Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Equal Standing?!

You are rich and I am poor
You are young and I am old
You live free but I was sold, and, yet, we both stand equally - human.

You stand with kings and captains proud
You tell of things that in my mind cloud
Your garments proud mine vulgar loud and, yet, we both stand equally - alive.

 I have not much but that I share
You have a lot but at the poor You stare
I breathe your dust, you breathe rarified air, and, yet, we both stand equally - blessed by God's Grace.

We say our prayers
We bless the Lord
You run all the big committees - I work on clean up crew
And, yet, we both stand equally - as workers for God.

Today our Leader entered the door and
An accounting was immediately rendered
For He said He was giving out prizes today
Unto all who to Him had faithful service tendered.

Oh, how you huffed and puffed with pride
Oh, how you crowed that you would get the best prize
You even jumped the line so you'd be first for
You'd used your access and your purse and hosted parties for the pride of the universe.

He called my name, my heart did swell,
For blessings of faith in Him, my brothers did tell
And when He said: "Blessings! Welcome!"
On my knees in gratitude I fell.

All prizes were issued
Your name was not called
For He said He could not your name recall
And requested your removal from His banquet hall
And it  was then that I knew we were not equal at all - you worshiped yourself
Not The King Who Created Us All.

Dear Ones,

Working for the Master is a much about hands as it is about hearts.

Do you do your service for Him to be seen of men? To get plaques and certificates and ribbons and hotel stays and paid conferences and cruises?

 Are you prophesying, preaching, saying smooth things to the Brethren so that you are their favorite minister, administrator, teacher, prophet, apostle, psalmist, bible worker?

Or, are you carrying a burden for souls, teaching the people the UNDILUTED GOSPEL OF GOD'S TRUTH and GRACE, visiting the sick and the sorrowing, the suffering, the helpless, the homeless, the hapless, the forlorn, the forgotten, the almost lost, severely lonely, the stressed, the depressed, the wickedly oppressed?

Do you pray and pass your faith along? Do you show love and give lunch? Do you help and hug?

The Day is soon coming when those who serve god - not God - will hear "Depart from me!" Please don't let us be so counted!