Saturday, April 25, 2015


Father, I am having a celebration
The invited guests are in the door
But there is one uninvited
And he is being a gully-bore!

I checked my list - no errors!
I did a head-count - 24!
But over there in the corner
Is some extra - acting like they're common at the core!

I invited Kindness and Goodness,
Temperance, Joy, Peace and Love
Happy, Beauty of Spirit and Laughter
Not Stubbornness, nor Grudge!

Appreciation and Candor
Lightness of the Heart
Study to Show Thy Self Approved
Not Turn-Over People's Apple-carts!

Delight Thyself in Jesus
Love Your Enemy
Meek and Lowly in Heart
Definitely not Be Thou Self-Deceived!

Wait on The Lord, Kind Shepherd
Heaven At The Last
Gentleness and Mercy
Not Traction and Body-cast!

Holiness is present!
Righteousness is here, too!
But standing over there - smiling and snoring
Are Sin and Selfishness! Boohoo!

Father, I beg You! Do something!
I really don’t want them here
For they spoil every gathering
With their friends Always Lying and Bring Beer!

Dear Child, Why are you worried?
Don’t you know that I am always near!
Firm your spine, for you bowed and delivered
A faithful and heartfelt prayer!

Your true companions will deliver and protect you
From those uninvited guests
For you are my faithful in body and spirit
And I answer at your behest!

Gather all your invited
Raise a song and sing happily
The Angels are surrounding and
No one will be bothering thee!

I look after My children and
I answer all their prayers!
Keep Me at the forefront
And Sin and Selfishness will be blowing hot air!

Father, Dear Father, I thank You!
You always give me such cheer!
You love me!
I bless You!
I'm grateful!
Lord, I love You!