Saturday, April 11, 2015

VESPERS: At The End Of The Sabbath - God's Grace Brings Peace and Healing!

Hope and Blessing are sisters!
Truth and Beauty are fast friends!
Friend Friendly and Faith Faithful are brothers
On whom the sisters and friends can surely depend!

Mustard-Seed Hope and Longing-For-Glory are inseparable
‘Tis Grace and Gladness-of-Heart likewise
For without these bonded companions
Neutral and Impossible bring with them Demise!

Hope-For-Glory brings with her Gladness
Faith and Truth hold fast to them Mighty Grace
And Beauty-of-Spirit brings with her, her buddy Blessings
From The Father whom them all did create!

Faithful and Friendly find Favor
For those two Feeling Frazzled and Frayed
Their duty each day holds Neutral and Impossible at bay
So Sin can’t come out playing with Holding-Sway!

Neutral claims Fame by holding No-Position
Impossible has Lime-light by elevating Weak
Who everyone know is twin Siamese
With Cowardice, and brother to Bothersome
Bewildered, Awful, Awesome and Life-Is-Bleak!

At times, one can meet Travail-of-The-Spirit
At times, one will meet Keep-You-Eye-On-The-Goal
But whether you meet, Goodness or Defeat
Constant Companion keeps you - along with Faithful - on steady feet!

So, when Life is plucking your nose-hairs
And The-Enemy-Of-Your-Soul steps with nails on your corns
And Devilish-Delight is flaring fire on your hemorrhoids
Know that Peace-In-The-Valley and Balm-of-Gilead
Are carrying Healing and Prayer in Godly-Hands!

Don’t give Losing-Hope and definitely not that Vain-Glory
Pity-Party nor Deadly-Pain to Strangle-Hold
For the Minions-Of-Hell
Will summon that dreadful Death-Knell
So Get-A-Grip, and
Say-A-Prayer and choose
Deny-The-Liar, then
Spit God’s-Gospel-Is-Heavenly-Fire
And step out with Faith
I’m-Holding-To-Hope and