Friday, April 17, 2015

Jesus and Gin!

Jesus is Joy!
Gin is Sin!
Who will choose Jesus?
Who will come in
Out of the wilderness
In from the sea
Who will stand for Jesus
Forsaking what their eyes see?

Jesus - the Joy of Living
Gin - Satisfaction of Sin
Disparate leaders and followers
Some climbing high up
Some out on a brittle limb.

Jesus leads o’er the tumult
Gin benumbs the heart
Jesus lifts High To Glory
Gin lays you out in a refuse cart!

Joyous in Jesus
Peaceful slumbering
Sinful with Gin
A vat of crap falling in
Then Judgment Day dawning
The King all will see
The Joyous in Jesus
Unto Heaven filled with glee
But those pickled in Sin’s Gin
Scales fallen from their cloudy eyes
Will behold the Great Blessing
That Sin’s Gin 'n Lies did hide
That Heaven’s coming came
That Satan’s promises lame
Have cost them - the Sinful
The Saint’s bold and stout refrain:

Jesus the Joy
Loving hearts did employ
With work, wrestling, and walking
Showing Heaven was no ploy
Now that Time’s end has sounded
The Saved safe and firm grounded
Singing Praises to King Jesus
Are on to His Glorious Home bound!

Glory be to find the joy that Jesus Is!
Glory be to be saved by The Son!
Heaven is the abode Of God
Where we are welcomed Home! AMEN!

will do
no good
Drinkin' IN Jesus
Justifies, Sanctifies
and, at the End,