Friday, May 8, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Laundry Day!

Today I did my laundry
For it was black with sin!
I put them in Jesus’ Cleansing Red Blood
And they emerged white after the dipping, and the spin!

How, you may well ask, could Red Blood
Make Black Sin turn Righteous White?
The only answer that I can give you
Is that it’s because of The Great Son Light!

Before I could do the laundry
I had to acknowledge that it contained dirt
And that it needed a cleansing
And I needed a detergent that would truly work!

It was then that I heard about Jesus
And His Cleansing and Renewing Red Blood
So I got me a full-size container
And opened it with a Confession With Tears Flood!

Oh, how wonderful it felt to remove those dirty garments!
Oh, how fabulous to see the working of The Blood!
For all Dirty Sin came pouring from within the cloth
And was no more to make me feel like a common sloth!

How I rejoiced when I saw my new garments emerging!
How fresh tears of gladness spilled forth!
How I cried “Glory Be!” and “Hallelujah!” and
“Thank You, Jesus!”
“Thank You, Lord, for the cleansing that Blood births!”

Please don’t take my word on this matter!
Order Jesus’ Cleansing Red Blood for yourself
And trust God Almighty to deliver
And get your laundry out of the condemned bundle and
Off the Corrupted and Marked for Destruction shelf!