Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh, My! How You've Changed!?

"Ooh, my! You've changed!"

"Yes, I have! Isn't it wonderful!?"

"Yes, yes! It truly is!"

"All those Yesterdays when I looked in my mirror, I saw Spirit Ravaged With Sin! There were no pretty pictures returning, and it was like looking at ... seeing ... myself through the gloom in some dark-black cave.

Then, on a very recent yesterday, came the Day of Decision! The Day was make it or break it for me as I could no longer stand looking into that mirror - it was either the mirror-me, or really me!

Time for Change had come, and I made a phone call to a Sister of Faith named Pauline who had been trying for months to get me to see The Truth! She was the one I wanted to pray with me so that Heaven would remove the Scales Of Sin that were clouding my sight!

Oh, how that Sister prayed with me throughout that day, and for many, many more days and some besides, and after each encounter with her Jesus, a look in the mirror showed in me a new and different side:

I lost Callous, Cryptic, and Cavil
I lost Rude, Resentment, Riotous Living, and Roaring Risk
I lost Offensive Remarks and Obfuscation
I lost Despondency, Dire Straits, Primping and Prance
I lost Lustful, Loophole, and License to Sinning and Sordid Romance
I lost Ticket to Theft and Trash Talk
I gave up Gluttony, Grifting, and Palmistry
And I took on Bless the Lord, and Comfort - Just Because
And Praying and Love Thou the Least.

I latched on to Gospel's Good News, and Faith Brings Great Victory
I laced on Prayer is Power, and Walk in God's Light
I utilized Confession Is Good for the Soul
And I expended much time in Prayer of Repentance, and
I woke up this morning with Life With Christ Is The Only Goal!

Such change! Such Glorious change has been made in this dying body! Life-altering Change has been wrought upon this old Sinful Soul!"

"And now?"

"Just now, Grace and Mercy are holding my hands and
I am Walking In Faith and pushing
The Work Out Your Own Salvation In Fear and Trembling Plow!"

"Praise be to God!"

"Amen, Amen!"