Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good Evil!!

Evil! Evil!
Ooh, such Evil!
What is Evil?
Evil is Good!

Good! Good!
What is Good?
Good is Evil!
Remember the Flood!

Celebrate! Celebrate!
We must Celebrate!
Who should we Celebrate?
Celebrate the Wicked!
Wrong Is Right!

Persecute! Persecute!
We must Persecute!
Persecute who?
Persecute the Faithful!
They are Puny!
They can be Withstood!

And ... then ...

Desolation is Coming!
Why is Desolation coming?
The Nation has Caved!
They’ve Chosen the Evil!
They’ve Chosen to be Sin’s Slave!
They’ve Legislated Morality!
Your Conscience is no longer Your Own!
Liberty of Religion is Lost from Christ’s Cross!
A Man is Your Savior!
A Man is Your King!
A Man is The Soul’s Director
And He says what you can Sing!
Jesus IS Dead!
A Man is The Head
Of The Church of The Bridegroom
Follow him or you are Dead!!


If you Trust In King Jesus
If You look to God’s Right Hand
You will see that Jesus IS there Standing
A Gold Scepter In His Hand
He has received His Kingdom
He has pleaded Faith’s case
His Book is in Order
He is coming to Face
The Blasphemer
The Defiler
The Liar
The Thief
Satan and The False Prophet
And That Wicked Beast
With The Sword of The Word
Two edges honed sharp
Destruction for All Sinners
Comes like the song from a Lark!

No Mercy!
No Mercy!
Wrath is poured out real strong
No diluted solution
For you to drink down
Is poured into The Cup - not fancy goblets and flutes
So drink it - be brave
You’re simply receiving
The Bitters you gave!

Pity, you didn’t believe
That Christ Jesus could Save
For now He can’t save You
But Me - I was brave!

I heeded the Present Truth Message
I Believed
I gave Praise
I studied My Bible
I Walked The Way Paved
I Held On To Jesus
I Prayed and I Plowed
And Bless God - for The Deliverer
Is Delivering Me Now!

I am getting My Reward!
You are getting Your Reward too!
Pity that yours is painful - I don't rejoice over you!
No one can help you!
You choose Evil - not Good!
IF ONLY You had Believed
And On The Rock Of Ages Stood!!