Sunday, May 31, 2015

Choose The Good!!

I do not choose to do evil
It comes natural to me!
However, when I do good
That is a decision you see!

Do good, and it will attend you
Do evil and it will follow your days
For there is a coming Judgment
At the closing of The Days!

Good you, Bad me
It does not matter who
For at the sounding of the Trumpet
There is going to be a hullabaloo!

Graves wherever placed will be opened
And those who followed Christ
Shall in perfected glory rise
And the living lovers of the Master
Shall join in and wing their way to Paradise!

But woe, woe, woe to the unbeliever
The craven, the licentious, the murderer, the liar
They're those who spit on the belief in The Savior
And now find that He is not fake nor Christian conspire.

"He's real! He did come!
And we are saved not!
Hills, rocks, mountains fall on us
We need to hide from the Face of Him who sits on the Throne
And from the Lamb, the Conquering King, who's taking His Bride Home!"

Stop, look and listen
Think before you speak
Look right look left before the road crossing
Were all cautions into our heads our parents leaked!

Choose your friends
Love your brother
Test the waters, and the Spirits
Were cautions also on the ear
And you will agree with whom you are waking
Was a warning that many parents stated, lived and shared.

But, woe, woe, whoa
Wonder of wonders
Many chose to live and love
And did what the heart, eyes and body on them shoved
With the end result turning out a disaster
For following Crowley, Blavatsky, LeVeigh and the Demon's laughter.

So. here, for a good source of caution
I point you to your decision, now, here, today
Get Real Wisdom, Real Knowledge and Real Understanding
And don't make a decision that costs what you can't begin to pay!

Heaven and hell are real places
Jesus and Satan are likewise real
And choosing - it IS a choice - the wrong leader for this life's journey
At the end is going to cause you to scream and rail!

Jesus proves He loves you!
Satan provides things for you to love!
Jesus offers you Powerful Peace now - and Eternal Possessions hereafter
Satan cheats you of your Peace now  - and gives you a basket of water to hold for later!

Lying laughter now, truthful tears later.
Truthful tears now, honest laughter later.
There is a choice!

Choose you this day whom you will serve!
As for me - every man and woman and child must decide for themselves -
I - come Hell and High water
Will - by God's Everlasting Grace
Serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, so that I will be saved.

Keep your Beads and Baubles
Trinkets and Thorns
Constant Cavorting
Your life stuffed with corns
Just Give me My Jesus
Faithful is He
I need no artificial entertainments
To make me laugh and act giddy
For Jesus gives me a meek and quiet spirit
So that I can walk in faith, steady
No gamble, no quake
Sweet life now
Later Fire and brimstone lake
Burdens now, Blessings later.
Choose the Choice that makes you Chosen!
And You will This Cruel World
Have surely forsaken!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I offended Him!
He gave me His Peace!

I looked away from Him!
He offered me His Grace!

I ignored His Love!
He reached for me ... in Mercy!

I turned away from Him
And started to sink into the grave!

LOVE lifted me up!
Bright Light shone in the Darkness
LOVE comforted me -
And blanketed me with His Grace
Tied on with Hope
Trimmed well with Faith unto Glory
Sewn with the thread called Sacrifice
Laid out with Hands calloused and
Broken by cruel nails!
Face punctured and etched with His LOVE
Side riven through Great LOVE - Water of Life Blood pouring forth
Feet torn and holed out
With God's Eternal LOVE!

God's LOVE is Real
Soul comforting and
Renewing ... me
Unto His Heavenly Glory!

God's LOVE is Abiding
And no devil can ever take it away!

Friday, May 29, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Lord, Send Out The Talking Donkey!

Lord, send out The Talking Donkey
To block my wicked descent
Into evil days and apostate ways!
Lord, expose my sin
And, please help me repent!

Father, show me if I am following the multitude
Walking in sins wicked way and eating devil stew!
Please open the mouth of the donkey
Before the Angel has to unsheath his sword and run me through!

Lord, I have me an old donkey
But all He does is brush squeeze my leg against the wall
So I know I need The Talking Donkey
To check turn me from a terminal fall!

My current donkey like he just a little bit foolish
As all he does is just eat and loud bray
But sometimes he braying does be sounding
Liken he sending up a faithful fretful humble pray.

I don't know who he could be praying for
He better say a pray for he self
'Cause if he hurt my foot leg again
He head gine be mounted on the north wall
On the "This Be Bare Ignorance" shelf!

Lord, I know my eyes are often greedy
And my stomach slow to get to the full
But I am willing to listen
So let Your donkey speak clearly
So nothing he say can be misunderstood!

I listened to my old donkey braying this morning
And it really sound like he saying he prayers
For I heard him calling my name, Lord, I sure - for I heard him say it real plain!

That donkey said:

"Lord, help my old Patty
She staring down the barrel of a gun
She listening to Balak O'brien
But she ain't know he is that wicked Beelzebub!" 

"Lord, Patty is proud and often foolish
She wants to get into the "I Got This Club"
But she don't know that club is full of devils
Who wage war on the soul
Through free spending and idol-worshiping love!"

"Lord, have mercy on my Patty
She don't understand what I say when I bray
She thinks that when I squeeze hurt her leg
That I foolish just wanting to play!"

"Patty don't understand that I'm seeing
That Angel blocking the entrance to 
'Sinners' Welcome' - Licensed Whores Available In Store!"

"The sign my Patty sees is very different 
From the one that I can see real plain,
Patty's sign is covered up covert
And she doesn't see that the Dragon's body
Is rewriting the come-welcome sign:

"Sinners' Welcome - Licensed Store
Whores Reclaimable
Work Available"

"Lord, please help my Patty! 
Give me Your Voice today as I pray
Please don't let Patty continue on this way
Open her ears, Lord, even as I bray
Please, Lord!
Let Dear Patty hear what I say as I pray!

Lord, have mercy!
De donkey does talk!
Lord, have  'is mercy!
He talks! He talks!!

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing
Now, now, I can see
That You, Lord, God Almighty
Really, really, looking out for me!

Donkey, Dear donkey, I love you!!


There are no Prostitutes in Paradise!
Heed the Donkey squeeze! 
Turn your back to the breeze! 
Gird your loins!
Pull up your sleeve, and pray:
"Lord, help me, please
To walk the straight and narrow way every day!"

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sexual Fluidity??!?!?!!


A Girl
Girlfriend (the old-time one)
A Sister in Christ to The Brethren!

The Realm Of God's Light!


God Made Me
Female - 100%
Not 51% Boy
And 49% Girl
Dependent upon
What who where when why I want to give a twirl!

Dear Teacher Educator:
Please Get A Grip On Yourself!
Give The Great God A Whirl
And You
Will See Noticeably
From toe to top, see
That we are God’s creation
Not the head-man's lying, craven, scientific fluidity!

The Plow and The Altar

YOU WILL be called 
THE LORD when the Testing Time comes?

Red Bullock - he was standing
Ready to work as called
He stood betwixt two stations
Plow and Altar proud!

His preparation had been perfect
He was trained unto the Plow
But he was also without blemish
And would make God’s Altar proud!

My friend, this is a metaphor
Of what all Christians should be
For the Father He has promised
To provide strength as our day shall be!

Our stance - we who are called Christians
Should be such that called wherever it be
We should without fear or failing say
Lord, I am ready! Sendest thou me!

Let us, therefore, get ourselves ready
Let us let God guide our way
Let us let God be the Master
Directing us along this life’s highway.

Let us let God teach us daily lessons
Let us learn and not shirk or turn away
Let us let God’s Holy Spirit
Comfort and heal us as we follow God’s Straight Way.

Pray - not pontification
Pray - not sway and walk away
Lead - by God’s Good example
Follow - Jesus on The King’s High Way!

Dear Ones,

The day is fast approaching when we will receive our call to serve our Lord.

Will the call send us to plow the field one last time to tell of God's Love and Faithfulness and coming glory OR will the call to service send us to the Altar of Sacrifice?

No one knows where his call will require him to serve, therefore, let us all prepare, prepare, and pray.

Let us girt our loins with the gospel of truth, and let us, by God's ever loving Grace, set out on the path to Glory knowing that our God will give to us what strength we will need for the way we must walk  ON THE DAY  in which we require same.

Trust God!
Love, Live, and Teach Truth!
Keep your eye on The Prize, and
And let your life be your testimony!
Glory Awaits!

By Your Grace, Lord
Through our holding
To the Faith of Jesus Christ
And by the Covering of 
The Blood of Jesus' Sacrifice
Please let the passing of the Coming Test 
Be our testimony 
Which will lead some poor 
Sin-sick soul to accept
Our Beloved Jesus 
And put on His Righteousness
And press on to Glory! 
Lord, help us to bear much fruit! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good Evil!!

Evil! Evil!
Ooh, such Evil!
What is Evil?
Evil is Good!

Good! Good!
What is Good?
Good is Evil!
Remember the Flood!

Celebrate! Celebrate!
We must Celebrate!
Who should we Celebrate?
Celebrate the Wicked!
Wrong Is Right!

Persecute! Persecute!
We must Persecute!
Persecute who?
Persecute the Faithful!
They are Puny!
They can be Withstood!

And ... then ...

Desolation is Coming!
Why is Desolation coming?
The Nation has Caved!
They’ve Chosen the Evil!
They’ve Chosen to be Sin’s Slave!
They’ve Legislated Morality!
Your Conscience is no longer Your Own!
Liberty of Religion is Lost from Christ’s Cross!
A Man is Your Savior!
A Man is Your King!
A Man is The Soul’s Director
And He says what you can Sing!
Jesus IS Dead!
A Man is The Head
Of The Church of The Bridegroom
Follow him or you are Dead!!


If you Trust In King Jesus
If You look to God’s Right Hand
You will see that Jesus IS there Standing
A Gold Scepter In His Hand
He has received His Kingdom
He has pleaded Faith’s case
His Book is in Order
He is coming to Face
The Blasphemer
The Defiler
The Liar
The Thief
Satan and The False Prophet
And That Wicked Beast
With The Sword of The Word
Two edges honed sharp
Destruction for All Sinners
Comes like the song from a Lark!

No Mercy!
No Mercy!
Wrath is poured out real strong
No diluted solution
For you to drink down
Is poured into The Cup - not fancy goblets and flutes
So drink it - be brave
You’re simply receiving
The Bitters you gave!

Pity, you didn’t believe
That Christ Jesus could Save
For now He can’t save You
But Me - I was brave!

I heeded the Present Truth Message
I Believed
I gave Praise
I studied My Bible
I Walked The Way Paved
I Held On To Jesus
I Prayed and I Plowed
And Bless God - for The Deliverer
Is Delivering Me Now!

I am getting My Reward!
You are getting Your Reward too!
Pity that yours is painful - I don't rejoice over you!
No one can help you!
You choose Evil - not Good!
IF ONLY You had Believed
And On The Rock Of Ages Stood!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Satan can no longer accuse the Brethren before God
And this has him mighty mad!
He now acts the Roaring Lion
And he is hungry, real, real bad!

He shakes his head from side to side
He stares at his victim and, oh boy!
Hear the roar, and if you're not covered by The Blood
You are going to end up in His meat store!

Satan sells to some out for knowledge
Satan sells to some out for fame
Satan sells some on horse racing
And Satan sells many on glories and double gain!

Satan sells some "The Package Deal" for which they choose "No Escape!"

The trifecta of the 3B's
Beauty, Brains and Bottom
Prove irresistible to many
And so their living soul they cast down.

Some may look like the buggy lamp
But to their shareholders they look like the moth's bright flame!
Some acquire their beauty by the wielding of a sinful knife, and
Others were born with "The Face!"

But then, we see bright Beauty has a two-bit Brain and a bare Bottom
Bold Brain has no fancy Bottom nor brilliant Beauty
And big Bottom has banal Beauty and borderline Brain
But they all have one thing in common - a craving for what is not theirs!
They all want all that is visible and viewable
Even if it leaves them in Satan's chains.

And then, there are those who are ordinary, man or woman
Ordinary as a chair
Who for want of what "those people" have
Are willing for themselves to be enslaved:



Rooaarrrr, Rooaaarrrrr!!??!!

Reach !


Yezzz!! Alllll!!

Roar Rooooaaaaarrrrrr??

My Sooouullll!?!!?!!

Roarrr, Roooaaarrr, Roooaaaarrrrrr!!!

You sure??!?!?!!!


Okay!!! It's yours!!!!


Dear Ones:

There are many people who honestly believe that their worship of Satan is right because that is what they have been taught. No deals made - they just worship. These persons are those we still have an opportunity to reach through the Prayers and Pleadings of the Household of Faith  and the working of The Holy Spirit. 

If we pray without ceasing, by God's Grace, and with His Mercy they, too, may come to enjoy the rights and privileges of inheritance with King Jesus in His soon coming Kingdom. Let us pray -unceasingly - for their repentance, relief and release. 

The rest - those bold and wickedly unrepentant sinners - are in God's hands. He will have Mercy.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Accuser!

On a certain day, in assembly, Satan came before the Almighty Presence.

In abject fear, he says:

"Greetings, God!"

In unveiled contempt, he says:


Satan does not even acknowledge the working of the Holy Spirit but, instead, screams:

"Accusation! Accusation!!


"Those humans you created believe in ME! 
They belong to ME. 
I AM their GOD! 
I give them toys and earthly joys 
And they love anything that cloys and annoys!
They kill Your prophets!
They love lies, and deceits, and quarrels a fair treat, and any ways that cause decay!
And they love, Love, LOVE MEEEE!!
Give ME what is MINE!!"

"Father. I love them."

"They despise your book of rules.
They prefer my style and live by my favorite rule "What I want I chose!"

"Father. I love them."

"They love the idols You hate! 
They belong to ME!!"

"Father. I love them."

"I want themmmm! They are Miinnneeeee!"

"Jesus. They are Ours. Redeem them."

"But they are are greedy!?!"

"Jesus. Bring them back."

"But they are scornful and spiteful!?!"

"Jesus. Bring them back."

"But they are murders and thieves and liars, and whoremongers and, and ...!?!"

"Jesus. Bring them back."


"Father. I bought them back."




CARRY YOU CROSS Cartoon - An Admonition

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Minus God + Pray a Prayer

Life - Christ = Death
Free Will - Responsibility = Death
High Life + Satan = Death
Gluttony + Greed = Death
Money + Access + Reach + Grasp - God = Death
What God + I Am A God = Death
Wilding + Witchcraft = Death
Drugs + Alcohol  = Death
Deviltry + Debauchery = Death
Devilish Deals + Desire + Free Will = Death

I'm A Sinner + I Need To Be Saved + Give Me Jesus = Life
Deny The World + Accept Salvation = Life
Not I + Christ = Life
Confess Sin + Confess Christ + Repentance + Baptism = Life
Grace Of God + Death Of Christ = Life
Give Him My Will + Give Him My Way + Jesus Is Mine = Life

Pray a prayer about the present
Pray a prayer to repent of the past
Pray your prayers for The Holy Jesus
And Heaven's Coming down at the Last

Pray a prayer for your friends
Pray a prayer for your enemies
Pray a prayer for Jesus to rid you
Of Sin and its myriad disease

Pray a prayer in the morning
Pray a prayer at noon and at night
Pray a prayer for Jesus' help
To Satan and his minions daily fight

Pray a prayer of thanksgiving
Pray a prayer for keen sight
Pray a prayers for eyes for only Jesus
And Satan won't find in you delight

Pray a prayer against The Predator
Pray a prayer for the lame
Pray a prayer for assistance
That Satan wouldn't find you good game

Pray a prayer and bless Jesus
Pray a prayer and Bless God
Pray a prayer and Bless The Holy Spirit
And tell them you know that Satan is a fraud

Pray a prayer to the Father
Pray a prayer in the Name of The Son
Pray a prayer under the Agency of The Holy Spirit
And soon ... you will be flying with the Saints through the clouds!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: It's Eve's Fault! OR, Is It? + A Personal Puzzler

I love Him because He loved me first
I will live because He's alive
No matter how you look at it
Because of me Jesus was crucified!

Jesus had no reason for repentance
None for sorrow
None for blame
But on that accursed blessed day on Earth
He suffered shame for my rebirth!

When I was young I used to say that I wished that I could see Eve, for it was because of her Living Sin that I was dressed all way down past my knees!

I did not stop to consider that if Adam had denounced Eve, I could have been living in His Presence!

I thought of how to "slap" her face for all the problems she's caused me, for wearing clothes in Summer time is egregious - that really fried me!

The years go by in sickening haste
And anger at Eve acquires a whole new dimension
For it was her folly and fault I see Do say
That causes Sin to be my constant attention invention contention!

New ways to Sin, to lie and cavort were always on my front burner
Look sharp, my friend
For I must tell that this was so until I met The Master
Jesus Christ The Lord - My True Friend!

Nothing much to recommend the day
Ordinary to start until it then went into decay
From bad to worse, with a glance or two at the mind's hearse
And that was when it became apparent:"Girl! Put that "car" in reverse!"

My profligate life was mine to own, no more at Eve could I throw stones
Every mark on Christ was mine alone
I put Him on the Cross
For personal ME He'd atoned!

Dear Ones,

Adam and Eve committed the Sin of Disobedience  ... but it had a firm foundation:

Eve saw that the Forbidden Fruit was pretty. (Lust of the Eyes)
Eve heard that the Forbidden Fruit was good for her to eat. (Lust of the Flesh)
Eve heard that she could be as wise as her Creator. (The Pride of Life)
Adam chose to eat the Forbidden Fruit because Eve tempted him with it (Lust of The Eye)
Adam chose to disobey God because he didn't want to lose Eve's companionship (Lust of The Flesh)
Adam chose to believe Eve's story of acquiring God's hidden wisdom (The Pride of Life)

Eve's eyes were bigger than her stomach and wrote a check she could not personally cash.

Eve dismissed her faith in her Creator when she believed what Satan told her - believing Satan equals doubting God.

Eve's Sin was committed on the heel of a Lie
Which had acquired legs on the wings of Doubt and Coveteousness
Which had a heart fed by Greed through the veins of Hate
Nurtured by a Vain Vision of satisfying the Vain Hunger to acquire God's Glory and Worship.

So much for one teensy, weentsy lie.

Sin is never what it appears to be: eating a fruit caused banishment, released evil, actuated death and destruction, exposed laborious work and physical and spiritual pain, and cost God the Life of Jesus Christ, and more.

Let us remember that when temptation comes it very rarely is about what is actually showing its face.

Pray ... without ceasing, and remember that Satan will tempt you if you enter the arena of your weakness BUT, BUT, BUT, he cannot make you commit the Sin!

Again, pray without ceasing!

Here is

A Personal Puzzler:

1. Jesus died once for all!
Did the Godhead say Jesus is accepted assigned to die because of
One Sin for One Man OR
All Sin for One Man OR
Every Individual Sin for Every Individual Man for All Recorded Time?

2. If Jesus Christ died for the Whole Wide World, how many Sins did He pay for IF every human - by virtue of Sin - has at least a Legion of Sin?

3. Categorize wise humanity's idea of Sin, i.e., big, little, black, white, good, bad, evil, trifling, etc.. against God's clear definition. Which Sin do you feel it is okay to commit tomorrow?

4. What killed Jesus?

5. Is Jesus "really" alive to/for you, today? How?

6. If Jesus - having been crucified for Sin - is alive today, why is there still rampant Sin in the world?

7. If there is still Sin in the world, does this not mean we have to crucify Jesus afresh?
a. If Jesus is to be crucified afresh, are we personally offering assistance preparing for the execution?

8. If a person does not believe in Jesus, does that mean that
(a) Jesus did not die for that person's sins and that
(b) That person - in choosing to be their own surety against Final Death - will have the opportunity to offer a creditable, effective, case-winning, self-defense when the Judgment is called, and that they may win their case?

Friday, May 22, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + The Door To Forever!

The door was ... wide open
Inviting who would to ... enter in!
Everybody before him had just ... walked in
But he ... knocked?!

My response was immediate
My pulse began to race
And if you would believe this
There was a blush upon my face!

This is different ... but why
This is strange ... and how
Memory is ... awakened
I know him ... somehow
I have met him before but ... where
Were we lovers ... before
I should know.

I look at his face and ...
Oh, yes!
I know Him ... Immanuel a/k/a Jesus
He is the One I truly loved ... but
He is the One I truly needed ... but
He will give me tomorrow ... but
He erases the past ... but
He gives ... peace ... but
He provides ... rest, but
He wanted
Oh, how He wanted ...!
He wanted me!
ALL ... OF ... ME!

When we had been together ... before
He had wanted me ... not my offered 99%
He wanted all ... for that is what He had spent
No half measures
No momentary shares
Not just tonight
Not maybe tomorrow
He wanted my all
He caused me much sorrow
Yet gave me such joy!
With my soul in His heart
My heart in His hand
My body in His keeping
The world I was defeating and ... yet
I gave Him up and ... regretted it
Every ... day ... since ... then!
Now ... He ... is .... HERE ... again!?!
In my personal, private, room
We are alone
No interruptions
We can talk ... freely
Of life
Of longing
Of neglect
Of regret
Of sorrows
Of shame
Of changes
Of ... union ... reunion
Of ... narrow roads
Of ... wide travels
Of ... trials
Of ... tribulations
Of ... HOME
In  ... rapturous ... Bliss
He asked for ... my heart
I gave Him ... my hand
He asked ... for my hand
And I gave Him ... My Hurts
My Hopes
My Fears
My Dreams ... and My Heart!
My ALL ... for His ALL and ALL ... FOREVER!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Around The Truth?!

Today I found out something
That made me feel real bad!
I liked being "around the truth"
And that, of course, makes Jesus sad.

Now, if I had been "in" the truth
My life would be so peaceful
But being around the truth
Allowed me to act wholly deceitful.

I put on my "stepping out in-the-truth" clothes
I put on my "walking in-the-truth" shoes
I put on my "showing myself to be in-the-truth" face
But I did not ingest the truth - nor did I seek its embrace.

I spoke great words of truth to all
I sang the songs of truth for all
I even went down by the market stalls
And that is when I had a bad taste of bitter gall.

Old Delbert was a simple man
Who knew His God and His Salvation Plan
And when he asked me to stay for a span
I should have run for he proceeded my guilty conscience-flame to fan.

Old Delbert lovingly tore me to shreds
Asking me to believe in God and not only with my head
He strongly, gently, pushed, and urged
Me to stop trusting in God by using the Bell curve.

Oh, dear, I said within my mind
If he wasn't so nice I would have cussed out his behind
For denying me my most sacred cows
Lip service, good works but no holy unto God vows.

What more does this God want from me?
I already give him my time and money!
Shouldn't I have something for myself
For after working hard I need to set me a spell!?

I must have me some "Me-time!"
No sharing, no touching, no thoughts
Of others - nor God - just leave me alone!
I gotta have me a gossip! Where my telephone?

Well, I had me my good old gossip, see
And that is when I realized that Grandma FiFi
Was writhing on the floor and reaching out for me
And that is when I screamed out for God
And realized all along that ...I ... had ... been ... a real fraud
For I wanted God to do me a good
Because I wanted, no,  needed it - not because I soundly stood
Upon His Words of Life
But because - for good or ill - I was under life's knife
And needed a friend - The True Friend - God - He
Who would do me a solid even though I was ... ungodly!

My heart in my hand!
My head in the can!
I finally realized that God ain't a Man!
Denial, disrespect, dishonor to Him I gave
But now that I'm in trouble
I want Him to save me
From hurt, grief, destruction
And I saw myself for a slave
To life, to time - I could bondage escape
If only the Truth wasn't just on the page!

Lord, help me to stand!
Please, please, forgive me!
I now understand!
Have Mercy!

Dear Ones,

Even though we take Jesus Christ for granted, He welcomes our Repentant, Humble, Sorrowful, Broken, Hearts to His Everlasting AND Forgiving Arms!

He is waiting! Call on Him! He will answer YOU!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NWO Elite?!

I am searching the Web
And all I read about is The Elite
And some New World Order
Which smell like they're longing for their coming defeat!

When I think of the elite
I think of those  who give of their best
To help, to teach, to love mankind
Not those who behave like card-carrying
Judas Goats covered in disease-carrying pests!

There is nothing I read to recommend these persons
Who believe that the Earth is too small
To accommodate both the poor and the monied -
So one will have to get off! Pushed that is!

The poor, the hungry, the jobless
The fatherless, the baby-makers and
Those with any dye on their skin
Are to be considered anathema
And used as fire wood in a brick kiln!

Worthy! Not Worthy! Unworthy!
The Worthy know that they are worthy!
The Worthy say the unworthy are not worthy
Of the air space and resources they use
And Worthy must fumigate
The Planet of the vermin and its expense
Because it adds nothing to their pool
Of money and mansions, and machinations
So they the Earth must re-tool!

The Lord, in His Mercy
Provides the Plan of Redemption
But Elitists who made themselves be special
Have machinated on World Domination!

God made Man to worship Him
Man denies God and worships himself
And is totally in love with the call to
“Do what thou wilt!”

What is so elite about a self-made god?
Nothing that I can see or understand.
Let me stick with Jesus Christ, the Maker
And not fall for the ramblings of some faker
Who can't stop himself from visiting the undertaker and
Who will soon be dropped
Into the Lake of Brimstone and Fire!

Don't Be Fooled:
These NWO Elite are neither wise nor omnipotent
and they will be humbled!

Jesus Christ Reigns and Rules Forever!
Deal With That!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Equal Standing?!

You are rich and I am poor
You are young and I am old
You live free but I was sold, and, yet, we both stand equally - human.

You stand with kings and captains proud
You tell of things that in my mind cloud
Your garments proud mine vulgar loud and, yet, we both stand equally - alive.

 I have not much but that I share
You have a lot but at the poor You stare
I breathe your dust, you breathe rarified air, and, yet, we both stand equally - blessed by God's Grace.

We say our prayers
We bless the Lord
You run all the big committees - I work on clean up crew
And, yet, we both stand equally - as workers for God.

Today our Leader entered the door and
An accounting was immediately rendered
For He said He was giving out prizes today
Unto all who to Him had faithful service tendered.

Oh, how you huffed and puffed with pride
Oh, how you crowed that you would get the best prize
You even jumped the line so you'd be first for
You'd used your access and your purse and hosted parties for the pride of the universe.

He called my name, my heart did swell,
For blessings of faith in Him, my brothers did tell
And when He said: "Blessings! Welcome!"
On my knees in gratitude I fell.

All prizes were issued
Your name was not called
For He said He could not your name recall
And requested your removal from His banquet hall
And it  was then that I knew we were not equal at all - you worshiped yourself
Not The King Who Created Us All.

Dear Ones,

Working for the Master is a much about hands as it is about hearts.

Do you do your service for Him to be seen of men? To get plaques and certificates and ribbons and hotel stays and paid conferences and cruises?

 Are you prophesying, preaching, saying smooth things to the Brethren so that you are their favorite minister, administrator, teacher, prophet, apostle, psalmist, bible worker?

Or, are you carrying a burden for souls, teaching the people the UNDILUTED GOSPEL OF GOD'S TRUTH and GRACE, visiting the sick and the sorrowing, the suffering, the helpless, the homeless, the hapless, the forlorn, the forgotten, the almost lost, severely lonely, the stressed, the depressed, the wickedly oppressed?

Do you pray and pass your faith along? Do you show love and give lunch? Do you help and hug?

The Day is soon coming when those who serve god - not God - will hear "Depart from me!" Please don't let us be so counted!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Just One!

One Heart - chose to love us
One heartbeat - says that God is Love
One voice - to speak of, and sing for, the King
One soul - to save - and He would have still died
One hell - saved for those who have Him denied
One who is Whole - and The Guardian of The Human Soul
One Love - Christ! Behold!
One hate - Satan’s perfect date
One sorrow - for sin
One date - with death
One perfect destiny - to profess and possess
One Truth - Jesus Christ IS God IS alive AND coming to Earth again
One fate - for those who fail the Blessed Test
One true call - to answer to Eternal Life
One awakening - to be glorified
One Lord - of the Ages
One God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
One baptism - the plunge into and the emergence from the watery grave
One Hope and Surety - that Jesus Christ loves His children through and through
One Heaven - the reward for not living the Lie
One hell - for denying that the Lord Jesus Christ for you died
One death-knell - guaranteed, one day
One Prayer of Belief - Lord, I'm sinner! Please save me!
One Savior - Jesus, who paid our costs
One Forgiveness - which is of God Almighty
One vow - to see God in Eternity
One Mediator - between God and Man
One Shepherd - of The Sheep
One Father - of All
One Son of The Father - who was sent to seek and to save
One Holy Spirit - which was sent to comfort and teach
One Sabbath - called Holy and Sanctified
One Alpha - Jesus Christ
One Omega - Jesus Christ
One First-fruit - of ALL
One Revelation - of God’s Glory
One Way - to God
One say - my Spirit-activated conscience's own
One to pay - Him to whom our life is owed
One grave - the silent, temporary, dusty bed
One glory - to which we are by Faith led
One life - to live for and through Christ
All One

O ur weak sight
N eeds God's
E verlasting Light to see to
F ight the
I gnoble deeds of
G reed and gluttony, and the gross grains and groundings of
H ate is healthful and
T emptation is terrific transport to sin without shame.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pssst! What Are YOU Wearing?!

What type clothing do you wear?
Clothing of Honor, clothing of Disrepair?
A little bit tattered, a little bit dark
Or perhaps like a rainbow as appeared across from the ark?

Perhaps a bit sedate?
Flamboyant - is that you?
Is your outward apparel showing you true
Or is it camouflaging a spirit in need
Or perhaps it is covering a spirit of faith and good deeds?

We are what we eat!
We shout we are what we wear
BUT is the outward display
Covering the inward working today?

Public life private reality
Turn it over - Turn it around
Are you true to yourself
Or perhaps you're living your life upside down?

Pretty and clean clothes speak of dignity!
Tattered and unkempt speak of indignity!
Do you meditate to mediate
Or do you mediate to machinate?

Do you hate and hurt
Or comfort and love?
Are you inspired by God or
Do you conspire against God?
Or are you wearing brass knuckles
In soft and white kid gloves?

Do you fear the Lord or do you jeer the Lord?
 Do you share or do you cause despair?
Do you mitigate or do you litigate?
Do you defy and lie?
Do you you conspire and try?

Are you a pest that tests?
Are you a flower that congests?
Are you getting your chores for the Lord done
Or are you indulging in whoredoms?

Do you toil for good or do you foil real good?
Do you spread words of faith or spew words of distaste?
Are you a worker worthy of hire or a worker one can't wait to fire?
Is your smile a guile or is your guile a smile?

Do you offer a rope of hope
Or is your offer of hope a rope?
Are you grabbing Grace
Or are you hiding your face?

Are you living a lie?
Are you lying to live?
Are you dying for a cry?
Are crying to die?
Are you looking to the Eastern Sky or are you being distracted by that Evil Tsetse fly?

So... what clothing are YOU really wearing today?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH - The Comfort of The Pacifier + Prayer: Lord, Let Me

I had a pacifier
Thumb Left it was by name
He was the very best friend I had
And he was always ready for a game.

Our most favorite game was called Comfort
Oh, how often we indulged
We did not need to have an upset
All it took was a touch look smell of Love.

When Comfort was being savored
You would not image the bliss
For the taste was indescribable
Even without added starch, color, preservative or fill.

Well, Thumbie served me well when I was childlike
But as I grew I needed to play Comfort less and less
Until finally with age, I entered upon Grown Persons Stage
And Thumbie was placed on Put Away Childish Things Page.

Today, I no longer have a pacifier for Comfort
I have a Comfort called Jesus for Joy
And, oh, what challenges we've conquered and walked through
Oh, the petty things set aside all because of Joining Jesus for Joy!

The hardest by far were Savior Calling
Acknowledge Sin, Confession Is Good for the Riven Soul
Repenter's Baptism Is Glorious
And By Faith Saints Always Follow Through.

Today, Jesus woke me up and told showed me
The new journeys upon which we are embarked
He said Follow God, Spirit Lead
Satan's The Fraud, Deny Flesh, and Take a Stand
Were precursors to Final Not Fantasy, and Arrival in Beulah Land.

Jesus promised that hard though these journeys will be
With Him I shall overcome and be free
And will have Heaven's Rest for Eternity
Where, Love knows no bounds
The Grounds of Heaven will stun and astound
Taste will amaze
Light of God will there blaze
And Ecstasy will not be passing or a phase.

Dear Lord,
Help me not to preach 
Peace with a sword nor
Love with a fist nor
Hope with a heel nor 
Healing with hunger 
Instead, Lord
Let me 
Show and share Your Divine Light in the Darkness
Let me
Point the People to the safety of Your Ark
As I sing of Your Mercies as the Lark!
Oh, Lord, bless and keep me faithful by Your Grace
For I ask this in the name of Him who is Faithful
Jesus Christ, the King. 
I love You, Lord.

Friday, May 15, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + They Could Not See Him

They could not see Him with carnal eye
For their carnal eye contained a stye
A painful stye that comes from Sin
And the only way to destroy it is with a pin from Him.

That pin is Salvation
And IT is free to all
It comes by Faith and contains Mercy
Mixed solidly by Grace with Water and Blood and The Gospel Story
And delivered by The Savior He, the King of Love
And Administered by The Holy Spirit - the Comforter from Heaven Above.

You must a word of Repentance say
You must make your Confession of His Faith clear
And into the Watery Grave you must plunge
And upon your emergence the Stye that bugged your eye will have popped
And lust to sin will have been gloriously stopped.

Then, an Angel - excelling in strength -
Will be your faithful companion until the End of Time
Recorded, no more to roll for Heaven will be unfurling
Indeed, as a scroll, there to reveal, Him that is the Hope of the Ages!


 He wasn't a joke as declared by Satan
But a King as proclaimed by Wise Men
He is King to Me and Judge to the Fool who said in his heart
"Good Gracious! What a tool, to make me some money and
Fashion me some fame!
I shall on His Altar the Good News proclaim
That riches are ready for him who will plant
A seed
In The Bank of Pay-See God - Get You A Lamp
And an oil, and a cross and a handkerchief, too
But most of all give me your money so I may see gain
And live the Life of Riley while you will live - ultimately -
In gross and eternal shame
For I have not taught you
The Truth or the Right!
I, by my masquerade, cost you Heavens Light
To be eternally lost when Him you could have found
And all because I could not Greed cast down!
Good now, gold later should have been my song
But I followed the Destroyer and turned it around!
I kept me my Stye
And I lived in a sty
And now at His coming, we will both die!
Eternal separation
Second death - be assured -
Cannot be avoided without Salvation Pure!
A Stye in the Eye will kill you!
Get to Jesus! He has The Cure!"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

PRAYER: Lord, At This Very Moment

Lord, I offer you my life as my story for examination. Will You correct it and direct me in its continuation?

I come before you as a Child and a Willing Student, and I am prayerfully open to Your Direction.

Would you please correct my use of the language, my thought process, my punctuation, and my beliefs, and please add anything else - even a character builder - if it will cause my final grade to be the Mark of Perfection.

Where there is error, please put a full stop to it, and add in the Spirit of Correction and Direction.

Where there is a stray mark indicating my lack of focus and confidence, put a "Don't Do It!" period mark, and put in The Way-mark for Erasure of Sin and Indecision, and re-calibrate my Compass and make plain The Destination on My Mission Map.

Where there are deeds of love and compassion and caring, please put a "Well Done!" exclamation point for Good and Faithful Servants, and add in a song to cheer me on as I continue on The Way.

Where there is fear and failing, put a "Why Do You Doubt?" question mark and cover it with The Blood, and add a "God Can!" booster.

Where there are prayers and praise honoring and glorifying you, Lord, put a sign of Peace and Protection in Jesus.

And if my story has an "And The Night Cometh," please put the Mark of The Overcomer on the final page of stone, and a "Welcome Home, Child!" as the Victor's grade.

Lord, in it all, though I ask in my understanding, I plead with You to fulfill all according to Your Will for my life, for I know that You are Able and will do what is best for me.

Lord, my confidence is in You, and I love you and worship You in faith. Amen.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Hand

The Hand of Deliverance is:

The Hand that delivers the Faithful from devilish desolators.

It is the same hand that delivers destruction to the destroyers of the Faithful.

It is the same hand that delivers Favor to the eye of Faith.

It is the same hand that comforts the head of the dying Saint and delivers from this life to Eternal Life.

It is the same hand that delivers the unrepentant sinner from bodily death to the soul death that is eternal separation from God.

The Hand of Deliverance IS:

The Hand of Providence
The Hand of Safety
The Hand of Security
The Hand of Comfort
The Hand of Joy
The Hand of Hope
The Hand of Help
The Hand of Healing
The Hand of Peace
The Hand of Grace
The Hand of The Good Shepherd
The Hand of The Savior
The Hand of The Redeemer
The Hand of Our Friend
The Hand of The Eternal God - The Light of The World!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hope Revealed

Set in the Walls of Salvation
Are Beautiful Gates called Praise
Surrounding the City called Glorious
Lit by the Light of Life's Blaze.

The Residents are called Redeemed Ones
The Guardians are Angels Excelling in Strength
The Judge is He that is Righteous
And the King is He who on Calvary bled.

The Water in the City is Life-giving
Free to all, Crystal, in the shade
The homes of The Redeemed are Pure Gold
And each beholds the Face of its Savior
And the Worship of GOD amazes the Saved Soul.

Transport in the City is on Wings of Beauty
The streets are paved with gold transparent as glass,
This City is for Rest - it is the Home of The Blessed
Where the old order can never more stress nor molest.

Peace lives in The City
Hope Revealed is resident there too
And Joy Evermore is for ever chiming
And Wisdom and Understanding are on view.

I Am Amazed is always exclaiming!
Bless God is the constant refrain!
Thank You, Jesus is music resplendent
And the song Joy Is Mine is abundant and true!

A blessing for the Blessing of Discernment
Is constantly heard being applied
And Thank God for Grace is heard uttered
And also constantly and contentedly sighed.

Gratitude for Guidance is exalted
Along with Protection from Pride who is close beside
And Pray Without Ceasing, he beloved,
Is hugged so mightily for his offered relief
When the Saints were tested and tried.

With days without number before them
The Redeemed will on Glorious Journeys embark
They will find those to be thanked
For their concern, prayers, food, and kindly light
But, best of all, they will see and worship God
Whose personal commune they lost because of the Fall but
Who never ceased to love and to them call
And who from sin's curse redeemed them all.

Monday, May 11, 2015

I Don't Have To Elope!

A ship without a captain
A heart without a home
A harbor that offers no shelter
Love, lonely, lost, alone.

A reward for doing nothing
Remorse for what holds no shame
Crying for what gains not
Innocence carrying another's blame.

Living a life without boundaries
Acquiring gain without work
Taking another's need for your want
Blocking exits Lighting fire and then sounding Be Alert!

Right now wrong gives the Wicked might
Good now bad makes Evil glad
Light now dark give the Satanic insight
Look to hear. Hear to see.
Lord, have Mercy?
Woe, Woe, Woe is me!

Spirit is to Comfort.
Jesus is to Save.
Father God offers Grace and Mercy
To whom to Satan is here enslaved.

Prayer is Power.
Confession Is Relief.
The Blood bought Salvation.
The Resurrection decimated Death and Grief.

The Ascension deeded Hope.
The Return dispatches Redemption and,
 Bless God, as a Faithful and True Believer,
With Death I won't have to elope!