Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Playing With Satan!?

Satan suffers from Overconfidence!
He does not suffer from Stupidity!
So if you think you can play
Walk away, and don’t pay
Heads Up! You must be drinking
Rum of Mount Gay!

You can’t go up to Satan and tell him
“Today is our day - let’s play!”
And think that tomorrow
You’ll walk among pretty flowers
Hello! You’re just a popinjay!

Satan knows man from his Study
Satan knows man from their often play
Satan knows man needs Jesus
And that’s why he tries to stop you saying your prayers!

It isn’t that he loves, or even likes, you
It isn’t as though he cares whether you read The Bible every day
All he wants is to make sure you don’t recognize The Real Jesus
And that’s why he keeps your eyes staring at the floor, for
To know Jesus is to love Him
And to pray to God in Jesus’ name
Will get rid of the all the bores/boars
Which bombard you and bite you
And savage your hand
And keep you always facing the unplowed - fallow - land!

Listen up! Pay me some attention!
I was just like you
Only yesterday, but today
I have been renewed
And now Satan and I feud
‘Cause I’m done with down
For Sin I have eschewed!

Read your Bible - and pray!
Sing a glad song on your way!
Don’t look down
Turn that frown over and around and
Look UP! for Jesus IS soon
Coming ... DOWN!