

Glory be to find the joy that Jesus Is!
Glory be to be saved by The Son!
Heaven is the abode Of God
Where we are welcomed Home! AMEN!

will do
no good
Drinkin' IN Jesus
Justifies, Sanctifies
and, at the End,

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Teach Me To Pray?!?!

Hi! Wanna perfect formula that will get all your prayers answered?

Why? Is something wrong with how I pray?

Well... not wrong, but not exactly right either! 


Yes! Are you getting all the things that you pray for? 


Then, don't you want to know how to make sure you get what you pray for from God? 


Why not? 

 Because I don't "need" to get all my prayers answered for the things I think I want.

You're kidding! Right? 

No, I am not!

Jesus said to pray without ceasing.
He said let our requests be made known.
He said that we don't know to pray as we should.
He said the Spirit intercedes for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.
And He gave us a model by which we ought to petition God.
He said to pray to God in His Name.
He also said to ask, and to ask to receive according to God's will for our lives.
He also said to believe that we receive and we will.
And He said to ask nothing wavering - no doubting!

God said that He will provide for our needs - not the luxuries of our wants!

I learnt my lesson long ago about praying for things, and getting them, and then being bitterly sorry afterward, and then blaming God for my cock-ups!

 I am content with what I have, and I pray about things just so I can talk to God about everything in my life, not because I want everything that my greedy eyes see!

God said that I should, in all my ways, acknowledge Him, and that He will direct my paths so I tell Him about everything in my life!

He is my Friend and my Father, and I trust him, and so we sometimes just talk, and just because I pray about something doesn't mean that I need it!

Oh, really!?

And what's wrong with my just telling things to my Friend?

We don't have "fill in the space," nor particular Monday, Wednesday, Friday, nor between two and five and six and nine, morning or evening sessions, to have a request heard and answered!

Oh, my!

I trust God's Word - I am His child - and He is my God.

I bow to His will, and He protects me from my own folly, and provides for my daily needs.

I pray from my heart - not from a plan!

I bow before my God for He is not man
To fool me, confuse me and lead me astray
He sits on His Throne
And I meet with Him there.

I open my heart - He looks deep inside
He clears out the cobwebs, deceits and the lies
He gives of His love - my burdens He bears
And He has no need of spit 'n polish
Nor graces and airs!



God needs me to be honest
Open and true
Not behave like an idiot
Who has not a clue
Who follows the world's ways
Who lauds the wisdom of man
Who has forgotten that the Good Book proves
That Jesus Christ died to save man!

I don't need your theses
Your prayer shawl nor holy oil
For you are wearing a card hat
That's covered in tin foil!

I won't attend your next seminar!
I won't buy your book
For you are nothing but
A fancy liar, and a old crook!

I'm not paying for your mansion
I'm not paying for your sweet ride
You need to get on your knees
And in Jesus Christ confide
That you've lost your way
That you've been trusting in your own eyes
That you need to be converted and need to
Stop telling your bold-face lies!

Jesus said: 
"Come to me as you are!
I know how you feel!
I, too, have been tested
And I can reveal 
That I overcame the world so
That sin's flag may no more be unfurled;
That big lusting eyes just give you a whirl 
But, afterward, you'll fall on your bed curled up in despair
So, come unto Me and be healed."

Open your heart to Him
Deny yourself, let Him enter in
No formula, just say "Lord, I give in!"
And He will be your everything
Not things, bought, sold, and decaying
Trust Him!
Speak from your heart!
Live for His Tomorrow!
Learn from Him today
And, on Judgment Morning
You will really see that prayer - from your heart
Truly pays ... in spades!

So, sorry! YOU can't teach me what to say when I - to My God - pray!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BY SPECIAL REQUEST - PRAYER: Father, Why Are Cast-off Burdens Coming Back and Bothering Me?

Greetings, Dear Ones!

Today's offering is by Special Request of one of our Fellow Travelers who is bothered, as the title suggests, by certain burdens which, though given up, are forever in view and causing problems.

I pray that this response will not only be a blessing to the Requester, but also to others of us who may be similarly "assaulted!"

I also encourage the Brethren to visit the following link:

May your hearts be blessed this day, and always!


Lord, I laid down this burden last week last night, AND,
today, I find that it’s still here! 
I know for sure that I sent it to You
BUT, Father, here it is in plain sight ... again!
Father, some of my burdens, it seems, when dropped, soon die
But others sent away grab my shoe
And, wherever I turn, look around, or sit on a pew
There they are, sticking to me like super glue!
My loves, my hates, my problems with dates -
Calendar and opposite sex -
Are chewing on me
Begging compromise
As if love’s a commodity!
Father, You said in Your Word
To say a prayer - it will be heard -
So, please, deliver me of my load
On this day of decision
For life and hope are on a course for massive collision.
You say that You care and that
All I need to do is give You of my load.
I gave You the load which is now acting the goad
And, Father, now my circuit is on overload!

My Child, I have told you before
That burdens are like sin at the core.
If a whiff in the nose
Or a speck on white clothes
They will always announce
Pronounce and control.
Cliches from all man
"Let GO and let GOD" and
"Trust and Don't Pay!"
Are not as trite as they appear.
Trust Me with the burden -
Don't pay for the solution.
Walk by your Faith in Me
Not by the sight you see
Nor by the worldly wisdom of those 
Who now seek to lead Thee.
Give Me ALL your cares -
ALL of them - not just shares.
Go commando - bare it all!
Liberate your skin from sin -
Go all in!
Child, look at Me!
Not the date - but the Tree.
I AM big enough
And have Love enough
To comfort you in all ways.
Don’t be like Lot’s wife
Who believed things her soul satisfied
And perished for pride 
Of life, and lust of flesh and eye which -
Instead of Me - were glorified.
Mrs. Lot, even though warned
Took no heed and did scorn the
Prohibition which upon her had been laid.
Instead of running away
She dragged her feet, and looked back
And a pillar of salt is how she forever stayed.
Believe, Child of Mine, that
I AM Kind, Love Divine
For, for love of YOU, I suffered and died!
You are on My Heart inscribed
You are The Nail Holes in My Hands and Feet
The Spear Mark in My Side
The Thorn Scars on My Brow
The Apple of My Eye
I love You! Trust ME
And the Over-comer you will forever be!
Let Me set you free
For you can’t help yourself
But I - The Son of Man
You know that I - alone - can!

In moments of seeming despair, 
Choose to REMEMBER that
burdens, like Me, were lifted at Calvary.

So, give Me that load
Let it go - no more to goad
You to despair
For I AM - alone - forever here for You,
My Blessed and Greatly Beloved Child!

BLED to give you New Birth
Was CRUCIFIED for your Consecration
Is Faithful to give you Grace
Is Just to forgive you your Sins
Was Sacrificed to Sanctify you for Salvation
Was Glorified to give you a Crown

So, if you Trust Me
Give Me 
your bewildering burdens which
bewitch belief, benumb the brain
harden the heart and seek to
strangle the Spirit.
Give Me
that darkening dust of despair, 
dread desire, and damning delusion!
Let GO of the Burden!
Place the Burden, in faith, on Me - I AM able!
Don't take back the Burden!
Walk away from the Burden
Do Not Look Back!
I AM ... The Lord Almighty to Save
I CAN ... Bear your Load, and
I DO ... It for Love

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let Me Tell YOU and ME Something!

The Preachers are saying that The Church is "Rapture-Ready!"
But, surprise ... The Church isn’t ready for the Coming of the Lord
Because of the lies from the Pulpits
Spewed by charlatans, thieves, and two-bit frauds!

If  WE are rapture-ready
Shouldn’t WE be watching unto prayer
Instead of playing Peanut and $25 Bingo and
And having carnal, and occasional emotional, affairs?

Who do YOU think WE are fooling?
Surely YOU don’t think it is ME?
Worse yet, YOU can’t believe that WE are fooling Jesus
For He has eyes in front, behind, and around looking at all o' WE!

Anyhoo, let ME tell US something:
Putting on a show doesn’t make the Church "rapture-ready," and
Not walking our talk, and
Not talking our walk will catch up with US e'er long!

Soooo ...

WE must tear our hearts!
WE must cleanse our minds!
WE must clothe ourselves in King Jesus, and take a drink
From The True and Living Vine!

And, with that said, WE need to:

Pray without ceasing!
Sing glad songs until we're weeping!
Keen, and lament!
Cry aloud!
Plead to be saved! And
Wrestle with the Lord -
He accepts every charge!
He will take care of US!

Just remember - the Preachers may be living large
But Almighty God is ALWAYS in charge!

So let US let God lead US from sin, and
Change our hearts, and
Fill US with Him!
He can, and will, take US off of
Sin's thin, and brittle, and always breaking limb!

Oh, by the way, WE can't write a paycheck and
put God's name on it - He does not work for US - so WE need to stop acting like WE can really issue orders for God to follow!


-*-*- HE -*-*-


Monday, April 13, 2015

Life: Plaintively Juxtaposed

THE CALL                                THE CRY
My eyes see, yet I am blind to the sights
My ears hear, yet I am deaf to life’s clamoring call
My heart beats, but I need to be more compassionate
My feet walk, but I won’t compete with this world!

I thirst, but it isn’t for water
I hunger, but it isn’t for bread
I love, but my love has limits
Christ died, so that I may have New Life instead!

Give me, Lord, a heart like my Master
Filled to the brim, with compassion today
Teach me to love, Lord, even the unlovely
And bless me, Lord, let me be fed
From unbroken cisterns,
Not vessels of clay
Nor from untrustworthy servants
Hiding white-washed tombs filled with dead
Words, dead hopes, delusions, confusion
Save me, My Father, else I, too, will soon be dead!

Give Grace to the grateful
Give Rest to the weary
Give Peace to the poor
Bring Love to the fore
Front of Ministry
Meeting the miserable
Greeting the grudgeful
Soothing the cold!

Red and yellow
Black and white
Pretty people in God’s Sight!
Made for blessing
Come confessing
Laud the Master
On His High Throne!

Heaven is waiting!
Time is deflating
Sin is escalating
Loving has grown cold!

Hearts are all stony
Bodies fat are bony
Sound is overwhelming
Houses are crowded
Yet people are alone!

Lord, You are merciful!
Our tempers are mercurial!
Saints face the tribunal!
Hate is on overload!

Lord, Death is demanding!
Two make a couple
Three wild a throuple
Sex is assignable
Bold Mummies young are stonily cold and old!

Daddy is a test tube
Granny is a rented womb
Priest is a parasite
Oh, Father, Judgment is for gold!

Up down means sideways
Over there means back-back
Your Children are being stacked!
Evil is feeding the flack!

Come, Lord, I beg You!
Until then, I beseech You
Let us continue to receive You
Keep watch, for we believe You
Please, Lord, let The Redemption commence!

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

and ... when my race is run, my heart shall say: