Sunday, April 19, 2015

Donor Body?!? Hmmmm...

Hey, Doc!?
Are you really so foolish to think
That the God of all Grace
Would allow you to attach a donor body
Under a another man's head space?

Your arrogance is mind boggling!
Your testicles are brass!
And you are behaving
Like a godless jackass!

Give God His Glory!
Lower your flag of dishonorable estate,
Bow your head in shame,
And you won't suffer The Vile Instigator's just fate.

Don't let Satan's lies blind you!
Don't let blind guides guide you!
Your plan for immortality will only succeed
IF it's the one that Jesus Christ conceived!

Humble yourself today!
There's no godhood for you - you can't buy, so don't pay!
God is Almighty -  each and every day -
And He won't let you Satan's dark fantasies play out today!

Pray to Almighty God!
Repent for linking your life to The Fraud!
Turn back! Get out of The Devil Dog's fog!
Honor Jesus and He will forgive you instead of flog!