Sunday, May 31, 2015

Choose The Good!!

I do not choose to do evil
It comes natural to me!
However, when I do good
That is a decision you see!

Do good, and it will attend you
Do evil and it will follow your days
For there is a coming Judgment
At the closing of The Days!

Good you, Bad me
It does not matter who
For at the sounding of the Trumpet
There is going to be a hullabaloo!

Graves wherever placed will be opened
And those who followed Christ
Shall in perfected glory rise
And the living lovers of the Master
Shall join in and wing their way to Paradise!

But woe, woe, woe to the unbeliever
The craven, the licentious, the murderer, the liar
They're those who spit on the belief in The Savior
And now find that He is not fake nor Christian conspire.

"He's real! He did come!
And we are saved not!
Hills, rocks, mountains fall on us
We need to hide from the Face of Him who sits on the Throne
And from the Lamb, the Conquering King, who's taking His Bride Home!"

Stop, look and listen
Think before you speak
Look right look left before the road crossing
Were all cautions into our heads our parents leaked!

Choose your friends
Love your brother
Test the waters, and the Spirits
Were cautions also on the ear
And you will agree with whom you are waking
Was a warning that many parents stated, lived and shared.

But, woe, woe, whoa
Wonder of wonders
Many chose to live and love
And did what the heart, eyes and body on them shoved
With the end result turning out a disaster
For following Crowley, Blavatsky, LeVeigh and the Demon's laughter.

So. here, for a good source of caution
I point you to your decision, now, here, today
Get Real Wisdom, Real Knowledge and Real Understanding
And don't make a decision that costs what you can't begin to pay!

Heaven and hell are real places
Jesus and Satan are likewise real
And choosing - it IS a choice - the wrong leader for this life's journey
At the end is going to cause you to scream and rail!

Jesus proves He loves you!
Satan provides things for you to love!
Jesus offers you Powerful Peace now - and Eternal Possessions hereafter
Satan cheats you of your Peace now  - and gives you a basket of water to hold for later!

Lying laughter now, truthful tears later.
Truthful tears now, honest laughter later.
There is a choice!

Choose you this day whom you will serve!
As for me - every man and woman and child must decide for themselves -
I - come Hell and High water
Will - by God's Everlasting Grace
Serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, so that I will be saved.

Keep your Beads and Baubles
Trinkets and Thorns
Constant Cavorting
Your life stuffed with corns
Just Give me My Jesus
Faithful is He
I need no artificial entertainments
To make me laugh and act giddy
For Jesus gives me a meek and quiet spirit
So that I can walk in faith, steady
No gamble, no quake
Sweet life now
Later Fire and brimstone lake
Burdens now, Blessings later.
Choose the Choice that makes you Chosen!
And You will This Cruel World
Have surely forsaken!