Monday, April 13, 2015

Life: Plaintively Juxtaposed

THE CALL                                THE CRY
My eyes see, yet I am blind to the sights
My ears hear, yet I am deaf to life’s clamoring call
My heart beats, but I need to be more compassionate
My feet walk, but I won’t compete with this world!

I thirst, but it isn’t for water
I hunger, but it isn’t for bread
I love, but my love has limits
Christ died, so that I may have New Life instead!

Give me, Lord, a heart like my Master
Filled to the brim, with compassion today
Teach me to love, Lord, even the unlovely
And bless me, Lord, let me be fed
From unbroken cisterns,
Not vessels of clay
Nor from untrustworthy servants
Hiding white-washed tombs filled with dead
Words, dead hopes, delusions, confusion
Save me, My Father, else I, too, will soon be dead!

Give Grace to the grateful
Give Rest to the weary
Give Peace to the poor
Bring Love to the fore
Front of Ministry
Meeting the miserable
Greeting the grudgeful
Soothing the cold!

Red and yellow
Black and white
Pretty people in God’s Sight!
Made for blessing
Come confessing
Laud the Master
On His High Throne!

Heaven is waiting!
Time is deflating
Sin is escalating
Loving has grown cold!

Hearts are all stony
Bodies fat are bony
Sound is overwhelming
Houses are crowded
Yet people are alone!

Lord, You are merciful!
Our tempers are mercurial!
Saints face the tribunal!
Hate is on overload!

Lord, Death is demanding!
Two make a couple
Three wild a throuple
Sex is assignable
Bold Mummies young are stonily cold and old!

Daddy is a test tube
Granny is a rented womb
Priest is a parasite
Oh, Father, Judgment is for gold!

Up down means sideways
Over there means back-back
Your Children are being stacked!
Evil is feeding the flack!

Come, Lord, I beg You!
Until then, I beseech You
Let us continue to receive You
Keep watch, for we believe You
Please, Lord, let The Redemption commence!

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

and ... when my race is run, my heart shall say: