Friday, April 10, 2015

From Jesus and Granny ... With Love

I didn’t believe my Granny loved me
Until the day I had to pray!
I didn’t know how much Jesus loved me
Until I needed a listening ear!

My Granny showed she loved me
By what she taught me by the old rocking chair
And Jesus proved His love for me
By answering this wayward child’s prayers!

I was walking right in the sight of my own eyes!
I did what was seemed right in my cloudy sight!
But, oh, what a mess I made of my life
Seeing the unnecessary stresses that I had to fight!

Doing whate’er I wanted no end pleased me!
I was in charge of my own destiny!
I was made in the image of the Living God
So what better god to follow than the god that was me?

Things didn’t turn out so great, but
I am woman! I was running the show
And would, until my very soul
Was about to be given the old heave ho!

Then I knew I had to let go, and let God
Almighty - He of the Godhead Three -
For I needed comfort, guidance, and love
That could only come from the Unseen, from High Up Above!

Well, Granny’s praying ways finally shone through
And I realized what a favor she’d done for me!
I could, in distress, bend the knee, and beat the chest
And cry out of my soul:

“Oh, God, please help me!
 I need to confess!”

And, believe it, or not, all of Granny’s praying ways
Had sunk deep inside - held in quiet reserve
Until, finally, misbehavior and pigheadedness
Nearly got me what I truly deserved!

But ...
The God of The Mountain
The Valley, The Deep,
The Good Father, yes
The Shepherd of the Sheep
Had pity on my plight
All caught up in sin tight, said:

“Enough! Come My Child!
Come thou unto Me!”

My friends were long gone and
The old heart had no song
And I knew I had been wrong
And had been so - all along!

In sin, and disgrace, with
Distress on my face
I pitifully cried:

“Lord, save me!
I can’t run anymore!”

And He said:
“Come aboard! I will lead you to the Shore
And you are Mine
From now on, and evermore!”

Yes, Jesus loves ME!
And, yes! My Granny did, too!
So, please, don’t ever doubt
The prayers of YOUR Granny
For, all along, she's been looking out
For You, too!